Laser spectrometer precisely monitors atmospheric N2O and CO

Nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon monoxide (CO) are important drivers in global warming. However, there are many difficulties in reliable monitoring, especially for N2O, as the concentration of N2O in atmospheric is only a few hundred parts per billion......»»

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Dell has the curved gaming monitor deals you’ve been wanting

Upgrade your gaming sessions by taking advantage of Dell's discounts for curved gaming monitors, which offer a more immersive experience while reducing glare......»»

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Research demonstrates a new technique for improving long-distance quantum key distribution in a real-world field

An experiment, performed by Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM) on 200 km of the Italian Quantum Backbone, in collaboration with Toshiba Europe, shows that coherent laser interferometry considerably improves the performances of quantum.....»»

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Babysense Cloud smart mattress monitors your baby’s sleep

Babysense has announced its new Cloud smart mattress that can track when your baby is about to wake up, has trouble sleeping, or needs to be changed......»»

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A volcanic eruption in 2020 led to hours-long thunderstorm

A study conducted by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Vaisala Inc., published yesterday in the Geological Society of America's journal Geology, discusses how advances in global lightni.....»»

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Engineers discover method to create upward water fountain in deep water

A pair of University of Houston engineers has discovered that they can create upward fountains in water by shining laser beams on the water's surface. Jiming Bao, professor of electrical and computer engineering at UH, and his postdoctoral student F.....»»

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We can’t believe how cheap curved gaming monitors are at Dell today

Whether you're a pro gamer or just getting going as one, a pair of 32-inch gaming monitors are seeing impressive discounts at Dell today......»»

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The best USB-C monitors for 2022

We've chosen the best USB-C monitors for both features and affordability. These quality monitors pair especially well with powerful laptops and have many uses......»»

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The best curved monitors for 2022

A curved monitor can be excellent for immersive gaming or tackling multiple projects at once, especially with ultrawide screens with even more display space......»»

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The best monitors for the Mac Mini

These are some of the best monitors for the Mac Mini. They help boost productivity and creativity and make watching movies and TV shows far more immersive......»»

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The 5 best ultrawide gaming monitors

Ultrawide monitors are excellent for game genres where immersion and full fields of view are important: These are some of the best if you need that extra space......»»

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Giant Lasers Simulate Exoplanet Cores, Prove They"re More Likely to Have Life

Slashdot reader vikingo9 writes, "By smashing a piece of iron to insanely high pressures, using a laser the size of a football stadium, a team of scientists led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered that exoplanets 4-6 times large.....»»

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FedEx Asks FAA To Let It Install Anti-Missile Lasers On Its Cargo Planes

With the right military equipment, a single person can target a plane from three miles away using a heat-seeking missile. While such a nightmare is a rare occurrence, FedEx has applied to the FAA seeking approval to install a laser-based, anti-missil.....»»

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Atmospheric river storm observations over Pacific Ocean to expand this winter

"Hurricane Hunter" aircraft are mobilizing for an expanded 13-week period that began Jan. 5 to glean critical data for improving forecasts of atmospheric river storms over the Pacific Ocean. Such storms provide up to half of the U.S. West Coast's ann.....»»

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Anker’s Nebula Cosmos Laser, is a 4K portable home cinema you can use anywhere

You can use Anker's Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K, an ultra-HD projector, in any room in your home or anywhere else you can imagine!.....»»

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The best pet tech products from CES 2022

Health monitors galore! From advanced monitors to automated litter boxes, CES 2022 brought no shortage of pet innovations. Here are some of our favorites......»»

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Tiger shark migrations altered by climate change, new study finds

A new study led by scientists at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science revealed that the locations and timing of tiger shark movement in the western North Atlantic Ocean have changed from rising ocean temper.....»»

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Why you should upgrade to a curved gaming monitor with this Dell deal

While curved gaming monitors are expensive, they offer a variety of advantages over flat screens, so pick up this great Dell curved monitor for just $300......»»

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The best ultrawide monitors for 2022

What are the best ultrawide monitors you can buy right now for gaming, the workplace, video editing, and more? We slipped on our testing gloves to find out......»»

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The best color laser printers for 2022

Color laser printers are the go-to choice for home offices and small businesses. But which should you buy? Here are our picks for the best color laser printers......»»

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Scientists reveal evolutions and mechanisms of extreme precipitation along the Yangtze River during summer 2020

Record-breaking, persistent, and sometimes heavy precipitation fell throughout the Yangtze River Valley (YRV) during June-July 2020. According to Prof. Tim Li, an Atmospheric Scientist at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the Un.....»»

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