New protein imaging method supports the design of innovative new cancer drugs

Scientists have successfully used a new imaging technique to determine the structure and interactions of a protein complex that plays a significant part in the initiation and progression of cancer. They showed that it was possible to use a high-resol.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgApr 10th, 2024

“Outrageously” priced weight-loss drugs could bankrupt US health care

Prices would need to be dramatically slashed to avoid increasing the national deficit. Enlarge / Packaging for Wegovy, manufactured by Novo Nordisk, is seen in this illustration photo. (credit: Getty | Jakub Porzycki) Wi.....»»

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Study reveals how a sugar-sensing protein acts as a "machine" to switch plant growth—and oil production—on and off

Proteins are molecular machines, with flexible pieces and moving parts. Understanding how these parts move helps scientists unravel the function a protein plays in living things—and potentially how to change its effects. Biochemists at the U.S. Dep.....»»

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Dear Apple, I don’t care how thin the iPad Pro is

The new iPad Pro is Apple's most impressive tablet to date. One of its biggest changes is an ultrathin design. And you know what? I just don't care about it......»»

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Protein prediction technology yields accurate results to efficiently find the best drug candidate for many conditions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has numerous applications in health care, from analyzing medical imaging to optimizing the execution of clinical trials, and even facilitating drug discovery......»»

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Breaking bonds to form bonds: New chemical reaction with potential applications in medicinal chemistry

A team of chemists from the University of Vienna, led by Nuno Maulide, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of chemical synthesis, developing a novel method for manipulating carbon-hydrogen bonds. This discovery provides new insights.....»»

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Stiffness and viscosity of cells found to differ in cancer and other diseases

During illness, the stiffness or viscosity of cells can change. Tom Evers demonstrated this by measuring such properties of human immune cells for the first time. "The stiffness of certain cells could be a way to make a diagnosis," Evers said......»»

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Case study examines new product development in the fast fashion industry

In the world of fast fashion, new product development (NPD) is the main option for companies hoping to maintain relevance and competitiveness in an ever-changing market. NPD is a multifaceted process and covers the generation of ideas, design and imp.....»»

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Coupling quantum mechanical simulations and AI paves way for screening new superconductors

Superconductors are materials that conduct electricity without resistance and are essential for several technological advancements, which include medical imaging and energy-efficient technology. However, most known superconductors operate under extre.....»»

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Method milestone for quantum physics: Rapid test for topological 2D materials

Topological quantum materials are hailed as a cornerstone of future technological advancements. Yet, validating their exceptional qualities has always been a lengthy process......»»

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Research identifies mechanism behind drug resistance in malaria parasite

Collaborating researchers have discovered a link between malaria parasites' ability to develop resistance to antimalarial drugs—specifically artemisinin (ART)—through a cellular process called transfer ribonucleic acid (tRNA) modification. tRNA m.....»»

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Keychron Q1 HE Review - Near-infinitely adjustable keyboard with impressive design

The Keychron Q1 HE is a keyboard designed — or, more accurately, over-designed — for demanding users with specific needs and is one of the most sophisticated and customizable keyboards I've ever tested.The Keychron Q1 HE looks great on a desk and.....»»

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Researchers discover new family of bacteria with high pharmaceutical potential

Most antibiotics used in human medicine originate from natural products derived from bacteria and other microbes. Novel microorganisms are therefore a promising source of new active compounds, also for the treatment of diseases such as cancer or vira.....»»

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World rocked as YouTubers prove you can eventually break an iPad

Presumably they get enough clicks out of it to pay for the devices, but once again YouTubers are destroying the new iPad Pro even though Apple's latest design turns out to make that substantially harder this time.If you break an iPad, it breaks. You.....»»

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OWASP dep-scan: Open-source security and risk audit tool

OWASP dep-scan is an open-source security and risk assessment tool that leverages information on vulnerabilities, advisories, and licensing restrictions for project dependencies. It supports local repositories and container images as input sources, m.....»»

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A golden layer unlocks sharper imaging and faster scanning with X-rays

Scientists have made a breakthrough in significantly improving the sharpness of X-ray imaging and potentially boosting the speeds at which X-ray scans can be processed. This lays the groundwork for both better medical imaging and faster security clea.....»»

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You can actually use your old Magic Keyboard with the M4 iPad Pro – but it won’t look good

With the launch of the , Apple also introduced a new version of the Magic Keyboard with improvements such as a row of function keys and an aluminum finish. However, because of the iPad’s new design, Apple says that the old Magic Keyboard doesn’t.....»»

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How attackers deliver malware to Foxit PDF Reader users

Threat actors are taking advantage of the flawed design of Foxit PDF Reader’s alerts to deliver malware via booby-trapped PDF documents, Check Point researchers have warned. Exploiting the issue The researchers have analyzed several campaigns u.....»»

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Method accelerates the development of sustainable biomaterials from years to minutes

A study, published in Advanced Materials on May 6, 2024, led by VTT's researchers, introduces a transformative approach that integrates synthetic biology with advanced machine learning and computational techniques to significantly accelerate the deve.....»»

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Core security measures to strengthen privacy and data protection programs

As privacy laws evolve globally, organizations face increasing complexity in adapting their data protection strategies to stay compliant. In this Help Net Security interview, Kabir Barday, CEO at OneTrust, emphasizes that embracing privacy by design.....»»

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Researchers propose deep blue OLED design exhibiting BT.2020 color gamut

A research team proposes a novel design in deep blue organic light-emitting diode (OLED) which realizes a series of highly efficient luminescent compounds closely aligned with the BT.2020 blue light standard. The study was published in Advanced Mater.....»»

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