Physicists propose path to faster, more flexible robots

In a May 15 paper released in the journal Physical Review Letters, Virginia Tech physicists revealed a microscopic phenomenon that could greatly improve the performance of soft devices, such as agile flexible robots or microscopic capsules for drug d.....»»

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Editorial: Automakers, dealers must align for EV success

The industry is changing faster than ever. Automakers need to react, but they must take dealers with them......»»

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How hagfish burrow into deep-sea sediment

Understanding burrowing mechanisms could aid in design of soft burrowing robots. Enlarge / A Sixgill Hagfish (Eptatretus hexatrema) in False Bay, South Africa. (credit: Peter Southwood/CC BY-SA 4.0) The humble hagfish is.....»»

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Non-native plants and animals expanding ranges 100-times faster than native species, finds new research

An international team of scientists has recently found that non-native species are expanding their ranges many orders of magnitude faster than native ones, in large part due to inadvertent human help. Even seemingly sedentary non-native plants are mo.....»»

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Ford updates floorplan assistance program based on dealer input

Ford is changing how it pays dealerships for the cost of carrying inventory, creating the potential for more profit and encouraging vehicles to be turned faster......»»

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Will climate change turn the Arctic green?

The Arctic is in the hotseat of climate change, warming four times faster than anywhere else on Earth......»»

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iPhone 15 Pro Max Neural Engine up to 25% faster with iOS 18 in early benchmarks

We learned that Apple Intelligence will require an A17 Pro chip or later at WWDC last week. And now that the iOS 18 beta is out in the wild, we’re seeing the first benchmarks for performance on the iPhone 15 Pro/Max. The new software significantly.....»»

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U.S. lawmakers seek to reduce China"s dominance of critical mineral supplies for EVs

The new working group in Congress will help propose policies to lower U.S. reliance on China for critical minerals used in a variety of products from semiconductors and wind turbines to electric vehicles......»»

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Physicists combine multiple Higgs boson pair studies and discover clues about the stability of the universe

Remember how difficult it was to find one Higgs boson? Try finding two at the same place at the same time. Known as di-Higgs production, this fascinating process can tell scientists about the Higgs boson self-interaction......»»

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Will price, charging headaches send EV owners back to the ICE age?

The findings from a new McKinsey & Co. study suggest a big complication lays ahead on the path toward an electrified future. Nearly half of EV owners are likely to return to internal combustion engine vehicles......»»

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Path of Exile 2 is ready to go head-to-head with Diablo 4

Path of Exile 2's first 30 minutes showed us satisfying combat and deep progression. Here's what we saw during our Summer Game Fest demo......»»

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Physicists confirm quantum entanglement persists between top quarks, the heaviest known fundamental particles

An experiment by a group of physicists led by University of Rochester physics professor Regina Demina has produced a significant result related to quantum entanglement—an effect that Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance.".....»»

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AI enables faster, more effective antibiotic treatment of sepsis

Sepsis is a life-threatening infection complication and accounts for 1.7 million hospitalizations and 350,000 deaths annually in the U.S. Fast and accurate diagnosis is critical, as mortality risk increases up to 8% every hour without effective treat.....»»

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Self-assembling and disassembling swarm molecular robots via DNA molecular controller

Researchers from Tohoku University and Kyoto University have successfully developed a DNA-based molecular controller that autonomously directs the assembly and disassembly of molecular robots. This pioneering technology marks a significant step towar.....»»

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Phantom Blade Zero delivers the action I wanted from Stellar Blade

We went hands-on with Phantom Blade Zero at Summer Game Fest, which feels like a faster version of Stellar Blade at times......»»

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Elon Musk says ‘thousands’ of humanoid robots could be working at Tesla in 2025

Tesla chief Elon Musk has shared new footage of the company’s humanoid Optimus robot, along with an update on how development of the robot is progressing......»»

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Physicists report optical analog of Kármán vortex street

In a study published in Nature Communications, collaborating physicists from Singapore and the UK have reported an optical analog of the Kármán vortex street (KVS). This optical KVS pulse reveals fascinating parallels between fluid transport and en.....»»

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New tool to detect protein-protein interactions could lead to promising avenues for gene therapy and other treatments

SMU nanotechnology expert MinJun Kim and his team have developed a faster, more precise way to detect the properties and interactions of individual proteins crucial in rapid, accurate, and real-time monitoring of virus-cell interactions. This could p.....»»

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Liquid crystal source of photon pairs opens path to new generation of quantum sources

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC), as a source of entangled photons, is of great interest for quantum physics and quantum technology, but so far it could be only implemented in solids......»»

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Scientists propose distance-based visual miRNA biosensor

Point-of-care testing (POCT) devices show great advantages over conventional diagnostic tests in being accessible to patients and providing timely diagnostic information. The global POCT market has grown remarkably over the past few decades. Distance.....»»

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How Control Center"s new design in iOS 18 makes it faster to use and customize

You still swipe down from the top right on iPhone to get Control Center in iOS 18, but after that, it's a whole new design and how you edit has completely changed.Now every control in Control Center can be removed, rearranged, or resizedThere was alw.....»»

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