New theory re-ignites debate about identity of Leonardo da Vinci’s mother

Was Caterina a slave kidnapped from the Caucasus region? Enlarge / Presumed self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1510) at the Royal Library of Turin, Italy. (credit: Public domain) Could Leonardo da Vinci's mother, Cat.....»»

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Fighting identity fraud? Here’s why we need better tech

In this Help Net Security video, Patrick Harding, Chief Architect at Ping Identity, discusses the state of identity fraud prevention. Businesses must adopt more advanced technologies to combat the advancing tactics of identity fraud. Organizations th.....»»

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Evolving market dynamics foster consumer inattention that can lead to risky purchases, says researchers

Researchers have developed a new theory of how changing market conditions can lead large numbers of otherwise cautious consumers to buy risky products such as subprime mortgages, cryptocurrency or even cosmetic surgery procedures......»»

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Consumers continue to overestimate their ability to spot deepfakes

The Jumio 2024 Online Identity Study reveals significant consumer concerns about the risks posed by generative AI and deepfakes, including the potential for increased cybercrime and identity fraud. The study examined the views of more than 8,000 adul.....»»

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CyberArk to acquire Venafi for $1.54 billion

CyberArk has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Venafi from Thoma Bravo. This acquisition will combine Venafi’s machine identity management capabilities with CyberArk’s identity security capabilities to establish a unified platform for end-.....»»

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Strata Maverics Identity Continuity provides real-time IDP failover capabilities

Strata Identity announced Maverics Identity Continuity, a new add-on product to its Maverics Identity Orchestration platform that provides always-on identity continuity in multi-cloud environments. Unlike regional redundancy offerings from cloud prov.....»»

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Self-determination and social identity: Modeling team motivation

What are the underlying dynamics of group motivation in a team or organization? How does it take shape? And how does it influence a team's functioning and effectiveness?.....»»

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Tracing the history of perturbative expansion in quantum field theory

Perturbative expansion is a valuable mathematical technique which is widely used to break down descriptions of complex quantum systems into simpler, more manageable parts. Perhaps most importantly, it has enabled the development of quantum field theo.....»»

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Arizona woman accused of helping North Koreans get remote IT jobs at 300 companies

Alleged $6.8M conspiracy involved "laptop farm," identity theft, and résumé coaching. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | the-lightwriter) An Arizona woman has been accused of helping generate millions of dollars for North.....»»

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Utilizing scanning SQUID microscopy to investigate local magnetic response of Bi2212

Phase transitions in different states of matter, such as the condensation of gases into liquids or the transition from a normal metal to a superconducting state, can be described using Ginzburg-Landau symmetry-breaking theory. However, such a theory.....»»

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How to use iPad as a Mac replacement and why you"d want to

There's no question that it is possible to get work done on iPad, but there are tradeoffs. Here's what you need to know about replacing your Mac with iPad.iPad Pro can replace the MacBook Pro for some usersApple set off quite the debate when it asked.....»»

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New research employs shutter speed analogies to validate 55-year-old theory about chemical reaction rates

Chemical reactions are commonly depicted as transitions from reactants to products. However, such reactions involve many molecules, and the individual molecules themselves undergo frequently-occurring structural changes as they transform from the rea.....»»

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Why are auroras so hard to predict? And when can we expect more?

On Saturday evening before Mother's Day, Australians witnessed a rare celestial spectacle: a breathtaking display of aurora australis, also known as the southern lights......»»

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iOS 17.5 is now available: Here’s everything you need to know

9to5Mac is supported by Incogni: Keep Your Private Data Off The Dark Web with Incogni. Help protect yourself from identity theft, scams, and spam calls. Use the code “Apple55” for -55% off the annual plan. Apple has officially released iOS 17.....»»

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New work extends the thermodynamic theory of computation

Every computing system, biological or synthetic, from cells to brains to laptops, has a cost. This isn't the price, which is easy to discern, but an energy cost connected to the work required to run a program and the heat dissipated in the process......»»

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Marvel Rivals is already fun, but it needs to lock down its identity

Marvel Rivals' alpha test showed us a fun hero shooter, though one that still needs to fully embrace its superhero identity......»»

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How craft-based firms project authenticity through credibly and visibly communicating their identity

Consumers are drawn to authenticity when it comes to craft-based firms, and a study published in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal explores what factors can help give credence to such a quality......»»

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Identity crisis: Climate destroying wonders that gave US parks their names

Glacier National Park's ice fortress is crumbling. The giant trees of Sequoia National Park are ablaze. And even the tenacious cacti of Saguaro National Park are struggling to endure a decades-long drought......»»

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Apple"s M3 MacBook Air dips to $949 today for Best Buy Plus members

The Mother's Day flash sale at Best Buy drops Apple's latest MacBook Air M3 down to $949 with a Plus membership.Best Buy Plus members can pick up an M3 MacBook Air for $949.Best Buy's Deal of the Day features triple-digit savings on several M3 MacBoo.....»»

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with HBO, Max, and a lot of great movies and TV shows

For everyone who loves watching films and series with the mothers in their lives, Max is offering this list of its top movie and TV picks for Mother's Day......»»

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Is dark matter’s main rival theory dead?

There’s bad news from the Cassini spacecraft and other recent tests. Enlarge / Galaxy rotation has long perplexed scientists. (credit: NASA/James Webb Telescope) One of the biggest mysteries in astrophysics today is.....»»

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