Investigating invasive plants as roadside contaminant removal tools

Tall, densely growing Phragmites and cattail (Typha) are familiar plants alongside highways and byways in the northern United States, flourishing in salty roadsides and degraded wetland environments created by chemicals applied to roads in the colder.....»»

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Stellantis plans layoffs at assembly plants in Mich., Ohio

Plants that build the Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator and Grand Cherokee will move from three shifts of workers to two because the company says it needs to limit sales of those vehicles to meet California emissions rules......»»

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Day-extension blue light inhibits chrysanthemum flowering when far-red light is included: Study

Most ornamental crops can be classified as long-day, short-day, or day-neutral plants based on their flowering responses to the photoperiod (which is the day length), or the skotoperiod (which is the night length). Chrysanthemum is a common ornamenta.....»»

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GM to pay $8 million to UAW workers following arbitration over 2019 plant closures

The ruling comes nearly a year and a half after the arbitrator initially found that GM violated Document 13 of its 2015 contract with the UAW when it closed three plants during the term of that agreement......»»

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When sea-level rise threatens coastal wetlands, don"t look to rivers for help, scientists say

Amid climate change, large dam removal projects have gained attention as a solution to the loss of coastal wetlands that reduce flooding, filter water, and provide wildlife habitat. But in a paper appearing in Science, researchers conclude that this.....»»

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UAW says it signed 1,000 VW workers in Tenn. organizing push

The UAW is trying to capitalize on recent contract victories in Detroit and reverse labor’s decades-long decline in the auto sector. It has launched simultaneous, public campaigns to organize 13 non-union U.S. plants......»»

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Researchers: Carbon removal is needed to achieve net zero but has its own climate risks

As delegates gather in Dubai at the COP28 climate conference—with the aim to ratchet up ambition towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement—a key component of these efforts are countries' pledges to achieve net-zero emissions around mid-cen.....»»

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Unity 6 arrives with AI tools, plus Apple & Meta partnerships

Cross-platform game development engine Unity 6 has arrived, with a bundle of new improvements incorporating AI features for characters, and better support for headsets including the forthcoming Apple Vision Pro.The leading game developer tools and en.....»»

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Fla. service customer lawsuit alleges shoddy repairs, tow damage

A service customer sued a Florida Mercedes-Benz dealership alleging his car was not properly repaired despite multiple efforts and was damaged after being towed to the store under the manufacturer's roadside assistance program. Reginald Powell filed.....»»

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Study reshapes understanding of mass extinction in Late Devonian era

Diverse and full of sea life, the Earth's Devonian era—taking place more than 370 million years ago—saw the emergence of the first seed-bearing plants, which spread as large forests across the continents of Gondwana and Laurussia......»»

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How IRON MAN (IMA) is involved in copper homeostasis in plants

Copper (Cu) availability is critical for plant growth and development and for food yield and quality. It is essential for plants to maintain Cu homeostasis. To maintain Cu homeostasis in different tissues and organs, the uptake and transport of Cu mu.....»»

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Scientists discover plant hormone that boosts growth by 30%

Scientists from NUS and the Singapore Center for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) have uncovered one of nature's most potent tools in an arsenal to combat today's agricultural challenges: agro-microbials—or agro-chemicals of natural.....»»

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Forecasts may help protect marine life a year in advance

Marine management tools could be used to help avoid whale entanglements or sea turtle bycatch up to a year in advance, suggests a Nature Communications paper. The findings demonstrate that these tools (which already exist) could be used to forewarn o.....»»

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The best investment apps for beginners in 2023

For those new to investing, we have compiled a list of the best investment apps for beginners. These apps provide all the necessary tools to start trading......»»

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5 open-source tools for pentesting Kubernetes you should check out

Kubernetes, often called K8s, is an open-source platform designed to automate the deployment, scaling, and operations of containerized applications. Kubernetes has become a critical part of the infrastructure for many organizations. However, with its.....»»

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Study finds plant nurseries are exacerbating the climate-driven spread of 80% of invasive species

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently published a pair of papers that, together, provide the most detailed maps to date of how 144 common invasive plants species will react to 2° Celsius of climate change in the eastern U.S.....»»

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Dunes and native plants to sprout next year on a California"s harbor beach

A relatively low-budget project has received a $57,000 state grant to restore sand dunes and native plants next year to spots along Oceanside's North Strand and Harbor Beach......»»

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Novel mineral piezocatalysts offer innovative approaches for soil remediation

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) removal in the soil environment is of great significance for repairing the long-term damaged ecosystem. However, the poor mass transfer process and low catalytic activity in most conventional methods lead to li.....»»

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Scientists develop a new high-efficiency mercury removal photocatalyst

Scientists from Shanghai University of Electric Power of College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering have developed a new high-efficiency mercury removal photocatalyst......»»

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Kali Linux 2023.4 released: New tools, Kali for Raspberry Pi 5, and more!

OffSec (previously Offensive Security) has released Kali Linux 2023.4, the latest version of its penetration testing and digital forensics platform. New tools in Kali Linux 2023.4 The list of tools freshly added to Kali Linux includes: cabby –.....»»

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Unproven AI face scans may estimate age for porn access in UK

UK expects to finalize its latest plan to age-gate the Internet in early 2025. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) AI face detection now counts among the tools that could be used to help adult sites effectivel.....»»

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