How to reset an Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

If you want to restore your device to its factory settings, here's how to reset the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera and remove it from your Arlo Secure app......»»

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Aquatic plants are essential to the ecosystem, but need good management, say researchers

Submerged macrophytes are declining in many shallow lakes around the world, with more algae and free-floating plants taking their place. But an opposite trend is also emerging: water bodies with improved water quality are increasingly experiencing a.....»»

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Motorola RAZR+ (2023) camera test

The Motorola RAZR+ (2023) is officially official! There have been plenty of leaks and rumors over the past few months, but we finally had a chance to use the phone and get a feel for what it has to offer. We don’t have our review unit in hand q.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might come with even greater zoom

An early Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rumor has suggested that one of the upgrades would be to the camera, where it is expected to get even more zoom. Most people think that zoom camera lenses are to photograph objects from far away and that.....»»

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Machine learning-based protein annotation tool predicts protein function

Microbes drive key processes of life on Earth. They affect global elemental cycles—the movement of carbon, nitrogen, and other elements. They also promote plant growth and affect the development of diseases. These roles are essential in every ecosy.....»»

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FTC: Amazon/Ring workers illegally spied on users of home security cameras

Amazon agrees to Ring and Alexa settlements but didn't admit violating any laws. Enlarge / Amazon Ring indoor cameras displayed during an event at company headquarters in Seattle on September 25, 2019. (credit: Getty Images | Blo.....»»

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Using a gene-editing tool to improve productivity in rice crops

As global food insecurity climbed to a perilous high in 2022, scientists ramped up their efforts to perfect best practices for protecting the yields of major crops that are essential in combating this issue. And, while rice makes up a small portion o.....»»

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Using satellite date to help accelerate the green transition

Earth observation has been essential in identifying and monitoring climate change. Satellite data form the baseline for effective European mitigation and adaptation strategies to support the Green Transition, the European Union to reach its goal of b.....»»

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Ring camera privacy breaches see Amazon fined – but only $6M

Ring camera privacy has been under fire since 2019, with two separate issues leading to a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). That has now resulted in Ring owner Amazon being fined – but only $5.8M. The company was also fined $.....»»

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A not-so-selfish "genetic parasite" helps to preserve fertility

Ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequences are essential parts of many species' genomes. The highly repetitive nature of these DNA sequences makes them susceptible to shrinkage over time—and if they shrink too much, cells die. If rDNA shrinks too much in germ.....»»

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Google’s Pixel 7a has Some Serious Issues

Terrific camera and software aside, what exactly does the Pixel 7a need to work on? Let's take a look. A few days back, we published our review of the Pixel 7a, Google’s newest mid-range Android entry. As far as “affordable̶.....»»

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"How do we know what we don"t know?": Scientists completely define the process of methylation

UNSW Sydney researchers, for the first time, have completely defined the essential cellular process known as methylation. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the landmark study emphasizes the essential role me.....»»

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Disaster recovery challenges enterprise CISOs face

An essential aspect of organizational operations is effectively responding to and returning from a disruptive event, commonly called disaster recovery. The primary objective of DR techniques is to restore the utilization of crucial systems and IT inf.....»»

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Amazon gets slap on the wrist over privacy violations with Ring cameras

Amazon has negotiated a financially inconsequential settlement with the United States Federal Trade Commission over the company's behavior with Ring doorbell camera data.Ring video doorbellRing has successfully reached a settlement with the FTC that.....»»

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You can get NBA 2K23 and more with PS Plus this June

You can get NBA 2K23, Jurassic World Evolution 2, and Trek to Yomi with PS Plus Essential in June......»»

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IPC sector comes knocking for oToBrite"s iToF camera module

OToBrite, known as the ADAS optical sensor system supplier of Chinese automaker startup XPeng, has released an indirect Time of Flight (iToF) camera module. Besides officially shipping to the smart medical industry at the end of 2022, the industrial.....»»

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Essential process for SARS-CoV-2 viral replication visualized

During the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a long string of connected proteins is cleaved apart into individual proteins. This process is interrupted by an FDA-approved drug to treat COVID-19; however, the mechanistic details of this cleavage pr.....»»

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SONY Xperia 1 V versus iPhone 14 Pro camera comparison: this is embarrassing

Over the past few years, SONY has been trying to reinvent its smartphone lineup by adding cutting-edge hardware that few other smartphone makers are willing to put into their smartphones. This leads to very expensive devices, but it also gives users.....»»

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The Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro is a premium outdoor camera with tons of AI features

The Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro is now available for $150, and it offers some unique features despite its affordable price tag......»»

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Google Nest security cameras just had their prices slashed

Want a Google security camera that works? How about one that's on sale? Here's two choices for you, now!.....»»

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Why Taiwan is essential to the global supply chain

I've been monitoring the industry since 1985. An industry leader has said that AI is eating software, and software is replacing hardware. But everyone understands that following the rise of ChatGPT, those in AI research or startup businesses are ente.....»»

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