How to fix an Echo Dot with clock display that isn’t working

If you're trying to fix an Echo Dot with clock display that isn't working or is unresponsive, there are a few things you can try......»»

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Deadlock is a new hero shooter developed by Valve, according to leaks

Valve is apparently working on a new 6v6 hero shooter called Deadlock, according to multiple noted leakers......»»

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How to fix a computer that turns on, but displays nothing

If your PC turns on, but the display shows nothing, there's a problem that needs fixing. Here are a few different ways to get it working again......»»

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OLED iPad Pro owners discover grainy display problem

New M4 iPad Pro owners are complaining about an issue that produces visible grainy artifacts in the display.iPad Pro with M4 and a Nano-texture coatingThe iPad Pro with M4 is starting to arrive with consumers, eager to get started using their new tab.....»»

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Data from MAXI J1820+070 shows Einstein was right about how matter plunges into a black hole

A team of astrophysicists from the University of Oxford, Newcastle University and the Institute of Astronomy, all in the U.K., working with a colleague from the University of Virginia, in the U.S., has found evidence showing that Albert Einstein was.....»»

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iPhone 16 & iPhone 16 Pro on Track for September

According to respected analyst, iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro display production will start soon which means the next iPhone’s release is right on schedule. In a tweet to his subscribers on X, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross.....»»

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Europe is uncertain whether its ambitious Mercury probe can reach the planet

"We are working hard on resolving these uncertainties." An artist's rendering of the BepiColombo mission, a joint ESA/JAXA project, which will take two spacecraft to the harsh environment of Mercury. (credit: ESA) This.....»»

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A breakthrough OLED technology is more than twice as bright as normal

Tandem OLED is all the rage in the world of display tech right now, and TCL is making some bold claims about its display leveraging the tech......»»

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The iPhone 16 Pro Max could set a new record for the iPhone

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is likely to feature the largest display ever on an Apple handset. How big could it be? A new leak tells the story. Yes, it's bigger!.....»»

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AT&T plans satellite voice calls and broadband for 5G iPhones

AT&T appears to be closer to letting every iPhone since the iPhone 12 make voice calls and texts via satellite, using 5G.Render of an AT&T/AST SpaceMobile satellite in orbitAT&T has been working on bringing satellite broadband and specifically voice.....»»

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Whoa, Google Glass might not be completely dead yet

It seems that Google has sort of teased that they are working on a new pair of smart glasses, but don’t get too excited yet. The post Whoa, Google Glass might not be completely dead yet appeared first on Phandroid. It’s probably fair t.....»»

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New Magic Keyboard is a surprisingly compelling reason to upgrade to an M4 iPad Pro

The M4 iPad Pro has a lot going for it to tempt prospective buyers. Whether you’re coming from a 2018 iPad Pro like me, or a newer M-class iPad, there are plenty of great reasons to upgrade to the new iPad Pro. The OLED display can’t be beat; the.....»»

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Is this removable iPad matte display option better than the $100 nano-texture upgrade?

Astropad launched its Rock Paper Pencil v2 kit earlier this year which delivers a removable and reusable matte screen protector and pen-on-paper upgrade for iPad with ball-point style Apple Pencil tips. Now it’s available for the new iPad Pro and A.....»»

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M4 iPad Pro comes with a color-matched USB-C cable, so go for space black

Today is M4 iPad Pro launch day, so users are starting to get their hands on the new iPad and experience it in the flesh. We know that the new iPad Pro has Apple’s most advanced chip, a remarkable Ultra Retina XDR display, and other key improvem.....»»

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Raw sewage pumped into England"s largest lake due to fault

Raw sewage was pumped into Windermere, England's largest and best-known lake, over a 10-hour period after a fault caused pumps to stop working, according to documents seen by the BBC and reported Wednesday......»»

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iPad 10th Gen hits all-time low at $334, Studio Display $300 off, Apple Watch SE 2 from $160, much more

While just about everyone’s focus is on the new M4 Pro and M2 iPad Air models ahead of delivery tomorrow, Apple did slash the price on the entry-level 10th gen tablet and now it’s even lower than that – check out our M2 iPad Air vs iPad 10 feat.....»»

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Here’s our best look yet at the iPad Pro’s new nano-texture display [Video]

As we rounded up last night, the first M4 iPad Pro reviews are here, with most focusing on the new OLED screens, the M4 chip, and the ultra-thin design. If you’ve been on the hunt for an in-depth look at the new nano-texture glass option, a new vid.....»»

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Reducing distrust in social media is not straightforward, computer scientists warn

Are anti-misinformation interventions on social media working as intended? It depends, according to a new study led by William & Mary researchers and published in the Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '24)......»»

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Places with more college graduates tend to foster better lifestyle habits overall, research finds

Having more education has long been linked to better individual health. But those benefits are also contagious, say the co-authors of a new working paper......»»

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Why are auroras so hard to predict? And when can we expect more?

On Saturday evening before Mother's Day, Australians witnessed a rare celestial spectacle: a breathtaking display of aurora australis, also known as the southern lights......»»

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New iPad Pro display struggles to display some shades of blue

The OLED screen is the headline feature of the shiny new iPad Pro, but it seems that a little more software tweaking may be needed. Testing by one reviewer found that the device struggles to display certain shades of blue. Specifically, HDR highli.....»»

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