How to use the new mental health features in iOS 17

Apple has introduced a new mental health assessment and logging option in iOS 17, which encourages you to simply record how you are feeling, or look deeper into general anxiety and other issues. Here's how to use both.Apple's Health app adds an excel.....»»

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Windows 11 23H2’s new features and version number are arriving separately

23H2 resets the support clock, but all the new features are coming to 22H2. Enlarge / A PC running Windows 11. (credit: Microsoft) Today, Microsoft is beginning to roll out a major batch of new Windows updates, including.....»»

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Windows 11 is turning into Windows 12 right in front of us

Microsoft is adding new AI features to Windows 11, and that could form the foundation of Windows 12 when we finally see it......»»

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Successful optical biosensing using dual optical combs: High sensitivity and rapid detection of biomolecules

Bio-sensors are biomolecular sensors that leverage or mimic the sophisticated molecular recognition capabilities of living organisms. They find widespread applications in fields such as health care, food, and the environment......»»

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Entrepreneurs are facing a mental health crisis, according to report

Mental health is a pressing concern in the startup community. Entrepreneurs face a number of unique challenges, including securing funding and meeting grueling performance targets—all while trying to achieve a work-life balance. These demands can t.....»»

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Workplace loneliness is the modern pandemic damaging lives and hurting businesses

Loneliness is a much discussed social issue, but it is rarely considered to be a workplace problem that needs to be managed like other health issues at work......»»

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UK cost-of-living crisis set to increase early deaths: study

The UK's inflation-fueled cost-of-living crisis is set to "cut lives short" and "significantly widen the wealth-health gap", according to a study published by open access journal BMJ Public Health on Monday......»»

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Humans could serve as sentinels for "forever chemicals" harm to wildlife health

A new paper published in Science of The Total Environment by Environmental Working Group scientists proposes an intriguing concept: Humans can serve as a valuable resource for understanding the impact on other animal species of the toxic "forever che.....»»

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Apple considered using GPS to control Adaptive Audio levels in AirPods Pro

As iOS 17 is now available, Apple has also released a firmware update for the second-generation AirPods Pro that brings some new features, including Adaptive Audio. The feature combines both Transparency and Noise Cancellation modes together and bala.....»»

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Egyptian Mediterranean fisheries in urgent need of better management, says study

Egyptian fisheries must be better managed to secure the overall health of the Mediterranean Sea's marine living resources, new research has found......»»

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ChatGPT’s new upgrade finally breaks the text barrier

The AI brand announced on Monday it will be making its images and voice features available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users......»»

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The 2024 BMW i7 M70—electric luxury turned up to 11

Adding more power often adds little to the EV experience, but we like this one. Enlarge / The i7 M70 features new mirrors and side skirts to go with new suspension and brakes and a more powerful rear motor. (credit: Jonathan Gitl.....»»

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ChatGPT update enables its AI to “see, hear, and speak,“ according to OpenAI

Image recognition and voice features aim to make the AI bot's interface more intuitive. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) On Monday, OpenAI announced a significant update to ChatGPT that enables its GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 AI mod.....»»

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Automatic weighing method for broiler chickens is faster and less stressful to flock

In the process of commercial broiler production, bodyweight is one of the important indicators to measure the production efficiency and the health of a flock. Currently, broilers are mainly raised in cage-free condition, and are primarily manually we.....»»

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Water fleas may hold key to cleaner environment and better human health

Tiny water fleas could play a pivotal role in removing persistent chemical pollutants from wastewater—making it safe to use in factories, farms and homes, a new study reveals......»»

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Here’s what iOS 17’s coolest feature looks like in action

The new iOS 17 has a few nifty features to check out, but one of them — NameDrop — is particularly impressive. Here's what it looks like in action......»»

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Usually $100, this Razer webcam with a built-in ring light is $54 today

The Razer Kiyo webcam, which features a built-in ring light to provide extra illumination, is available for nearly half-price from Walmart after a $46 discount......»»

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DJI Mini 4: Pro results without a pilot license

We’ve been flying the new DJI Mini 4 Pro for about a week. DJI’s latest rapid fire release of the Mini impresses, gaining many features of its bigger siblings while staying under that 249 gram FAA guideline for hobby drones and keeping that ......»»

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Threads is still alive and adding new features!

Threads show that it has no intention of shutting up shop. The app has now added new features, including a rumoured edit button. The post Threads is still alive and adding new features! appeared first on Phandroid. For those who are simply.....»»

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iPhone 15 vs Pixel 7: Which one should you get?

This article shares an iPhone 15 vs Pixel 7 comparison of specifications and features. The post iPhone 15 vs Pixel 7: Which one should you get? appeared first on Phandroid. It has been about a couple of weeks since Apple introduced its new.....»»

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Allegro Packets boosts analysis performance with new features and enhancements

Allegro Packets is providing network professionals with enhanced functionality with its new Release 4.1. More than 100 new features, improvements and bug fixes are included in the update, which is now available to all customers. “With Release 4.....»»

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