Mammal ancestors moved in their own unique way

The backbone is the Swiss Army Knife of mammal locomotion. It can function in all sorts of ways that allows living mammals to have remarkable diversity in their movements. They can run, swim, climb and fly all due, in part, to the extensive reorganiz.....»»

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Little Foot fossil shows early human ancestor clung closely to trees

A long-awaited, high-tech analysis of the upper body of famed fossil 'Little Foot' opens a window to a pivotal period when human ancestors diverged from apes, new USC research shows......»»

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Dow Silicones to hike quotes in May

US-based Dow Silicones will raise its silicone prooduct quotes starting May, and its distribution agents have moved since early April to inform downstream clients about the price adjustment, according to industry sources......»»

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A Hacker"s Nightmare: Programmable Chips Secured by Chaos

A complex network of randomly interconnected logic gates creates conditions that could thwart hackers Not all chaos is bad. In the case of programmable chips, chaos can be harnessed to create a unique digital identifier. Think of it as a finger.....»»

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No Human Can Match This High-Speed Box-Unloading Robot Named After a Pickle

schwit1 writes: Able to move 1,600 boxes per hour using just one arm, Dill relies on humans to keep it operating efficiently Pickle Robots says that Dill's approach to the box unloading task is unique in a couple of ways. First, it can handle messy t.....»»

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Study reveals a unique mode of cell migration on soft "viscoelastic" surfaces

Inside your body, cell movement plays a crucial role in many significant biological processes, including wound healing, immune responses and the potential spread of cancer......»»

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Scientists now able to map defects in 2D crystals in liquid

Monolayer crystals, often being referred as 2D crystals or 2D materials, possess the unique characteristic of having a single layer of regular atomic structure. And the more regular the structure is, the higher quality the crystal. In some cases, the.....»»

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Fabless chipmakers diversify foundry suppliers

Taiwan-based IC design houses including MediaTek, Elan Microelectronics and Realtek Semiconductor have moved to diversify their foundry partners amid tight capacity at many pure-play foundries, according to industry sources......»»

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Japan’s Plan to Discharge Fukushima Radioactive Water into the Sea has Supporters as Well as Foes

Despite protests at home and abroad, the government has also received overseas backing for how it intends to deal with a “unique and complex” problem A decade after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a meltdo.....»»

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While species come and go, their ecosystems persist over millions of years

Mammal communities underwent long periods of so-called functional stability despite the waxing and waning of their constituent species over tens of millions of years, even persisting through several environmental crises. This is the main conclusion o.....»»

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You won’t believe how cheap this Microsoft Surface Duo deal is at Best Buy

Best Buy is selling the Microsoft Surface Duo, which offers a unique design with dual screens and a durable hinge, at $450 off, lowering its price to $950......»»

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Study identifies another explanation for the "marriage premium" benefit to offspring

Something big is happening with babies in Chile—and it's at the heart of a unique study into what it means to be born to married versus unmarried parents......»»

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Tunisia "sandy" farms resist drought, development

Farmers near a seaside lagoon in northern Tunisia are fighting to preserve a unique, traditional irrigation system that has sparked renewed interest as North Africa's water shortages intensify......»»

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RNA holds the reins in bacteria: Researchers observe RNA controlling protein synthesis

To better understand how RNA in bacteria gives rise to protein—and along the way, target these processes in the design of new antibiotics—researchers are turning their attention to the unique way this process happens in bacteria......»»

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Impacts of coronavirus lockdowns: New study collects data on pollutants in the atmosphere

One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic has been global restrictions on mobility. This, in turn, has had an effect on pollution levels in the atmosphere. Researchers from across the world are using this unique opportunity to take measurements, co.....»»

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Astranis raises $250M at a $1.4B valuation for smaller, cheaper geostationary communications satellites

Space startup Astranis has raised a $250 million Series C round to provide it with a capital injection to help scale manufacturing of its unique MicroGEO satellites — geostationary communications satellites that are much smaller than the typical ma.....»»

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Birds take tRNA efficiency to new heights

Birds have been shaped by evolution in many ways that have made them distinct from their vertebrate cousins. Over millions of years of evolution, our feathered friends have taken to the skies, accompanied by unique changes to their skeleton, musculat.....»»

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Potential-dependent switch aids water-splitting using cobalt-oxide catalysts

Using abundant cobalt and a unique experimental approach to probe ways to speed a sluggish catalytic reaction to harvest hydrogen from water, researchers from Boston College and Yale University discovered a mechanistic switch in the oxygen evolution.....»»

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Silk moth"s diapause reverts back to ancestors" through gene editing

Diapause is a phenomenon in which animals and insects foresee changes in the environment and actively reduce metabolism, or halt regular differentiation and development. It is an adaptation strategy for adverse environments such as surviving winters,.....»»

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A new fluorescent probe that can distinguish B cells from T cells

Human blood contains several different components, including plasma, red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets. Among these, WBCs are divided into numerous subcategories each with unique functions and characteristics, such as ly.....»»

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"Yellowballs" offer new insights into star formation

A serendipitous discovery by citizen scientists has provided a unique new window into the diverse environments that produce stars and star clusters, revealing the presence of "stellar nurseries" before infant stars emerge from their birth clouds, acc.....»»

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