Jeep on a mission to reverse U.S. slide under new CEO Antonio Filosa

Antonio Filosa, who succeeded Christian Meunier in November, said he sees Jeep recovering the volume it has lost since 2018 while doubling its global sales to 2 million......»»

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Video: Five new stunning images from Euclid"s Telescope

ESA's Euclid space mission has released five unprecedented new views of the universe. These never-before-seen images demonstrate Euclid's remarkable ability to unravel the secrets of the cosmos......»»

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NC regulators inspect Mission/HCA in Asheville; nurse: conditions better when they visit

NC regulators inspect Mission/HCA in Asheville; nurse: conditions better when they visit.....»»

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EarthCARE satellite to probe how clouds affect climate

Will clouds help cool or warm our world in the years ahead? The EarthCARE satellite will soon blast off on a mission to find out, aiming to investigate what role clouds could play in the fight against climate change......»»

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Security Bite: Here’s the iOS 17.5 bug that resurfaced deleted photos

After reports of deleted photos resurfacing years later following the installation of iOS 17.5, Apple released iOS 17.5.1 last week to address the issue. But what caused it in the first place? Thanks to some clever reverse engineering by researchers,.....»»

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NASA launches ground-breaking climate change satellite

A tiny NASA satellite was launched Saturday from New Zealand with the mission of improving climate change prediction by measuring heat escaping from Earth's poles for the first time......»»

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Boeing won"t fix leaky Starliner before flying first crew to ISS

Boeing is set to launch its first crewed space mission in June without fixing a small helium gas leak on its troubled Starliner spaceship, officials said Friday......»»

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How Does ChatGPT ‘Think’? Psychology and Neuroscience Crack Open AI Large Language Models

Researchers are striving to reverse-engineer artificial intelligence and scan the “brains” of LLMs to deduce the how any why of that they are doing.....»»

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Rocket Report: SpaceX focused on Starship reentry; Firefly may be for sale

"Teams are in the process of completing a follow-on propulsion system assessment." Enlarge / A Falcon 9 rocket launches the NROL-146 mission from California this week. (credit: SpaceX) Welcome to Edition 6.45 of the Roc.....»»

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NASA retargets for June 1 launch of Boeing"s Starliner

NASA has carved out more time to talk through problems with its attempt to send up astronauts on Boeing's CST-100 Starliner, which is now targeting June 1 if mission managers give the go for launch......»»

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Why the Psyche spacecraft’s futuristic electric thrusters glow blue

NASA's Psyche mission is on its way to visit a metal asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, and it recently kicked on its new blue-glowing electric thrusters......»»

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Researchers create new software for the new European-Japanese Earth observation satellite EarthCARE

Preparations for the launch of the new Earth observation satellite EarthCARE (Earth Cloud Aerosol and Radiation Explorer) at the end of May are in full swing. The joint mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Ag.....»»

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Jeep teases Wagoneer S ahead of May 30 debut

Jeep released a video showing the Wagoneer S EV, which debuts May 30, racing against the Tesla Model Y Performance......»»

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Finding the age of a contact binary "moon"

There are millions of asteroids floating around the solar system. With so many of them, it should be no surprise that some are weirdly configured. A recent example of one of these weird configurations was discovered when Lucy, NASA's mission to the T.....»»

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NASA"s heliophysics experiment to study the sun on European mission

NASA announced Tuesday it selected a new instrument to study the sun and how it creates massive solar eruptions. The agency's Joint EUV coronal Diagnostic Investigation, or JEDI, will capture images of the sun in extreme ultraviolet light, a type of.....»»

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Authelia: Open-source authentication and authorization server

Authelia is an open-source authentication and authorization server that offers 2FA and SSO for applications through a web portal. It works alongside reverse proxies to permit, deny, or redirect requests. Authelia connects directly to the reverse prox.....»»

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Toyota prepares $531.7 million investment into Texas truck plant

Toyota is readying a $531.7 million expansion of its Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas plant in San Antonio to build unspecified components there......»»

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Supplier must continue to ship parts to Stellantis, judge rules

A judge has ruled that a Stellantis supplier must continue shipping parts to the automaker, marking a victory for the manufacturer of Jeep, Ram and other brands......»»

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Mission control is trying "restlessly" to save a spacecraft to Mercury

A joint European and Japanese spacecraft bound for Mercury has encountered thrust problems that could jeopardize the future of the mission. A complex mission to Mercury that began its epic space voyage six years ago has encountered critical thr.....»»

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Stunning images of Jupiter’s moon Europa show it has a floating icy shell

NASA's Juno mission has imaged Jupiter's intriguing moon Europa, a top target of habitability research due to its liquid water ocean beneath a thick icy crust......»»

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How to port any N64 game to the PC in record time

"Static recompilation" is "the difference between weeks of work and years of work." Enlarge / "N-tel (64) Inside" (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) In recent years, we've reported on multiple efforts to reverse-engi.....»»

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