Memory-induced Magnus effect: Looking at the unexpected curveball in miniature

Whether you are familiar with the term "Magnus effect" or not, you have certainly seen it in action. It is when a spinning ball—for instance in football, cricket or baseball—bends away from its expected trajectory, often to the surprise of the op.....»»

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Dredging up New York City"s glacial memory

On a cold night in November, a small group gathered at the boathouse of the Brooklyn-based Gowanus Dredgers to listen to Elizabeth Case, a glaciologist and Ph.D. student at Columbia Climate School's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, talk about how gl.....»»

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Ford says unlikely Mustang Mach-E EV will qualify for federal tax credits in January

The U.S. Treasury issued guidance last week detailing new battery sourcing restrictions that take effect Jan. 1 aimed at weaning the U.S. EV supply chain away from China. The current model Mach-E currently qualifies for a $3,750 federal tax credit......»»

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16-inch M3 Pro MacBook Pro now $250 off, ecobee Smart Video Doorbell $120, Anker gear, more

Better than Black Friday pricing has arrived today on Apple’s 16-inch M3 Pro MacBook Pro. If you’ve been asking for a Mac discount with more than 8GB of RAM, just the price cut has arrived at $250 off this pro model with 18GB of memory. It comes.....»»

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Save up to $270 on Apple"s new M3 MacBook Pro 14-inch at B&H Photo

Exclusive price drops are in effect on Apple's latest MacBook Pro laptops. Pick up an upgraded M3 model for $1,599 or the M3 Pro for as low as $1,749, matching or beating Black Friday pricing. Get these models fast with free 2-day shipping too.To sho.....»»

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China"s graphite export curbs a new cloud over U.S. EV supply chain

China's new restrictions on exports of graphite, a key material for EV batteries that the country has significant control over, went into effect this month, adding uncertainty to North American battery production......»»

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Planet tipping points pose "unprecedented" threat to humanity: report

Humanity faces an "unprecedented" risk from tipping points that could unleash a domino effect of irreversible catastrophes across the planet, researchers warned Wednesday......»»

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Amazon"s Holiday Apple Sale drives prices down to as low as $27

If you're on the hunt for a fantastic discount on everything from the Apple Watch Series 9 to iPads, AirPods, and the MacBook Air, there are new price drops in effect driving prices down to as low as $27 at Amazon.Apple Watch Series 9 for $329.99The.....»»

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SPAGINS: A novel approach to predicting nuclear fragmentation in gamma-induced spallation

In a study published in Nuclear Science and Techniques, researchers from Henan Normal University report a significant advancement in nuclear physics. The study showcases the effectiveness of the SPAGINS model, a novel approach to accurately predictin.....»»

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New math approach provides insight into memory formation

The simple activity of walking through a room jumpstarts the neurons in the human brain. An explosion of electrochemical events or "neuronal spikes" appears at various times during the action. These spikes in activity, otherwise known as action poten.....»»

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Graphics cards are selling again, and that worries me

This is the second quarter we've seen GPU shipments increase, but that could have an unintended effect on GPU prices......»»

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How mountains affect El Niño-induced winter precipitation

A consideration of how mountains influence El Niño and La Niña-induced precipitation change in western North America may be the ticket to more informed water conservation planning along the Colorado River, new research suggests......»»

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Unexpected discovery at the air-water interface for CO₂ reaction impacting geophysical and biological cycles

Ocean acidification, mammal respiration, and aerosol formation all depend on chemistry that occurs at air-water interfaces. In new research, scientists from the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have discover.....»»

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Hearst’s unexpected video game acquisition is great news for Wordle fans

Hearst Newspapers is taking a bite out of the New York Times' puzzle pie by acquiring its best competitor, Puzzmo......»»

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Final day: save 67% on 3 months of Paramount Plus

Enjoy three months of Paramount Plus at 67% off with Black Friday savings in effect now through December 3.Paramount+ is discounted for Black FridayJust in time for the long holiday weekend, new and returning Paramount Plus subscribers can save 67% o.....»»

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Earth is running a fever. And UN climate talks are focusing on the contagious effect on human health

With Planet Earth running a fever, U.N. climate talks focused Sunday on the contagious effects on human health......»»

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The best Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel right now

Check out our list of the best Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel right now, including An Unexpected Christmas and Write Before Christmas......»»

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This M3 Max MacBook Pro 14-inch with 96GB RAM is down to $3,749, plus $50 off AppleCare

Apple's loaded M3 Max MacBook Pro in the gorgeous Space Black finish is $250 off right now when ordered with 96GB memory and a 1TB SSD. The M3 Max chip sports a 14-core CPU and 30-core GPU, making it a robust machine in a portable chassis.The exclusi.....»»

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"Silent devastation" of drought set to increase globally under climate change, says UN report

Recent drought-related data compiled by the UN point to "an unprecedented emergency on a planetary scale, where the massive impacts of human-induced droughts are only starting to unfold.".....»»

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Study shows unexpected expansion of rare earth element mining activities in Myanmar-China border region

As the demand for rare earth elements increases world-wide, so too do the mining activities associated with rare earth element extraction. Rare earth elements are listed as 15 elements on the periodic table constituting what is known as the lanthanid.....»»

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TikTok: US judge blocks Montana"s ban citing free speech

Chinese-owned app welcomes the ruling against "unconstitutional law" due to come into effect in January......»»

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