India AI startup Dynopii debuts speech accent changer at Computex 2021

India-based AI startup Dynopii is showing a real-time speech accent changer at the ongoing virtual Computex Taipei 2021, aiming to help solution centers address the pain points of communicating with customers carrying different accents, according to.....»»

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Indian spacecraft heads towards center of solar system

India's sun-monitoring spacecraft has crossed a landmark point on its journey to escape "the sphere of Earth's influence", its space agency said, days after the disappointment of its moon rover failing to awaken......»»

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Dialpad PII Redaction enhances privacy protection

Dialpad released PII Redaction, an Ai-powered feature designed to fortify privacy safeguards of personal identifiable information (PII) and empower users with greater control over their data. As part of Dialpad Ai, a proprietary automatic speech reco.....»»

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India space chief unfazed by Moon mission"s apparent end

As hopes dim of further contact with India's moon rover, the country's space chief has said he was satisfied with the prospect of calling its successful lunar mission to an end......»»

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New report on state of conservation at World Heritage Site in India

Conservation experts have provided vital recommendations to help protect a globally significant UNESCO World Heritage Site in India......»»

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Apple wants Supreme Court to reverse Epic"s only "Fortnite" antitrust victory

A day after Epic Games asked the Supreme Court to review the whole antitrust case it lost, Apple has asked it to review the one part it failed to win.Suprene CourtEpic Games lost its trial against Apple in 2021, with the court backing Apple on nine o.....»»

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ChatGPT can now access up to date information

The chatbot's knowledge previously only included data up to September 2021, but not any more......»»

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The Climate Crisis Is Driving People to Substance Abuse

Extreme weather has decimated crops and incomes in northern India. To soothe their anxiety, agricultural workers are turning to tobacco and alcohol......»»

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26-year-old tech CEO found dead in Baltimore with signs of blunt-force trauma

The Baltimore Police Department has announced an arrest warrant for a suspect wanted for the murder of Pava LaPere, the 26-year-old CEO of startup EcoMap Technologies, who was found dead in a downtown Baltimore apartment Monday with signs of blunt-fo.....»»

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Entrepreneurs are facing a mental health crisis, according to report

Mental health is a pressing concern in the startup community. Entrepreneurs face a number of unique challenges, including securing funding and meeting grueling performance targets—all while trying to achieve a work-life balance. These demands can t.....»»

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Indian iPhone factory shut for third day, and may be closed all week

Production at an iPhone assembly facility in Chennai, India has not started back up again on the third day of a shutdown following a factory fire, and may not open this week at all.A Pegatron factoryOn Sunday, Pegatron halted production lines for iPh.....»»

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SEC obtains Wall Street firms’ private chats in probe of WhatsApp, Signal use

Execs' "messages discussing business have been handed to the SEC," report says. Enlarge / A woman walks past a WhatsApp logo during a Meta event in Mumbai, India in September 2023. (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto ) The.....»»

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Jeff Bezos finally got rid of Bob Smith at Blue Origin

"I am confident that Blue Origin's greatest achievements are still ahead of us." Enlarge / Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith (black hat) walks with Jeff Bezos after his flight on Blue Origin’s New Shepard into space in July 2021. (cred.....»»

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Everything coming to Paramount+ in October 2023

The debuts of the horror film Pet Sematary: Bloodlines, the drama series Fellow Travelers, and the Frasier reboot highlight the Paramount+ October 2023 slate......»»

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Apple chip secrets case: Rivos countersues, says iPhone maker makes staff scared to leave

Rivos, a stealth startup, was accused of stealing Apple chip secrets by poaching staff who took with them “gigabytes of sensitive System-on-a-Chip specifications and design files.” The startup has now countersued the iPhone maker. The counters.....»»

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Apple moved $7B iPhone production to India, aims for $40B within five years

Apple has now moved a total of $7B worth of iPhone production out of China and into India, according to an unnamed government official cited in a new report. The same official says that Apple plans to hit $40B within the next five years, as the co.....»»

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Fire halts iPhone production at Pegatron"s Indian plant

Pegatron suspended assembly of iPhones at its Chennai, India plant on Sunday, September 24, 2023, following what's been described as a "fire incident."Pegatron facility (Source: Pegatron)Pegatron has been leasing space in Chennai since 2021 for its m.....»»

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Sketchy rumor claims iPad mini might still arrive in 2023

A report on iPad sales stagnating claims is making the questionable claim that the situation may change with a new iPad mini release before the end of 2023.2021 iPad miniWhile previous rumors have pegged the fall for a new iPad mini 7, analyst Ming-C.....»»

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Apple wants five times more iPhone production in India in the next five years

Apple plans to increase iPhone production considerably in India over the next five years, according to a government official, with a five-fold increase in manufacturing anticipated by 2028.Mumbai, IndiaApple's work to produce the iPhone in India has.....»»

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Rivos countersues Apple over employee intimidation with restrictive agreements

Chipmaking startup Rivos is now countersuing Apple, claiming that the tech giant forces employees into restrictive contracts designed to prevent them from seeking employment elsewhere.In May 2022, Apple launched a lawsuit against "stealth" startup Ri.....»»

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BLU debuts its brand new BOLD N3 smartphone

BLU has announced its brand new smartphone, the BOLD N3 which comes in at a very affordable price. The post BLU debuts its brand new BOLD N3 smartphone appeared first on Phandroid. There are so many Android smartphones in the market right.....»»

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