Laser spectrometer precisely monitors atmospheric N2O and CO

Nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon monoxide (CO) are important drivers in global warming. However, there are many difficulties in reliable monitoring, especially for N2O, as the concentration of N2O in atmospheric is only a few hundred parts per billion......»»

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Alienware’s new gaming monitors come with a retractable headset stand

The Alienware 25 and Alienware 27 are the newest monitors on the block from Dell's Alienware gaming division......»»

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Scientists bent frickin’ laser beams to create this detailed image of a cat

"We can use this system to do quantum simulations of electrons and superconductivity." Enlarge / Researchers manipulated light with liquid crystals to create a sculpted laser beam capable of producing this photorealistic image of a cat.....»»

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Climate model suggests global warming has already doubled the risk of California megaflood

A pair of researchers, one with the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, the other with the Institute of Environment and Sustainability at the University of California, Los Angel.....»»

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Meta tries to resurrect Portal devices as secondary monitors

On Wednesday, Meta announced that two of its Portal video calling devices now support an app that can wirelessly connect them to PCs. The new feature may save them from total cancellation as the company attempts to pivot the products from consumers t.....»»

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A Fair Warning: Avoid most so-called HDR monitors

This column was taken from our recent Best HDR Gaming Monitors - Mid 2022 buying guide......»»

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TV versus Monitor: The pros and cons of using each with your Mac

Televisions and computer monitors are relatively similar in how they function and what they do, but they're not really interchangeable products. This is why monitors and TVs should be used for different purposes.At face value, there are a lot of simi.....»»

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The future of NASA"s laser communications

NASA uses lasers to send information to and from Earth, employing invisible beams to traverse the skies, sending terabytes of data—pictures and videos—to increase our knowledge of the universe. This capability is known as laser, or optical, commu.....»»

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Sony’s Xperia PRO and Xperia PRO-I will now work as external monitors

In a recent update to the Sony Xperia PRO and Xperia PRO-I, Sony has enabled support that will allow both phones to act as external monitors for photography or videography purposes. The post Sony’s Xperia PRO and Xperia PRO-I will now work as exter.....»»

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Scientists have standardized genome editing terminology

Genome editing can cure diseases, boost food production and open vast new fields of scientific discovery. But to realize its full potential, scientists need to precisely describe the details of their genome editing attempts to one another and the wid.....»»

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Newly described "solar clock" can precisely predict solar cycle events years in advance

Ever since humans could first observe sunspots about 400 years ago, we've been using them to try to define the solar cycle. Approximately every 11 years, solar activity such as sunspots and solar flares ebbs and flows, causing changes to weather patt.....»»

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Best HDR Gaming Monitors 2022, and Learn What Fake HDR Monitors to Avoid

Until now, it hasn't made sense to write a guide about the best HDR monitors for gaming, but it feels like we're finally starting to see some momentum with some noteworthy contenders......»»

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This Laser-Firing Truck Could Help Make Hot Cities More Livable

Scientists are driving around in a specialized observatory to better understand how urban heat varies not only block to block, but door to door......»»

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The next desktop-sized OLED monitor will cost $3,500

The 31.5-inch PA32C targets appropriately sized work, not big-screen entertainment. Enlarge / Two Asus ProArt PA32DC OLED monitors. (credit: Asus) OLED screens are slowly but surely making their way to desktops. The contrast.....»»

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YouTube is testing a pinch-to-zoom feature until September 1

From now until September 1, YouTube Premium subscribers can zoom in while watching videos. Some YouTube content shot for PC monitors or TVs might contain text or small elements that could be hard to discern on a smartphone screen. So it may help user.....»»

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NetRise Platform provides continuous monitoring of XIoT firmware vulnerabilities

NetRise released the NetRise Platform, which is providing insights into shared vulnerabilities across XIoT firmware images in an organization. NetRise is a cloud-based SaaS platform that analyzes and monitors the firmware of XIoT devices. The firmwar.....»»

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Apple rolls out fix for Studio Display audio issue

Apple has released a fix for an issue that caused the audio output on some of its Studio Display monitors to suddenly cut out or sound distorted......»»

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Samsung gaming monitors are ridiculously cheap at Best Buy

If you want to purchase a new gaming monitor, the Samsung Odyssey CRG5 and Samsung Odyssey G5 are currently on sale from Best Buy with discounts of up to $120......»»

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Deals: Nomad 15W MagSafe chargers from $85, AirPods Max $450, iMac-inspired monitors, more

Halfway through the work week, all of today’s best deals are now headlined by the first discounts on Nomad’s new gold Base One/Max 15W MagSafe chargers from $85. That’s alongside one of the lowest prices of the year on AirPods Max at $99 off a.....»»

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Salt in sea spray found to be the reason for less lightning over tropical oceans

An international team of researchers has uncovered the reason that less lightning occurs over tropical oceans than over land. In their paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the group describes their multi-year study of atmospheric con.....»»

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Which Adobe Creative Cloud pricing tier is best for you

If you're feeling confused about Adobe's pricing models, you're not alone. Here's which tier is aimed at which market segment, precisely what you get when you subscribe to Adobe's Creative Cloud.Adobe Creative CloudHow Adobe handles subscriptions Rea.....»»

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