Independent auditors confirm top VPN"s privacy claims

Deloitte Romania confirmed CyberGhost as a private VPN service for the second time since 2022. Here's why this is important for you......»»

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Arch-rivals Apple and Meta reportedly discuss AI partnership for iOS 18

Apple and Meta (nee Facebook) have never been the best of friends, and that relationship has only soured in recent years as the tech giants clash on issues of privacy, app store policy, and much more. Respective CEOs Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg have.....»»

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New report claims the PlayStation VR2 is in serious trouble

According to a new report, Sony has cut funding for in-house PSVR2 game development......»»

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Hacker claims to have hit Apple days after hacking AMD

Intelbroker claims to have breached Apple's defenses and obtained the source code for various tools. Earlier this week, they may have hacked AMD......»»

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Family whose roof was damaged by space debris files claims against NASA

"Whatever NASA does is going to send a strong signal to the space industry." The piece of debris that fell through Alejandro Otero's roof (right) came from a support bracket jettisoned from the International Space Station. (credi.....»»

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iOS 18: How to lock and hide apps on iPhone

Apple is improving iPhone security and privacy with iOS 18. One of the valuable new features is the ability to require Face ID for individual apps as well as putting them in a hidden folder. Read along for how to lock and hide apps on iPhone in iOS 1.....»»

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New research casts doubt over cryptocurrencies" "safe haven" properties

New research published in the International Review of Financial Analysis suggests that claims cryptocurrencies are immune to economic risks should be taken with caution......»»

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Three Apple internal tools allegedly stolen following June server breach

A threat actor is claiming to have leaked source code for three internal Apple tools, in a supposed breach that Apple has yet to confirm actually happened.Servers in a data centerApple prides itself on being security-focused and being willing to defe.....»»

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Threat actor claims to have breached Apple, allegedly stealing source code of several internal tools

Notorious threat actor IntelBroker, who previously claimed responsibility for other high-profile data breaches, including those of U.S. government systems in April, allegedly leaked the source code of several internal tools used at Apple via a post o.....»»

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The EU wants to scan your WhatsApp chats—and privacy experts are furious

The EU wants to scan your WhatsApp chats—and privacy experts are furious.....»»

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Polestar Chairman Hakan Samuelsson to retire amid EV maker"s leadership shuffle

Samuelsson has shepherded Polestar from its launch as an independent company and oversaw the EV maker's IPO in 2022......»»

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Samsung claims the next era of DRAM will be a ‘breakthrough’

Samsung is introducing 3D packaging services to GPUs and CPUs, opening the door to a whole new level of performance......»»

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TDK claims insane energy density in solid-state battery breakthrough

Apple supplier says new tech has 100 times the capacity of its current batteries. Enlarge / TDK says its new ceramic materials for batteries will improve the performance of small consumer electronics devices such as smartwatches.....»»

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Proton is taking its privacy-first apps to a nonprofit foundation model

Because of Swiss laws, there are no shareholders, and only one mission. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Proton, the secure-minded email and productivity suite, is becoming a nonprofit foundation, but it doesn't want you t.....»»

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Asus responds to customer service failures with new promises

After YouTube channel Gamers Nexus conducted an independent investigation into Asus' customer service, the company has vowed to change it ways......»»

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AI’s impact on data privacy remains unclear

In this Help Net Security round-up, experts discuss the importance of embracing AI while implementing protective measures against threats, global AI adoption, consumer perceptions, and behaviors regarding data privacy. Complete videos Tracy Reinhold,.....»»

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Physicists confirm quantum entanglement persists between top quarks, the heaviest known fundamental particles

An experiment by a group of physicists led by University of Rochester physics professor Regina Demina has produced a significant result related to quantum entanglement—an effect that Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance.".....»»

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Musk’s X demands money from laid-off employees, claims they were overpaid

Laid-off Aussies reportedly got up to $70K extra from currency-conversion error. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Kirill Kudryavtsev) Elon Musk's X Corp. is reportedly demanding money from at least six Australians who wer.....»»

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Tim Cook talks Apple Intelligence, OpenAI, and iconic Apple products with MKBHD

Apple CEO Tim Cook is continuing his interview tour to discuss Apple Intelligence versus artificial intelligence, privacy in the AI era, and the most iconic Apple products of all time.Tim Cook makes an appearance on MKBHDIn a new interview published.....»»

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Green light for Galileo second-generation satellite design

Production of Galileo Second Generation satellites advances at full speed after two independent Satellite Critical Design Review boards have confirmed that the satellite designs of the respective industries meet all mission and performance requiremen.....»»

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Security and privacy strategies for CISOs in a mobile-first world

In this Help Net Security interview, Jim Dolce, CEO at Lookout, discusses securing mobile devices to mitigate escalating cloud threats. He emphasizes that organizations must shift their approach to data security, acknowledging the complexities introd.....»»

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