Holographic metasurface gas sensors for instantaneous visual alarms

Biological and chemical substances can be rapidly detected in real-time for public health and environmental monitoring purposes. In a new report now on Science Advances, Inki Kim and a research team in mechanical engineering, materials science and el.....»»

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China"s emissions now exceed all the developed world"s combined

China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world's developed nations combined, according to new research from Rhodium Group......»»

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TripAdvisor sorry for Auschwitz review error

TripAdvisor initially found nothing wrong with a death camp review containing a gas chamber "joke"......»»

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A barred galaxy"s massive molecular inflow

Large amounts of gas are sometimes funneled to a galaxy's nuclear regions, with profound consequences. The gas triggers starburst activity and can also feed the supermassive black hole, converting it into an active galactic nucleus (AGN); indeed the.....»»

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Star formation is triggered by cloud-cloud collisions, study finds

Stars form by the gravitational contraction of clouds of gas in space and can have various masses. Massive stars, together with many other stars, may form a huge star cluster (a group of more than 10,000 stars). The formation of such a star cluster r.....»»

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Capturing a single photon of light: Harnessing quantum"s "noise problem"

Scientists at Raytheon BBN Technologies have developed a new way to detect a single photon, or particle of light—a development with big applications for sensors, communications and exponentially more powerful quantum computer processors......»»

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What cats’ love of boxes and squares can tell us about their visual perception

"Vision has evolved to answer questions having to do with boundaries and contours." Enlarge / Like most cats, nothing delights Ariel more than an empty box in which to lounge. This might tell us something about feline visual perception of shapes.....»»

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Worth 1000 words: How the world saw Australia"s black summer

Australia's 'black summer' of bushfires was depicted on the front pages of the world's media with images of wildlife and habitat destruction, caused by climate change, while in Australia the toll on ordinary people remained the visual front-page focu.....»»

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Aluminum may affect climate change by increasing ocean"s carbon sink capacity

Reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero as soon as possible and achieving "carbon neutrality" is the key to addressing global warming and climate change. The ocean is the largest active carbon pool on the planet, with huge potential to help ach.....»»

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Climate change: How bad could the future be if we do nothing?

The climate crisis is no longer a looming threat—people are now living with the consequences of centuries of greenhouse gas emissions. But there is still everything to fight for. How the world chooses to respond in the coming years will have massiv.....»»

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Researchers Create Free-Floating Animated Holograms

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Back in 2018, researchers from Brigham Young University demonstrated a device called an Optical Trap Display that used lasers to create free-floating holographic images that don't need a display. That.....»»

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CAP-XX Supercaps Selected by Jack for First Windshield Breakage Detection IoT Device

CAP-XX’s supercaps enable Jack to be self-powered by solar light, storing solar energy and then delivering high burst power needed for the device’s advanced BLE data communications. The Jack device uses piezoelectric sensors to detect windshield.....»»

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Oculii looks to supercharge radar for autonomy with $55M round B

Autonomous vehicles rely on many sensors to perceive the world around them, and while cameras and lidar get a lot of the attention, good old radar is an important piece of the puzzle — though it has some fundamental limitations. Oculii, which just.....»»

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Twitter rolls out bigger images and cropping control on iOS and Android

Twitter just made a change to the way it displays images that has visual artists on the social network celebrating. In March, Twitter rolled out a limited test of uncropped, larger images in users’ feeds. Now, it’s declared those tests a.....»»

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Researchers propose repurposing tabletop sensors to search for dark matter

Scientists are certain that dark matter exists. Yet, after more than 50 years of searching, they still have no direct evidence for the mysterious substance......»»

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Rapid rovers, speedy sands: Fast-tracking terrain interaction modeling

Granular materials, such as sand and gravel, are an interesting class of materials. They can display solid, liquid, and gas-like properties, depending on the scenario. But things can get complicated in cases of high-speed vehicle locomotion, which ca.....»»

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Burning natural gas is now more dangerous than coal in Illinois, study shows

Pollution from natural gas is now responsible for more deaths and greater health costs than coal in Illinois, according to a new study highlighting another hazard of burning fossil fuels that are scrambling the planet's climate......»»

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1.5C warming cap could "halve" sea level rise from melting ice

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius could halve how much sea levels rise due to melting ice sheets this century, according to a major new study modelling how Earth's frozen spaces will respond to ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions......»»

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Strange isotopes: Scientists explain a methane isotope paradox of the seafloor

Methane, a chemical compound with the molecular formula CH4, is not only a powerful greenhouse gas, but also an important energy source. It heats our homes, and even seafloor microbes make a living of it. The microbes use a process called anaerobic o.....»»

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“Agricomb” is the perfect tool for measuring gases from cow burps

More precise measurements could help boost yields and enable design of cleaner farms Enlarge / It's a myth that cows fart methane; they actually burp out the greenhouse gas. Agriculture now has a new tool for measuring that methane, which could.....»»

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New algorithm uses a hologram to control trapped ions

Researchers have discovered the most precise way to control individual ions using holographic optical engineering technology......»»

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