Kiss to become "immortal" thanks to Abba"s avatar technology

After playing their farewell concert, the rock stars announce they will continue as a virtual band......»»

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This app is like Screen Time on steroids, making you actually follow your iPhone limits

Apple’s Screen Time tools need some work. Not counting serious bugs that go unfixed far too long, one of Screen Time’s major drawbacks is that any limits you set can be easily bypassed. Ultimately, your desire to make healthier technology choices.....»»

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Cilium: Open-source eBPF-based networking, security, observability

Cilium is an open-source, cloud-native solution that leverages eBPF technology in the Linux kernel to provide, secure, and monitor network connectivity between workloads. What is eBPF? eBPF is a technology originating from the Linux kernel that allow.....»»

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Advanced algae sensor tested in Toledo proves valuable tool in protecting drinking water

Advanced technology tested nearly two years ago in the water treatment system that serves Toledo could prove valuable in efforts to protect the water that pours out of taps well beyond northwest Ohio, according to research published by The University.....»»

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Supermassive black hole appears to grow like a baby star

Supermassive black holes pose unanswered questions for astronomers around the world, not the least of which is "How do they grow so big?" Now, an international team of astronomers, including researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Swede.....»»

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Drone racing prepares neural-network AI for space

Drones are being raced against the clock at Delft University of Technology's "Cyber Zoo" to test the performance of neural-network-based AI control systems planned for next-generation space missions......»»

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Paper-based biosensor offers fast, easy detection of fecal contamination on produce farms

Purdue University researchers are introducing a new biosensor technology to the agricultural industry inspired by advancements achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic......»»

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You won’t be able to actually use the best new HomeKit feature in iOS 18

As we covered last week, iOS 18 includes a few notable changes for the Home app and HomeKit in general. One of those changes is support for hands-free support for unlocking smart locks thanks to Ultra Wideband technology. Unfortunately, and perhaps u.....»»

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A railroad of cells: Computer simulations explain cell movement

Looking under the microscope, a group of cells slowly moves forward in a line, like a train on the tracks. The cells navigate through complex environments. A new approach by researchers involving the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).....»»

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Korean study forecasts 110,000 premature deaths by 2050 due to PM2.5 and aging

A new study from the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) indicates that fine particulate matter, which is less than 2.5 µm in diameter (PM2.5), is increasingly impacting the rapidly aging Korean population. Due to this population a.....»»

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Solid-state battery with 100x energy density could be used in Apple devices

Apple battery supplier TDK has announced the development of a technology it says could be used in next-gen solid-state batteries to offer one hundred times the energy density of existing ones … more….....»»

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Enhancing children"s understanding, critical thinking and creativity through collaborative designing of AI apps

Children and young people's understanding of artificial intelligence and AI technologies improved when the basics of AI were taught in school through hands-on activities supported by new educational technology, a recent study among more than 200 Finn.....»»

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New study shows mechanisms of hagfish burrowing into deep sea sediment

Scientists at the Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University developed a novel way to observe the elusive burrowing behavior of hagfish. Dr. Douglas S Fudge and his team created a specialized tank of transparent gelatin in order t.....»»

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250-million-year-old fossil seen anew with modern technology

Details of an ancient cousin of modern-day mammals are being revealed for the first time. Hi-tech scanning of an ancient fossil, which was captured in sandstone around 252–254 million years ago, is giving experts valuable insight into the animal's.....»»

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Study proposes roadmap for integrating edge AI into farming

The rise of advanced artificial intelligence (edge AI) could well mark the beginning of a new era for sustainable agriculture. A recent study proposes a roadmap for integrating this technology into farming practices. The aim? To improve the efficienc.....»»

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Researchers improve solid oxide fuel cell threefold

A research team has successfully developed a catalyst coating technology that significantly improves the performance of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) in just four minutes......»»

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TCL’s TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G is now Available via Verizon

It's designed with unique screen technology. The post TCL’s TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G is now Available via Verizon appeared first on Phandroid. If’ you’ve been on the hunt for a unique take on Android tablet hardware, then you m.....»»

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Self-assembling and disassembling swarm molecular robots via DNA molecular controller

Researchers from Tohoku University and Kyoto University have successfully developed a DNA-based molecular controller that autonomously directs the assembly and disassembly of molecular robots. This pioneering technology marks a significant step towar.....»»

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A compound produced by symbiotic bacteria promotes in vitro protein synthesis

A research team led by Associate Professor Atsushi Nakabachi of the Toyohashi University of Technology Research Center for Agrotechnology and Biotechnology has revealed that the compound diaphorin produced by an insect symbiotic bacterium promotes th.....»»

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Scientists unveil all-optical phase conjugation method using diffractive wavefront processing

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have unveiled a technology that could revolutionize the fields of imaging and optical communications. Led by Aydogan Ozcan and his team, the research introduces an all-optical phase conju.....»»

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Liquid crystal source of photon pairs opens path to new generation of quantum sources

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC), as a source of entangled photons, is of great interest for quantum physics and quantum technology, but so far it could be only implemented in solids......»»

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