New theory re-ignites debate about identity of Leonardo da Vinci’s mother

Was Caterina a slave kidnapped from the Caucasus region? Enlarge / Presumed self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1510) at the Royal Library of Turin, Italy. (credit: Public domain) Could Leonardo da Vinci's mother, Cat.....»»

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1Kosmos BlockID available in AWS Marketplace

The 1Kosmos BlockID distributed identity cloud service, which unifies identity verification and passwordless authentication, is now available in the AWS Marketplace. This listing makes it easy for customers to test and deploy BlockID, as well as dire.....»»

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Resecurity presents Digital Identity Product to protect digital identities

Resecurity’s Digital Identity Product (IDP) is a solution designed to enhance online security and protect enterprises’ and individuals’ digital identities in an increasingly interconnected world. With the ever-present risk of cyber.....»»

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New theory may explain Earth"s oxygen-rich atmosphere and the late evolution of animal life

A new study may have found a missing link that helps explain the Earth's unique oxygen-rich atmosphere—and the evolution of animal life on the planet......»»

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The solid legal theory behind Nintendo’s new emulator takedown effort

Dolphin's included decryption key is key to Nintendo's DMCA arguments. Enlarge / This Dolphin is not currently under legal threat from Nintendo. (credit: Flickr / Andreas Ahrens) When it comes to emulation, Nintendo has.....»»

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PingOne Protect prevents account takeover

Ping Identity announced PingOne Protect, a new fraud detection and risk management service to prevent account takeover and fake accounts while solving multi-factor authentication (MFA) fatigue for end users. PingOne Protect takes a unique approach to.....»»

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X-ray emissions from black hole jets vary unexpectedly, challenging leading model of particle acceleration

Researchers discovered only relatively recently that black hole jets emit X-rays, and how the jets accelerate particles to this high-energy state is still a mystery. Surprising new findings in Nature Astronomy appear to rule out one leading theory, o.....»»

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Stephen Hawking"s last collaborator on physicist"s final theory

When Thomas Hertog was first summoned to Stephen Hawking's office in the late 1990s, there was an instant connection between the young Belgian researcher and the legendary British theoretical physicist......»»

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Digital nomads drive changes in identity verification

Over the past year, 4 in 5 financial companies had experienced an increase in the number of verification cases involving foreign documents, according to Regula. The post Digital nomads drive changes in identity verification appeared first on Help Net.....»»

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The Office vs. The Big Bang Theory: which one is the better sitcom?

The Office and The Big Bang Theory are both great sitcoms, but which one is better? Digital Trends weighs the pros and cons to both shows......»»

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Microsoft leaps into the AI regulation debate, calling for a new US agency and executive order

Microsoft joined a sprawling global debate on the regulation of artificial intelligence Thursday, echoing calls for a new federal agency to control the technology's development and urging the Biden administration to approve new restrictions on how th.....»»

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New methods will allow for better tests of Einstein"s general theory of relativity using LIGO data

Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity describes how the fabric of space and time, or spacetime, is curved in response to mass. Our sun, for example, warps space around us such that planet Earth rolls around the sun like a marble tossed into.....»»

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Chromatin remodeling complexes "bookmark" cell identity during division

When a cell divides, it retains information about how to grow and instructions about what type of cell to become. Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have gained a new understanding of how these processes can work, revealing a previou.....»»

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Data breach at US debt collector exposes over a million users

After exposing sensitive user information, NCB offered two years of identity theft monitoring services, free of charge......»»

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Quit the geopolitical conspiracy theory on Oppo"s chip design flop

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo disbanded its chip design house Zeku in May, stimulating commentary on Zeku being the latest victim of the US-China chip war among the media in China. However, blaming geopolitical pressure for Zeku's failure does not he.....»»

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This $100,000 floating sofa doubles as a life raft

Designed by ad agency Mother, the satirical creation is meant to gently carry away the coastal elite when sea levels arise. There’s something about satire that tickles the senses. It criticizes and challenges; it entertains and educates. How.....»»

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The splat is back: Why Nickelodeon rebranded for the first time in 14 years

Designed for today’s kids and their nostalgic parents, Nick’s visual identity looks a lot like the ‘90s—and that’s the point. Orange splat. Green slime.Read Full Story.....»»

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Widespread FBI abuse of foreign spy law sets off “alarm bells,” tech group says

Section 702 debate rages after another FISA Court opinion is unclassified. Enlarge (credit: Chip Somodevilla / Staff | Getty Images North America) The FBI isn't supposed to use its most controversial spy tool to snoop on.....»»

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Quantum Theory"s "Measurement Problem" May Be a Poison Pill for Objective Reality

Solving a notorious quantum quandary could require abandoning some of science’s most cherished assumptions about the physical world.....»»

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7 access management challenges during M&A

Integrating an acquired company into a single organization is a daunting task that can take weeks, months, or even years to complete. To have a successful conclusion to the mergers and acquisitions (M&As) process, identity and access management (IAM).....»»

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What constitutes a paradigm shift? An olive shrub"s mating system as a case study of Kuhn"s theory

Philosopher Thomas Kuhn's influential theory of how scientific knowledge is built introduced the term "paradigm shift" to explain a transformation of a field's ideas and methods. "A Paradigm Shift, or a Paradigm Adjustment? The Evolution of the Oleac.....»»

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