Research reveals accent discrimination in hiring

People from minority groups who speak with 'non-standard' accents face discrimination in job interviews, researchers from The University of Queensland have found......»»

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Rainwash eDNA provides minimally invasive method to assess tree canopy invertebrate diversity

Tree-climbing, cranes, chemical knockdown—collecting samples from the canopies used to be very time-consuming. Scientists from the UDE's working group "Aquatic Ecosystem Research" led by Prof. Dr. Florian Leese now had a brilliant idea: Shortly bef.....»»

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Scientists discover shark graveyard at the bottom of the ocean

Scientists on CSIRO research vessel (RV) Investigator have made some exciting finds during recent voyages, including collecting a specimen of a new species of shark and discovering a shark graveyard in the deep ocean......»»

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Examining the three dimensions of a flower

To better understand the evolution of flowers, a research team in biology from Université de Montréal, the Montreal Botanical Garden and McGill University have succeeded in using photogrammetry to quickly and precisely build, in three dimensions, a.....»»

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Research team develops a wearable dataset for predicting in-class exam performance

Stress has a negative impact on physical health, reduces work productivity, and results in significant annual costs for industries and healthcare. While high stress is known to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and have negative effects on men.....»»

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You"re never too busy for self-gifting, study finds

People who are feeling tense due to demands at work or home tend not to reward themselves with gifts, new research finds—even though a new product or visit to the spa might be exactly what they need......»»

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Argentine ants will do anything for sugar, but they won"t do this

It might seem like common sense that a starving animal is more likely to take dangerous risks to obtain food than one with a full belly. But new research from UCLA shows that groups of Argentine ants, who forage boldly when they're well fed, exercise.....»»

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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet scores high for customer sat (and no one loves their legacy ISP)

T-Mobile is out with a report today on “The State of Fixed Wireless Access.” Using its own data and research from a number of independent third parties, the Uncarrier says it’s leading the rollout of 5G Home Internet by a wide margin over Veri.....»»

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Imec to cooperate with Japan"s Rapidus on 2nm technology

Belgium-based microelectronics research hub Imec has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with Japan's newly formed semiconductor champion Rapidus Corp......»»

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Study: Proximity to senior managers enhances inventors" productivity, creativity

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become increasingly common, but is it productive? New research in Management Science finds proximity to senior managers at corporate headquarters makes inventors in companies' research and de.....»»

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Chemists develop reactions for the general synthesis of promising unexplored compounds

Chemists at Scripps Research have devised the first general method for synthesizing a family of compounds called 1,2,3,5-tetrazines, which hold great promise for making pharmaceuticals, biological probes and other chemical products......»»

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How the current Southwestern North American megadrought is affecting Earth"s upper atmosphere

New research, based on two decades' worth of data, shows that in the ten years after its onset in 2000, the Southwestern North American (SWNA) megadrought caused a 30% change in gravity wave activity in Earth's upper atmosphere......»»

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Jawbone may represent earliest presence of humans in Europe

For over a century, one of the earliest human fossils ever discovered in Spain has been long considered a Neandertal. However, new analysis from an international research team, including scientists at Binghamton University, State University of New Yo.....»»

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Experimental implementation of measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution

Recently, the research group of Prof. Zeng-Bing Chen and Associate Prof. Hua-Lei Yin (National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures and School of Physics, Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Microstructures, Nanjing University), cooperat.....»»

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Early and mail-in voting: Research shows they don"t always bring in new voters

SciLine interviewed Jan Leighley, professor of government in the School of Public Affairs at American University in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 4, 2022. Leighley discussed how early voting affects turnout, how turnout differs for midterm and presidenti.....»»

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Researchers, community partners tackle health threats from "forever chemicals"

Nearly every person in the United States has been exposed to per- and polyfluorinated alky substances (PFAS) at some point in their life. These "forever chemicals" are the focus of a targeted investigation by University of Kentucky Superfund Research.....»»

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Why we need open-source science innovation—not patents and paywalls

As we prepare to invest money to prevent the next global pandemic and find solutions to many other problems, science funders have a large opportunity to move towards open science and more research collaboration by offering open-source endowed chairs......»»

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Chess study shows masks can put cognitive performance in check

Wearing a face mask can temporarily disrupt decision-making in some situations according to University of Queensland research......»»

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Plasma instability may be a solution for magnetic nozzle plasma thrusters

A research group has demonstrated that spontaneously excited plasma waves may be the solution to a long-associated problem with magnetic nozzle plasma thrusters, turning conventional thinking on its head......»»

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Why this year’s Game Awards has Geoff Keighley living in fear

With the 2022 Game Awards days away, Geoff Keighley reveals what fans should (and shouldn't) expect from this year's ceremony......»»

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Micro LED, optical waveguide combination to become new mainstream for AR optical systems, says DIGITIMES Research

The quality of optical systems has a high influence on users' immersion experience when using VR, AR, or MR. With the birth of Micro LED-based micro-displays in 2022 and the popularity of optical waveguide technologies among optical combiner develope.....»»

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