New quantum dot approach can enhance electrical conductivity of solar cells

A team led by Professor Jongmin Choi of the Department of Energy Science and Engineering has developed a PbS quantum dot that can rapidly enhance the electrical conductivity of solar cells. The findings are published in the journal Small......»»

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US to launch satellite to better prepare for space weather

The United States is aiming Tuesday to launch a new satellite expected to significantly improve forecasts of solar flares and coronal mass ejections—huge plasma bubbles that can crash into Earth, disrupting power grids and communications......»»

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Boosting "natural killer" cell activity could improve cancer therapy

Yale researchers have uncovered a way to make a type of white blood cells known as natural killer cells—which kill infected, damaged, or malignant cells in the body—more effective against cancer. The approach, they say, could enable new treatment.....»»

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Detecting intelligent life that"s light years away: Greenhouse gases could signal alien activity

If aliens modified a planet in their solar system to make it warmer, we'd be able to tell. A new UC Riverside study identifies the artificial greenhouse gases that would be giveaways of a terraformed planet......»»

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Quantum state mixing in photobiology: New insight from ultrafast terahertz Stark spectroscopy

The membrane protein bacteriorhodopsin is a proton pump, in which proton transport is initiated by the light-induced isomerization of the chromophore retinal. The molecular quantum states involved in this ultrafast reaction have now been characterize.....»»

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Quantum annealer improves understanding of quantum many-body systems

Physicists have long been pursuing the idea of simulating quantum particles with a computer that is itself made up of quantum particles. This is exactly what scientists at Forschungszentrum Jülich have done together with colleagues from Slovenia......»»

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New paradigm in photothermal therapy: Researchers develop ultrasound-assisted photothermal therapy technology

Professor Jin-ho Chang's research team from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at DGIST has developed "Ultrasound-assisted photothermal therapy (ULTRA-PTT)" technology that significantly enhances the performance of conventi.....»»

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Using sound waves, scientists develop findings that challenge standard theories of solar convection

A team of solar physicists at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Astrophysics and Space Science (CASS), led by Research Scientist Chris S. Hanson, Ph.D., has revealed the interior structure of the sun's supergranules, a flow structure that transports heat fr.....»»

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AI-based approach matches protein interaction partners

Proteins are the building blocks of life, involved in virtually every biological process. Understanding how proteins interact with each other is crucial for deciphering the complexities of cellular functions, and has significant implications for drug.....»»

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Apple Intelligence goes against the entire Apple ethos — in a good way

Apple's walled garden is getting upended by its more open approach to AI partnerships......»»

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Genetic switch in plants can turn simple spoon-shaped leaves into complex leaves with leaflets

The diversity of forms of living organisms is enormous. But how the individual cells together coordinate the formation of organs and tissues in complex organisms is still an open question......»»

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3D maps of diseased tissues at subcellular precision

Researchers in the Systems Biology Lab of Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky, at the Max Delbrück Center, have developed a spatial transcriptomics platform, called Open-ST, that enables scientists to reconstruct gene expression in cells within a tissue in.....»»

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Study pushes understanding of how cells migrate

Interactions between two key structures within cells help establish the front-to-back "polarity" that is essential to cell migration, according to a new study by Weill Cornell Medicine researchers......»»

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Scientists explore the vast reservoir of dissolved organic matter in oceans

Few things last very long in the world of the open oceans, it would seem. In the light-filled surface layer, microscopic algae convert carbon dioxide and water into biomass via photosynthesis. Individual cells vanish in a matter of hours or days, ing.....»»

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Security Bite: Meta will start using your data to train its AI next week, but you may be able to opt out

9to5Mac Security Bite is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Making Apple devices work-ready and enterprise-safe is all we do. Our unique integrated approach to management and security combines state-of-the-art App.....»»

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Untangling the entangled: Quantum study shines fresh light on how neutrinos fuel supernovae

Researchers used quantum simulations to obtain new insights into the nature of neutrinos—the mysterious subatomic particles that abound throughout the universe—and their role in the deaths of massive stars......»»

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Space instruments provide early warnings for solar flares

When a solar flare leaps out from around the sun, a small fleet of scientific instruments designed and built at the University of Colorado Boulder form a first line of defense—spotting these massive eruptions before any other instrument in space, t.....»»

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Novel catalysts for improved methanol production using carbon dioxide dehydrogenation

Encapsulating copper nanoparticles within hydrophobic porous silicate crystals has been shown by scientists at Tokyo Tech to significantly enhance the catalytic activity of copper-zinc oxide catalysts used in methanol synthesis via CO2 hydrogenation......»»

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Inspired by nature: Synthetic nightshade molecule effective against leukemia cells

Nightshade plants produce a diverse array of compounds with therapeutic potential. Researchers at CeMM have now identified an artificial variant inspired by the Withanolides group that acts highly specifically against leukemia cells......»»

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Wild yeasts from Patagonia could yield new flavors of lagers: Genetic mutations enhance alcohol production

New strains of yeast for brewing lager beers, created by hybridizing wild strains of yeast from Patagonia with brewer's yeast, can yield novel flavors and aromas, reports a new study by Jennifer Molinet and Francisco Cubillos of the Universidad de Sa.....»»

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Scientists discover surprising link between ancient biology and restricted human hair growth

University of Manchester scientists have linked one of the ways that cells respond to stressful conditions with restricted healthy hair growth......»»

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