Most security pros turn to unauthorized AI tools at work

Security experts are increasingly resorting to unauthorized AI tools, possibly because they are unhappy with the level of automation implemented in their organization’s security operation centers (SOCs), according to a study conducted by Wakefi.....»»

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Exploring the relationship between civilians and military organizations through an experiment in Japan

In democracies where civilian control is followed, the power to make crucial decisions, like those of national security, is mainly exercised by elected officials, allowing the citizens who elect them to influence such decisions indirectly. This role.....»»

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No-cause evictions have the potential to hurt renters—with little gain for good landlords

Housing security for New Zealand's 1.7 million renters could be threatened if the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill becomes law......»»

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Fly Me to the Moon final trailer previews a fake moon landing

Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum must work together to stage a fake moon landing in the final Fly Me to the Moon trailer......»»

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Learn anything with these new customer deals from Udemy

With these new customer deals from Udemy you can learn anything and everything your heart desires. From life skills and hobbies to upskilling for work......»»

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Apple Intelligence plans in China still unclear due to legal concerns

How Apple Intelligence will work in China remains unclear, as the company has to navigate the country’s generative AI regulations. A new report says that Apple concluded it was unlikely to get approval to use a system developed outside of China,.....»»

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Beware — that new VPN you"ve found could be infected with malware

Malicious AI tools also distributed through fake websites and Telegram channels......»»

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Verimatrix XTD dashboard enhancements improve mobile app security

Verimatrix announced major enhancements to its XTD dashboard, providing customers with better visibility into application security risks and more actionable insights to better protect mobile apps and users. First launched in early 2022, the updated X.....»»

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eBook: CISO guide to password security

Password security has seen dramatic shifts driven by the escalation of cyber threats and technological advancements. This eBook covers: Best practices for NIST-compliant password security Key benefits of automating password policies It is not just ab.....»»

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Most cybersecurity pros took time off due to mental health issues

Cybersecurity and infosecurity professionals say that work-related stress, fatigue, and burnout are making them less productive, including taking extended sick leave – costing US enterprises almost $626 million in lost productivity every year, acco.....»»

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Improving OT cybersecurity remains a work in progress

Organizations have made progress in the past 12 months related to advancing their OT security posture, but there are still critical areas for improvement as IT and OT network environments continue to converge, according to Fortinet. Cyberattacks that.....»»

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From passwords to passkeys: Enhancing security and user satisfaction

In this Help Net Security interview, Julianna Lamb, Stytch CTO, discusses the advantages of passwordless authentication. Eliminating passwords reduces data breaches and improves user experience by simplifying the login process. Lamb also addresses th.....»»

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How to reset the Arlo Pro 4 security camera

Performing a factory reset on the Arlo Pro 4 is simple. Here's how the process works, including steps to reset a camera that's offline......»»

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This powerful business laptop from Dell is $650 off today

Need a great laptop for your busy work life? For a limited time, you’ll be able to take $650 off the price of the Dell Latitude 7340......»»

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CDK cyberattack will add to dealership regulatory stresses

The FTC Safeguards Rule requires dealerships and other financial institutions to notify the agency after it discovers a security breach involving the information of at least 500 customers......»»

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Guest commentary: Charity event shows why design work isn"t meant to be fully digital

The Father's Day benefit in Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., illustrates the power of real-life gatherings in an industry pushing to be more virtual......»»

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PSA: You can still open Camera from the Lock Screen after removing the button in iOS 18

iOS 18 provides far more customization tools than ever before. Among them, you can swap out the Lock Screen’s flashlight and camera buttons for any other controls of your choice. But as nice as this new Lock Screen freedom may be, lots of users.....»»

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How to use an original Apple Pencil with a new iPad

Despite all that Apple says, you can in fact use an original Apple Pencil with the company's latest iPad Pro and iPad Air — it just takes some work. Here's what to do.With a little work, the original Apple Pencil can be used on a USB-C iPad ProAppl.....»»

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Digital public archaeology: Excavating data from digs done decades ago and connecting with today"s communities

The ancestors of Alaska Native people began using local copper sources to craft intricate tools roughly 1,000 years ago. Over one-third of all copper objects archaeologists have found in this region were excavated at a single spot, named the Gulkana.....»»

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Hope from an unexpected source in the global race to stop wheat blast

An important breakthrough in efforts to halt the advance of wheat blast, an emerging threat to international food security, has come from a surprising source......»»

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Chipolo’s newest trackers are like AirTags for Android, and they’re great

Two of the first third-party trackers that work with Google's Find My Device have arrived. The Chipolo One Point and Chipolo Card Point are worth your time......»»

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