New algorithm enables simulation of complex quantum systems

An international team of scientists from the University of Luxembourg, Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD) at TU Berlin and Google has now successfully developed a machine learning algorithm to tackle large and complex.....»»

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Study uncovers genetic key to overcoming water stress in cucumbers

Waterlogged conditions, a consequence of heavy rainfall or inadequate drainage, disproportionately affect crops with delicate root systems like cucumbers. These conditions not only impede root respiration and plant development but also threaten agric.....»»

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Q&A: New method confines light inside an organic material to form a hybrid quantum state

A team of international scientists led by the University of Ottawa have gone back to the kitchen cupboard to create a recipe that combines organic material and light to create quantum states......»»

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Researchers develop novel AI algorithm for analyzing microfossils

Microfossil analysis allows us to map the subsurface and understand past geological times. In research labs all over the world, geologists spend countless hours looking through the microscope identifying and counting microfossils extracted from sedim.....»»

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Research review offers insights for transforming the food sector

We're facing rising food insecurity, the cost-of-living squeeze, and ever-changing climate events. It's no wonder our food systems are in urgent need of a reboot......»»

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Drone racing prepares neural-network AI for space

Drones are being raced against the clock at Delft University of Technology's "Cyber Zoo" to test the performance of neural-network-based AI control systems planned for next-generation space missions......»»

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Galaxy NGC 4696 hosts a complex globular cluster system, observations find

Using the Magellan Telescopes in Chile, astronomers have performed photometric observations of a giant elliptical galaxy known as NGC 4696. The observations reveal that the galaxy has a complex globular cluster system. The finding was detailed in a p.....»»

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High-temperature superconductivity: Exploring quadratic electron-phonon coupling

A new study published in Physical Review Letters (PRL) explores the potential of quadratic electron-phonon coupling to enhance superconductivity through the formation of quantum bipolarons......»»

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Scientists devise algorithm to engineer improved enzymes

Scientists have prototyped a new method for "rationally engineering" enzymes to deliver improved performance. They have devised an algorithm, which takes into account an enzyme's evolutionary history, to flag where mutations could be introduced with.....»»

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Spring is almost over, and Apple is yet to launch Final Cut Camera app for iPhone

When Apple announced the new and M4 iPad Pro last month, the company also teased updates coming to Final Cut Pro and a new iPhone app called Final Cut Camera, which enables pro camera controls for shooting videos. At the time, Apple said that Final.....»»

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CDK Global: Most core dealership management system functionality has been restored following cyberattack

The DMS giant said it shut down most of its systems to contain problems as it works to address the issue and restore service......»»

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Researchers develop platform to probe, control qubits in silicon for quantum networks

The quantum internet would be a lot easier to build if we could use existing telecommunications technologies and infrastructure. Over the past few years, researchers have discovered defects in silicon—a ubiquitous semiconductor material—that coul.....»»

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Earth"s atmosphere is our best defense against nearby supernovae, study suggests

Earth's protective atmosphere has sheltered life for billions of years, creating a haven where evolution produced complex lifeforms like us. The ozone layer plays a critical role in shielding the biosphere from deadly UV radiation. It blocks 99% of t.....»»

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Caffeine may be a useful marker of wastewater leaks in storm drain systems

In developed countries such as Japan, wastewater systems designed to keep harmful pollutants out of storm drainage are aging and deteriorating, sending contaminants into local bodies of water. Finding the source of a leak in wastewater systems that a.....»»

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Researchers find wave activity on Titan may be strong enough to erode the coastlines of lakes and seas

Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is the only other planetary body in the solar system that currently hosts active rivers, lakes, and seas. These otherworldly river systems are thought to be filled with liquid methane and ethane that flows into wide lake.....»»

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CDK Global cyberattack shuts down most dealership systems nationwide

The DMS giant said it shut down most of its systems to contain problems as it works to address the issue and restore service......»»

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Threat actor claims to have breached Apple, allegedly stealing source code of several internal tools

Notorious threat actor IntelBroker, who previously claimed responsibility for other high-profile data breaches, including those of U.S. government systems in April, allegedly leaked the source code of several internal tools used at Apple via a post o.....»»

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Clever macOS malware delivery campaign targets cryptocurrency users

Cryptocurrency users are being targeted with legitimate-looking but fake apps that deliver information-stealing malware instead, Recorded Future’s researchers are warning. The threat actor behind this complex scheme is going after both Windows.....»»

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A railroad of cells: Computer simulations explain cell movement

Looking under the microscope, a group of cells slowly moves forward in a line, like a train on the tracks. The cells navigate through complex environments. A new approach by researchers involving the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).....»»

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Quantum Xchange expands Phio TX platform to offer secure site-to-site and remote access VPN

Quantum Xchange launched version 4.0 of its quantum-safe key delivery platform Phio TX, featuring Phio VPN, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to combine AI-native networking with quantum-safe key management and delivery. The Phio VPN builds on the uniq.....»»

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Rethinking English essay scores

To get high scores on essay writing tests, learners of English as a foreign language need to focus on good arguments more than on complex grammar. The Kobe University finding challenges conventional approaches to test preparation and scoring rubrics......»»

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