Google backtracks on office returns and will allow employees to work remotely

Google is expanding its options for when, where and how often employees return to the office......»»

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Hawaii"s Remote Workers Discover Challenges and Rewards

For many professionals, Hawaii seems a dream spot for remote work. But pulling off remote work in the Aloha state takes more than a plane ticket and a laptop. From a report: The pandemic devastated the state's economy. According to the Hawaii Tourism.....»»

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The Ariane 6 debut is slipping again as Europe hopes for a late 2022 launch

"This is a huge challenge that we need to work together on." Enlarge / Artist's view of the configuration of Ariane 6 using four boosters on the ELA-4 launch pad together with its mobile gantry. (credit: ESA-D. Ducros) Europe's top space offic.....»»

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Accton to deliver 400G switches as scheduled

Networking device maker Accton Technology has said that it will kick off its shipments of 400G switch products as scheduled in June despite the impacts of confirmed COVID infections among its employees and the persistent shortages of some crucial com.....»»

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Best Prime Day printer deals for 2021

Prime Day is here so if you're looking for a new printer to transform your home office setup, here's what we're seeing so far......»»

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Best Prime Day wireless mouse deals for 2021

If your home office, remote workstation, or gaming PC setup is in need of some upgrades, now's the time to start shopping these Prime Day wireless mouse deals......»»

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"Google"s No-Click Searches -- Good Or Evil?"

"That Google is the dominant force in web and mobile search won't surprise you," write a columnist at Forbes. "What might, though, is that roughly two thirds of the searches on Google never leave the search results page." That is, the searchers get.....»»

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As Lockdowns End, Some Want to Continue Working From Inside Their Vans

During the lockdowns I edited dozens of Slashdot posts from the front-passenger seat of my car (using a cellphone for a mobile hotspot). But according to CNBC, I wasn't the only person working from a vehicle... When Erica Horn received a work email.....»»

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New technique allows for identification of potential drugs to fight resistant bacteria

Researchers from the Miami University in Ohio have optimized a new technique that will allow scientists to evaluate how potential inhibitors work on antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This technique, called native state mass spectrometry, provides a quic.....»»

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Chinese Astronauts Reach New Space Station For Three-Month Mission

For the next three months, three Chinese astronauts will live on a cylinder-shaped module measuring 16.6 metres by 4.2 metres (54 feet by 13.7 feet) while carrying out further construction work for China's orbiting space station. It's the first tim.....»»

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Some Texans Surprised Their Smart Thermostats Are Being Raised Remotely

Slashdot reader quonset writes: With the heat wave gripping Texas, and in an effort to prevent another collapse of the power grid as happened in February during cold weather, Texas is, for the third day in a row, asking residents to conserve electric.....»»

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Google Funds Linux Kernel Development in Rust

"Google said Thursday it's funding a project to increase Linux security by writing parts of the operating system's core in the Rust programming language, a modernization effort that could bolster the security of the internet and smartphones," reports.....»»

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Will Data Centers Exacerbate Our Droughts?

A data center can easily use up to 1.25 million gallons of water each day — and "More data centers are being built every day by some of America's largest technology companies," reports NBC News, "including Amazon, Microsoft and Google and used.....»»

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Best Prime Day Google Pixel deals 2021: Pixel deal right now

With Prime Day deals already rolling out, we take a look at what to expect from the Prime Day Google Pixel sales and which deals you can grab already......»»

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Google Searches for New Measure of Skin Tones To Curb Bias in Products

Google is developing an alternative to the industry standard method for classifying skin tones, which a growing chorus of technology researchers and dermatologists says is inadequate for assessing whether products are biased against people of color......»»

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Using Add() and Remove() ArrayList Methods in Java

Learn how to work with the ArrayList class and use the add() and remove() methods to add and remove elements in an array using Java. Learn more......»»

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Best Prime Day printer deals 2021: What to expect

Prime Day is coming, so if you're looking for a new printer to transform your home office setup, here's what to expect......»»

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Google"s Adtech Business Set To Face Formal EU Probe By Year-End

Alphabet unit Google could face its biggest regulatory threat, with EU antitrust regulators set to open a formal investigation into its lucrative digital advertising business before the end of the year, said people familiar with the matter. From a re.....»»

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The ongoing urban exodus

Many employees have come to prefer working from home after being forced to do so more than a year ago when the pandemic started. By some estimates, at least one-quarter of employees will still be working remotely multiple days a week at the end of 20.....»»

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Best Prime Day office chair deals 2021: Deals you can buy today

This Prime Day, you can expect significant discounts on office chairs from brands like Herman Miller, Hbada, SIDIZ, and more......»»

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Google Open-Sources Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Toolkit

Google has open-sourced a collection of C++ libraries for implementing Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) in modern applications. From a report: Fully homomorphic encryption, or simply homomorphic encryption, is a form of data encryption that allows.....»»

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