Most security pros turn to unauthorized AI tools at work

Security experts are increasingly resorting to unauthorized AI tools, possibly because they are unhappy with the level of automation implemented in their organization’s security operation centers (SOCs), according to a study conducted by Wakefi.....»»

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Zoom’s new AI tools will let you ditch meetings for good

Zoom IQ adopt OpenAI artificial intelligence to deliver a summary of conversations to users when they enter Zoom chats......»»

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Apple Vision Pro: US-only at launch, some eye prescriptions not supported, age requirement, AR hardware preview

Following the official announce of Vision Pro, Apple’s new mixed reality headset, we’re learning new details about availability, how corrective lenses will work, and more. These are new detail tidbits from Apple. more… The post Apple Vision P.....»»

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macOS Sonoma brings new Lock Screen with aerial wallpapers, here’s how it works

macOS Sonoma, or macOS 14, is the new version of the Mac operating system. It comes with multiple new features, such as desktop widgets, FaceTime and iMessage enhancements, web app support, and new tools for editing PDFs. But macOS Sonoma also has a.....»»

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BlackBerry and Upstream Security join forces to protect software-defined vehicles

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Upstream Security to enable automakers to strengthen the overall security posture of their vehicles, by leveraging the rich telemetry data and edge compute capabilities from BlackBerry IVY. Upstream’s clo.....»»

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Datadog Workflow Automation helps security teams investigate and resolve service disruptions

Datadog released Workflow Automation, a new product that enables teams to automate end-to-end remediation processes—with out-of-the-box actions and pre-built templates—across all systems, apps and services to help identify, investigate and resolv.....»»

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Enveedo Strategy Execution Platform for Security strengthens cyber resiliency for businesses

Enveedo has launched its Strategy Execution Platform for Security that enables organizations to build and maintain cyber resiliency. The platform includes a risk management engine, on-demand access to vCISO guidance, and a real-time centralized view.....»»

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Lacework simplifies cloud security with risk calculation on users’ permissions

Lacework announced new CIEM functionality to address the complex and growing challenges in managing identity threats and unnecessary risk within public cloud environments. With over 35,000 granular permissions across hyperscale cloud providers, organ.....»»

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NinjaOne Patch Management enhancements mitigate security vulnerabilities

NinjaOne announced enhancements to NinjaOne Patch Management, delivering the latest automated patching solutions to maintain business operations and keep organizations secure. Patching is a tedious, time-consuming task but also a critical step to sec.....»»

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DigiCert and ReversingLabs partner to advance software supply chain security

DigiCert has partnered with ReversingLabs to enhance software security by combining advanced binary analysis and threat detection from ReversingLabs with DigiCert’s enterprise-grade secure code signing solution. DigiCert customers will benefit.....»»

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Developers gain new SDK tools for Privacy Label generation and security checks

Apple is creating new tools around third-party SDK use to simplify developer software pipelines, like Privacy Label generation.A Privacy Label for TikTokWhen developers build their apps, they often use third-party SDKs to implement different features.....»»

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Retirement reinvented: How to find fulfilment later in life

Retirement can feel like a strange time for many people. Gone is the routine of work, your time is your own—in theory. How to stop chores from taking over can become a tricky balance. Some people retreat and return to work. Often, those that persev.....»»

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An immersive tactile book for blind children

Children with visual impairment do not perceive the world in the same way as sighted people. As a result, they need specific educational tools, including children's books, that enhance their skills and senses. A team from the University of Geneva (UN.....»»

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How to download macOS 14 Sonoma

MacOS 14 is coming and bringing with it a range of exciting new features and security improvements. Here's how to download the latest Apple OS......»»

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The Quest for a Switch to Turn on Hunger

While weight-loss drugs are dialing down the urge to eat for many, others desperately need something that can convince their body to consume more......»»

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Linda Yaccarino finishes first day as Twitter CEO

Linda Yaccarino has stepped into the role earlier than expected, though that's probably because there's much work to be done......»»

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Apple avoids “AI” hype at WWDC keynote by baking ML into products

Apple prefers using "machine learning," or just having AI work in the background. Enlarge / Someone scans their face using Apple's "most advanced machine learning techniques" with the Apple Vision Pro during a WWDC 2023 keynote d.....»»

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Study: Tools to assess crime risk for young cohorts are likely to fail over time if they ignore social change

Risk assessment instruments (RAIs) are widely used to inform high-stakes decision-making in the criminal justice system and other areas, such as health care and child welfare. These tools typically assume a relation between predictors and outcomes th.....»»

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iOS and iPadOS 17 drop support for iPhone X, first iPad Pros, and other old devices

You'll need a device made within the last five years to get new features. Enlarge / StandBy and other iOS 17 features won't be coming to some older iPhones. (credit: Apple) Apple sometimes releases new operating systems.....»»

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CRISPR/Cas9 reveals a key gene involved in the evolution of coral skeleton formation

New work led by Carnegie's Phillip Cleves uses cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tools to reveal a gene that's critical to stony corals' ability to build their reef architectures. It is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienc.....»»

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Work requirements may not work for domestic violence survivors, but they rarely get waivers for cash assistance

Very few people who have survived domestic violence are getting Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) waivers from the work requirements and time limits tied to those benefits—even though they're eligible for them, according to our new res.....»»

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