New method gets better performance out of atomically thin transistors

A new way of making wafer-scale electronics out of atomically thin sheets. Enlarge / The much-larger-than-2D form of molybdenum disulfide. (credit: RHJ / Getty Images) Atomically thin materials like graphene are single m.....»»

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Physicists propose path to faster, more flexible robots

In a May 15 paper released in the journal Physical Review Letters, Virginia Tech physicists revealed a microscopic phenomenon that could greatly improve the performance of soft devices, such as agile flexible robots or microscopic capsules for drug d.....»»

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iPad Pro hands on: Luxury technology in an impossibly-thin package

There is a lot that seems impossible about the new iPad Pro, but above all, it's the pinnacle of what Apple's vertical integration can achieve — with a high price to match.13-inch iPad ProThere was a point where "pro" on an Apple product meant "bes.....»»

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Dear Apple, I don’t care how thin the iPad Pro is

The new iPad Pro is Apple's most impressive tablet to date. One of its biggest changes is an ultrathin design. And you know what? I just don't care about it......»»

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iPad Users Running Into iPadOS 17.5 Issues

iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro users who have upgraded to Apple’s new iPadOS 17.5 update are running into bugs and performance issues. Earlier this week, Apple deployed iPadOS 17.5, a milestone upgrade for the iPadOS 17 operating syste.....»»

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Apple’s best-selling AirPods are back at their Black Friday price

The Apple AirPods 2 are an excellent middle ground of performance vs price, and this deal from Amazon makes them even cheaper at their Black Friday price......»»

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Serious iOS 17.5 Bug Reportedly Gets Worse

We’ve seen numerous complaints about iOS 17.5-related bugs and performance issues, but the bug reportedly impacting people’s photos rises above the rest. Earlier this week, we saw a report on Reddit about a bug resurfacing old photos that.....»»

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Breaking bonds to form bonds: New chemical reaction with potential applications in medicinal chemistry

A team of chemists from the University of Vienna, led by Nuno Maulide, has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of chemical synthesis, developing a novel method for manipulating carbon-hydrogen bonds. This discovery provides new insights.....»»

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The genetic basis and process of inbreeding depression in an elite hybrid rice

Inbreeding depression is defined as reduced fitness or performance arising from increasing homozygosity of progenies due to successive inbreeding, whereas heterosis refers to the superiority of a hybrid over its parent resulting from the increase in.....»»

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Method milestone for quantum physics: Rapid test for topological 2D materials

Topological quantum materials are hailed as a cornerstone of future technological advancements. Yet, validating their exceptional qualities has always been a lengthy process......»»

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iPad Air 6 Issues, Fixes & Performance

iPad Air 6 deliveries are hitting doorsteps around the world which means we’re starting to hear about some of the issues owners of Apple’s new sixth-gen iPad Air are having in the early going. Most of iPad Air 6 problems we’ve come.....»»

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M4 iPad Pro Problems, Fixes & Performance

With Apple’s M4 iPad Pro officially out, we’re starting to hear about some of the initial problem plaguing early adopters. The new iPad Pro models come with some of Apple’s best hardware, but even they aren’t immune to issues.....»»

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Researchers make a surprising discovery: Magnetism in a common material for microelectronics

Nickel monosilicide (NiSi) is widely used to connect transistors in semiconductor circuits. Earlier theoretical calculations had incorrectly predicted that NiSi was not magnetic. As a result, researchers had never fully explored magnetism in NiSi......»»

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Research investigates structural evolution and high-temperature sensing performance of polymer-derived SiAlBCN ceramics

Gang Shao's group from Zhengzhou University, China recently investigated the structural evolution of pentagonal polymer-derived SiAlBCN ceramics (PDCs) and outlined PDC-based sensor technology for high-temperature extreme environments. The high-perfo.....»»

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The best mini PCs for compact power at your fingertips

Mini PCs are a compact computer solution. They're easy to carry around while still supplying the performance busy users need. Here are our favorite models......»»

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macOS Sonoma 14.5 Issues Emerge After Release

As we push away from Apple’s macOS Sonoma 14.5 release, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users are starting to complain about a variety of frustrating bugs and performance issues. Earlier this month, after a lengthy stint in beta, Apple pulled its m.....»»

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New iPad Pro has larger magnets in different places and new speakers

The thin case of the new iPad Pro hides a redesign that sees brand new speakers alongside larger magnets for attaching to peripherals.Apple's new iPad ProApple's new iPad Pro is significantly thinner than its predecessor, and it now appears that in p.....»»

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Method accelerates the development of sustainable biomaterials from years to minutes

A study, published in Advanced Materials on May 6, 2024, led by VTT's researchers, introduces a transformative approach that integrates synthetic biology with advanced machine learning and computational techniques to significantly accelerate the deve.....»»

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Here’s our best look yet at the iPad Pro’s new nano-texture display [Video]

As we rounded up last night, the first M4 iPad Pro reviews are here, with most focusing on the new OLED screens, the M4 chip, and the ultra-thin design. If you’ve been on the hunt for an in-depth look at the new nano-texture glass option, a new vid.....»»

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iOS 17.5 Issues Start Plaguing iPhone Users

As we push away from Apple’s iOS 17.5 release, iPhone users are lodging complaints about bugs and performance issues. Some of them are minor, some are far more serious. After a lengthy stint in beta, iOS 17.5 is now available for iPhone. The mi.....»»

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New GPS-based method can measure daily ice loss in Greenland

When the ice sheet in Greenland melts, as it has done increasingly in recent years, the bedrock beneath moves slightly......»»

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