Forget Carbon Offsets. The Planet Needs Carbon Removal Credits

The carbon removal market is fast growing, with an array of different removal methods available to businesses keen to mitigate their environmental impact......»»

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New evidence found for Planet 9

A small team of planetary scientists from the California Institute of Technology, Université Côte d'Azur and Southwest Research Institute reports possible new evidence of Planet 9. They have published their paper on the arXiv preprint server, and i.....»»

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Laser-treated cork absorbs oil for carbon-neutral ocean cleanup

Oil spills are deadly disasters for ocean ecosystems. They can have lasting impacts on fish and marine mammals for decades and wreak havoc on coastal forests, coral reefs, and the surrounding land. Chemical dispersants are often used to break down oi.....»»

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Scientists stencil-paint carbon nanotube components for flexible transparent electronics

Researchers from Skoltech, MIPT, and elsewhere have found a fast and inexpensive way to create geometric patterns in carbon nanotube films. The resulting films turned out to have superior properties for manufacturing components for 6G communication d.....»»

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Buckle and Band offers a new take on designer Apple Watch bands for sophisticated owners

Silicone straps, plastic leather, and Apple's introduction of FineWoven accessories aimed at reducing its carbon footprint have left those looking for a solid luxury Apple Watch band without many options — until now.Buckle and Band's Apple Watch ba.....»»

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Mangrove blue carbon at higher risk of microplastic pollution

Earth's oceans and coastal ecosystems are a major sink for carbon storage, known as blue carbon. Sequestration of carbon is vitally important in the fight against climate change as it 'locks away' this molecule, alleviating pressure on greenhouse gas.....»»

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Planet sees 10 straight months of record-breaking heat

Californians have had weekend after weekend of cool, stormy weather and the Sierra Nevada has been blessed with a healthy snowpack. But the reality is that even the last few months have been more than 2 degrees hotter than average......»»

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How to fornetwork on a Mac

Need to get your MacBook to forget a Wi-Fi network it keeps automatically connecting to? Here’s how to manually remove the network from your computer......»»

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Climate impacts set to cut 2050 global GDP by nearly a fifth

Climate change caused by CO2 emissions already in the atmosphere will shrink global GDP in 2050 by about $38 trillion, or almost a fifth, no matter how aggressively humanity cuts carbon pollution, researchers said Wednesday......»»

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Biden unveils winners of $2 billion in green tax credits

Battery-material maker Novonix, electric vehicle charger manufacturer Wallbox and rare earth producer MP Materials Corp. were among about 35 recipients of clean energy tax credits totaling nearly $2 billion that were announced Friday by the Biden adm.....»»

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AI for Earth: How NASA"s artificial intelligence and open science efforts combat climate change

As extreme weather events increase around the world due to climate change, the need for further research into our warming planet has increased as well. For NASA, climate research involves not only conducting studies of these events, but also empoweri.....»»

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Scientists develop novel aggregation-induced emission carbon dots for bioimaging

Carbon dots (CDs) are an intriguing class of nanomaterials that have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. These carbon-based materials possess excellent fluorescence properties, making them highly appealing for a wide range of applica.....»»

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Researchers reveal sources of black carbon in southeastern Qinghai-Tibet plateau

Black carbon (BC) is the result of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and biomass, with strong light absorption. It is second only to carbon dioxide as a climate-forcing factor for atmospheric warming. Deposition of BC on snow and ice surfaces red.....»»

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States sue to block U.S. rules curbing tailpipe emissions in cars, light trucks

Republican attorneys general from 25 states on Thursday sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to block rules intended to reduce planet-warming emissions from cars and light trucks and encourage electric vehicle manufacturing, arguing the agen.....»»

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Effects of organic matter input and temperature change on soil aggregate-associated respiration and microbial carbon use

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is one of the most dramatically affected regions by global warming. For a long time, the region has been exposed by low temperature and soil moisture, which led to the severe inhibition of the soil biological activities and.....»»

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Researchers crack mystery of swirling vortexes in egg cells

Egg cells are the largest single cells on the planet. Their size—often several to hundreds of times the size of a typical cell—allows them to grow into entire organisms, but it also makes it difficult to transport nutrients and other molecules ar.....»»

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Apple touts halving emissions and increased recycling rates in 2024 environmental progress report

Apple has an ambitious goal to create a fully carbon neutral value chain for its products by 2030, and every year it charts its progress in its annual Environmental Progress Report. The 2024 report published today highlights a milestone achievement f.....»»

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The Rise of the Carbon Farmer

Farmers around the world are reigniting the less intensive agricultural practices of yesteryear—to improve soil health, raise yields, and trap carbon in the atmosphere back down in the soil......»»

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Soil bacteria link their life strategies to soil conditions: Study

Soil bacteria help regulate the cycling of carbon and nutrients on Earth. Over time, these bacteria have evolved strategies that determine where they live, what they do, and how they deal with a changing environment. However, microbiologists do not f.....»»

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Unique field study shows how climate change affects fire-impacted forests

During the unusually dry year of 2018, Sweden was hit by numerous forest fires. A research team led from Lund University in Sweden has investigated how climate change affects recently burned boreal forests and their ability to absorb carbon dioxide......»»

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Understanding climate warming impacts on carbon release from the tundra

The warming climate shifts the dynamics of tundra environments and makes them release trapped carbon, according to a new study published in Nature. These changes could transform tundras from carbon sinks into carbon sources, exacerbating the effects.....»»

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