How the AI moment begins to shape the valuation landscape in high-tech industry

As ChatGPT sparked the AI frenzy in the financial markets, AI-related firms are benefiting from the hype, with their valuations surging since the beginning of the year, highlighting that another 'iPhone moment' is here to come......»»

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Jon Stewart reveals the moment thing went bad with Apple

"The Problem with Jon Stewart" host says that it was over one particular interview that he knew his show was not going to fit in at Apple TV+.'The Problem with Jon Stewart' [Apple TV+]Jon Stewart did originally say that he parted ways with Apple TV+.....»»

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The rent is too dang high in Cities: Skylines 2, so the devs nuked the landlords

It was getting so bad, people were actually suggesting building more homes. Enlarge / Remember, folks inside those polygons: If your housing feels too expensive, spend less money on resource consumption. It's just math. (credit:.....»»

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High-precision measurements challenge our understanding of Cepheids

"Classical Cepheids" are a type of pulsating star that rhythmically brighten and dim over time. These pulsations help astronomers measure vast distances across space, which makes Cepheids crucial "standard candles" that help us understand the size an.....»»

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The high-tech art lab hidden underneath Paris

It looks like the lair of a Bond villain: behind armored doors, buried underground below the Louvre in Paris, lies one of the most high-tech art labs in the world......»»

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Cop busted for unauthorized use of Clearview AI facial recognition resigns

Indiana cop easily hid frequent personal use of Clearview AI face scans. Enlarge (credit: Francesco Carta fotografo | Moment) An Indiana cop has resigned after it was revealed that he frequently used Clearview AI facial.....»»

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In Manitoba, First Nations infants have "staggering" rate of involvement with Child and Family Services, study finds

First Nations infants have an exceptionally high rate of contact with Child and Family Services (CFS) compared to other Manitoba infants, a study jointly led by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) First Nations Family Advocate Office (FNFAO) and Un.....»»

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Researchers issue "call to action" for data on more diverse range of dog owners

Virginia Tech's Audrey Ruple and Courtney Sexton, already deeply involved in data collection and analysis for dog health and connections to humans through the Dog Aging Project, are imploring fellow scientists to cast the net even wider for data on t.....»»

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Eye Tracking lets you navigate iOS 18 without touching your iPhone

Apple's Eye Tracking tech offers a new way for iPhone and iPad owners to interact with their devices. The first appearance in iOS 18 demonstrates how powerful it can be to some users.Eye Tracking in Settings for iOS 18In May, Apple revealed some of t.....»»

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Paris 2024 Olympics to debut high-level breakdancing—and physics in action

Two athletes square off for an intense dance battle. The DJ starts spinning tunes, and the athletes begin twisting, spinning and seemingly defying gravity, respectfully watching each other and taking turns showing off their skill......»»

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New method enables fast crystal structure analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins

Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) can dynamically change their conformations depending on their external environment and can, therefore, bind to different compounds. However, they are difficult to analyze. Now, Tokyo Tech researchers have addr.....»»

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Large number of whale sightings off New England, including dozens of endangered sei whales

A large number of whales is visiting the waters off New England, and the group includes an unusually high number of an endangered species, said scientists who study the animals......»»

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Mine makeovers: How to turn pits into healthy habitats

Open-cast mines could be converted from blots on the landscape into havens for wildlife, with land restored straight after digging finishes, a new primer on post-mining landscapes has proposed......»»

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Rural India runs dry as thirsty megacity Mumbai sucks water

Far from the gleaming high-rises of India's financial capital Mumbai, impoverished villages in areas supplying the megacity's water are running dry—a crisis repeated across the country that experts say foreshadows terrifying problems......»»

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Scientists study effect of boron nitride microribbon on ceramic properties

In recent years, the high complexity of integrated devices has made heat accumulation increasingly critical and has resulted in higher heat dissipation requirements for substrates and packaging materials. In this study, boron nitride microribbon (BNM.....»»

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Researchers find earliest evidence for a microblade adaptation in the Tibetan plateau

A research team led by Prof. Zhang Xiaoling from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, published a paper entitled "The Earliest Evidence for a Microblade Adaptation in the Remote, High Alt.....»»

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From genes to growth: The science behind miniature apple trees

Apple farming heavily relies on dwarfing rootstocks like M9 for high-density planting and improved fruit quality. However, the exact mechanisms behind the dwarfing effect remain unclear. Previous studies have indicated that dwarfing traits are comple.....»»

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Atmospheric sulfur dioxide levels hit historic high in Scotland following Icelandic volcanic eruption

Edinburgh, no stranger to an occasional haze, experienced an unprecedented atmospheric event on 31 May, unlike any seen over the past 30 years. While sea haar from the North Sea often blankets Scotland's capital, the haze observed that Friday felt di.....»»

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Silicon carbide/carbon microspheres maintain performance in harsh environments

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, electromagnetic wave absorption materials play a crucial role in military applications such as electromagnetic protection and stealth devices, as well as in the defense industry......»»

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High energy costs can hinder EV charging infrastructure

Hefty, hard-to-predict fees called demand charges could stop businesses from opening charging stations in certain locations, or push them toward alternatives such as battery storage......»»

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"Synthetic" cell shown to follow chemical directions and change shape, a vital biological function

In a feat aimed at understanding how cells move and creating new ways to shuttle drugs through the body, scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine say they have built a minimal synthetic cell that follows an external chemical cue and demonstrates a govern.....»»

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