Poll: Which feature are you most looking forward to in a new-generation AirPods Max?

Apple’s high-end AirPods Max headphones were introduced in 2020 for the high price of $549. While they impress for their sound quality, there are a lot of controversies about the product. At the same time, Apple has never released a new version of.....»»

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Apple’s best-selling AirPods are back at their Black Friday price

The Apple AirPods 2 are an excellent middle ground of performance vs price, and this deal from Amazon makes them even cheaper at their Black Friday price......»»

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This new Google Sheets feature is going to save so much time

Google Sheets just made creating formatted tables possible in just one click......»»

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Case study examines new product development in the fast fashion industry

In the world of fast fashion, new product development (NPD) is the main option for companies hoping to maintain relevance and competitiveness in an ever-changing market. NPD is a multifaceted process and covers the generation of ideas, design and imp.....»»

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Honda doubles EV investment to $64B, fleshes out 7 new models in 0 Series

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe outlines the business case for achieving fat electric vehicle margins by the end of the decade as he doubles investment in next-generation EVs......»»

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Android 15 has a clever way to make notifications less annoying

Notification vibrations on your phone can be annoying — sometimes being too strong or too weak. A new feature in Android 15 may fix this for good......»»

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The iPhone 16 Pro Max could set a new record for the iPhone

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is likely to feature the largest display ever on an Apple handset. How big could it be? A new leak tells the story. Yes, it's bigger!.....»»

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Hurry! AirPods Max just crashed to their lowest price of the year

The Apple AirPods Max are exceptional headphones and they're down to their lowest price this year at Amazon. Here's why you need them......»»

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iOS 18 will let you set custom voice phrases to trigger actions, no ‘Siri’ necessary

Today amid a wealth of accessibility announcements, including hands-free CarPlay and the futuristic Live Captions on Vision Pro, Apple announced that iOS 18 would be introducing a powerful new voice feature. Vocal Shortcuts will enable system-wide ac.....»»

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Dual-boot iPad would be nuts, says former Microsoft president

A number of commenters have made the point that iPad reviews haven’t really changed in years. Each generation, the hardware gets better, and the software gets left behind. That has led some to suggest a dual-boot iPad, which can switch between iPad.....»»

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Apple Watch golfing functionality highlighted by Apple, ten years on

A new Apple press release highlights Apple Watch golfing apps, as Golfshot launches a new tool to analyse your golf swing on the range. The latest feature has been made possible by the high-frequency motion API Apple added in watchOS 10 … mo.....»»

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Column: Toyota spent a bunch to build batteries. It could have spent more to make its own electricity

Toyota is spending $13.9 billion to build EV batteries in rural N.C. It should have spent more to add on-site solar, wind generation from the get-go......»»

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New Android accessibility feature lets you control your phone with your head

Google is bringing a new accessibility feature to Android where it will allow users to control the mouse on their phone with their head. The post New Android accessibility feature lets you control your phone with your head appeared first on Phandroid.....»»

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The best alternatives to Apple"s Magic Keyboard for iPad

Apple's Magic Keyboard is probably the most popular choice for users looking for an iPad keyboard, but its premium price tag and specific feature set can be off-putting. Fortunately, there are other excellent options.The best Magic Keyboard alternati.....»»

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Killer deal: Apple"s iPad Air dips to $399 at Amazon, the lowest price ever

Amazon is making room for iPad Air 6 inventory and that equates to blowout savings on the iPad Air 5, which has now dropped to the lowest price ever at just $399.Get an iPad Air 5 for just $399.Amazon's $399 price on Apple's 5th Generation iPad Air r.....»»

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AirPods have way more features than you think [Video]

I recently posted a video and article talking about some of my favorite Pro accessories. Readers seemed to enjoy some of the more unique accessories. However, one of the main comments was asking about hidden Airpod features that most users are unawa.....»»

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This app brings Dashboard-style web clip widgets to Apple Vision Pro

With Mac OS X Leopard, which was released in 2007, Apple added a feature called “Web Clip” to Dashboard. This allowed users to turn any part of a website into a live widget that could then be added to Dashboard and would update in real-time. W.....»»

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Google’s “AI Overview” Feature Rolls out for the US

Google announced that the AI Overview feature will arrive for users in North America within this week. The post Google’s “AI Overview” Feature Rolls out for the US appeared first on Phandroid. Google I/O was packed to the.....»»

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Android’s AI era includes eavesdropping on phone calls, warning you about scams

A scammer says "transfer the money in your bank account," but Android is listening. The "ask this PDF" feature. Google's "code re.....»»

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Ultrasensitive gas detection empowered by synergy of graphene and sub-comb dynamics

Since the inception of microcomb, whose generation relies on Kerr nonlinearity in microresonator, the coherent soliton state has attracted intense research. Although the operation of sub-comb outputs is straightforward, as a noncoherent comb state,.....»»

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A massive Windows 11 AI feature may launch next week despite privacy concerns

The AI Explorer app is rumored to be launched next week despite privacy concerns......»»

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