Roblox keeps gaining ground, from Minecraft competitor to metaverse builder

With full cross-platform support and a growing library of worlds to choose from, Roblox is one of the most popular free gaming platforms right now. Download it here for Android, Windows and macOS......»»

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2021 Volkswagen ID.4 AWD first drive review: Gaining traction

After launching without all-important AWD, the VW ID.4 is back with power to two more wheels, and is better for it......»»

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Eliminating beef cattle pregnancy loss with CRISPR/Cas9 technology

Calves on the ground eventually mean dollars in the pocket and steaks in the meat case. It's the basics of the beef industry......»»

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Insurgency Sandstorm Gears Up For Sept. 29 Release With Boots On The Ground Trailer

Check out the new Insurgency: Sandstorm trailer as the game gears up for its September 29 release on PS4 and Xbox One. The post Insurgency Sandstorm Gears Up For Sept. 29 Release With Boots On The Ground Trailer appeared first on PlayStation Universe.....»»

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Minecraft PS4 Update 2.29 Adds Respawn Blocks Explode Rule, Over 150 Bug Fixes

The Minecraft update 2.29 patch notes are in! Find out what's new with the game with Minecraft 2.29 PS4 here. The post Minecraft PS4 Update 2.29 Adds Respawn Blocks Explode Rule, Over 150 Bug Fixes appeared first on PlayStation Universe. Mojang.....»»

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Madden NFL 21: The quest to create a perpetual play

Kofie Yeboah and Jon Bois started by laying some ground rules, partially for sanity’s sake. The two agreed that they would each only get five tries to find and execute the perfect play, and there’d be no practice runs. What’s more, they agreed.....»»

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Roblox to add opt-in age verification for players and developers

Roblox is introducing an optional age verification for its users that will combine an ID check with a selfie scan. While the system will not be needed to play most Roblox games, it will be required for those who want to gain early access to Roblox.....»»

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Moon"s Tycho crater revealed in intricate detail

The National Science Foundation's Green Bank Observatory (GBO) and National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), and Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) have released a new high-resolution image of the moon, the highest-ever taken from the ground usi.....»»

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Earthly lava tubes may offer insights into extraterrestrial life

Since 1997, NASA has successfully landed five rovers on Mars. The rovers have beamed back data that indicate life cannot survive on the Martian surface; we do not know whether life persists below the ground, however. For subterranean life to endure o.....»»

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Fivetran hauls in $565M on $5.6B valuation, acquires competitor HVR for $700M

Fivetran, the data connectivity startup, had a big day today. For starters it announced a $565 million investment on a $5.6 billion valuation, but it didn’t stop there. It also announced its second acquisition this year, snagging HVR, a data in.....»»

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Evidence that a cosmic impact destroyed ancient city in the Jordan Valley

In the Middle Bronze Age (about 3,600 years ago or roughly 1650 BCE), the city of Tall el-Hammam was ascendant. Located on high ground in the southern Jordan Valley, northeast of the Dead Sea, the settlement in its time had become the largest continu.....»»

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New augmented reality applications assist astronaut repairs to space station

Most often, communications delays between the International Space Station crew and ground are nearly unnoticeable as they are routed from one Tracking and Data Relay Satellite to another as the station orbits about 250 miles above Earth. As NASA.....»»

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Astronauts have used bacteria to extract useful metals out of rocks

History has viewed mining as a job that requires a lot of heavy machinery and physical labor. Pulling valuable material out of the ground has been necessary for human progress for thousands of years. That progress has led to an alternative method of.....»»

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Ground-breaking bacteria-killing viruses unite with antibiotics to fight devastating antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Mycobacterium abscessus, a relative of the bacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy, is responsible for particularly severe damage to human lungs and can be resistant to many standard antibiotics, making infections extremely challenging to treat......»»

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Keeping waste where it belongs: Grain size explains how spent nuclear fuel enters the environment

When compounds in spent nuclear fuel break down, they can release radioactive elements and contaminate the ground and water. Scientists know that one spent fuel compound, neptunium dioxide, reacts with water, but they do not fully understand the proc.....»»

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Watch: eSports competitor celebrates so hard that he dislocates his shoulder

The incident took place at the three-day Riptide gaming tournament and convention in Sandusky, Ohio, which started on September 10. Competitors could take part in Super Smash Bros. (Brawl & Melee) and Splatoon 2, as well as Rivals of Aether......»»

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Lasers light up neutron generation for radiography

Getting snapshots of systems and processes at precise time points is important to research and development in many fields, including biology, materials science, and engineering. Firing a neutron beam at a material is one way of gaining information; h.....»»

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First deep drilling success for ExoMars

ESA's Rosalind Franklin twin rover on Earth has drilled down and extracted samples 1.7 meters into the ground—much deeper than any other martian rover has ever attempted......»»

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Pioneering method of assessing rewilding progress applied for the first time

Scientists from the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and Rewilding Europe have developed a new way of evaluating rewilding progress. Its ground-breaking application across.....»»

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This company made a $300 DSLR webcam for Apple Macs

Back in June, Dell launched the first serious competitor for Logitech's Brio 4K HDR webcam. The latter had been one of the best -- if not the best -- webcam for people looking for a premium option for their videoconferencing needs. The Dell UltraShar.....»»

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TCL was making a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip competitor, but now has to start over

Foldable phones have been available for a few years at this point. However, people who actually wanted one have been discouraged by the relatively high price and questionable reliability. It was only when Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galax.....»»

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