Examining factors that determine creaky voice use

Vocal fry has a bad reputation in American English. A subtype of creaky voice, a feature of speech that sounds gravelly and pulse-like, this manner of speech is sometimes used to form judgment about the speaker. In many languages, the creaky tone cha.....»»

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Unlocking the energetic secrets of collective animal movement: How group behavior reduces energy costs in fish

Many animals, including apex predators, move in groups. We know this collective behavior is fundamental to the animal's ability to move in complex environments, but less is known about what drives the behavior because many factors underlie its evolut.....»»

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Examining a century of change in a New York City urban forest

There haven't been many long-term studies on urban forests, but data collected from the Thain Family Forest, which the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) has been stewarding for more than a century, has provided an opportunity for scientists from The F.....»»

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New or retooled Cape Canaveral launch pads considered for SpaceX Starship

The Department of Defense is looking for a new home for SpaceX's Starship, launching the process to determine what the environmental impact would be to allow the world's most powerful rocket to launch from Florida's Space Coast......»»

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Variability of bat nasal bone morphology found to determine ultrasonic localization

Japanese horseshoe bats—or Nihon Kikugakushira—emit high-amplitude, ultrasonic waves from their nostrils. Several ultrasound-related studies have previously attempted to address the significant regional variability noted in bats' nasal morphologi.....»»

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How to send a voice message on your iPhone

Sometimes, sending a voice message is a lot easier than typing one out. Here's how to record, send, and save voice messages on your iPhone!.....»»

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Examining viruses that can help "dial up" carbon capture in the sea

Armed with a catalog of hundreds of thousands of DNA and RNA virus species in the world's oceans, scientists are now zeroing in on the viruses most likely to combat climate change by helping trap carbon dioxide in seawater or, using similar technique.....»»

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Microsoft sure seems to be thinking about some sort of portable Xbox

Spencer talks up "different form factors that allow people to play in different places." Enlarge / A demo of "Project Xcloud" streaming running on a mobile device, circa 2019. Yesterday's news that four unnamed Microsof.....»»

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Music education, support networks, and continuity are key factors regulating adolescents" arts participation, says study

How do young people find their way to music-making? Researchers Anna Kuoppamäki from the University of the Arts Helsinki and Fanny Vilmilä from the Finnish Youth Research Network identified factors that had a significant impact on the formation of.....»»

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Researchers shed light on river resiliency to flooding

Researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno have completed one of the most extensive river resilience studies, examining how river ecosystems recover following floods. They developed a novel modeling approach that used data from oxygen sensors plac.....»»

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How to change Google Assistant’s voice (and language)

Tired of Google Assistant's voice? If you own a Google Home speaker, you can change your Google Assistant's default voice to something that suits your tastes......»»

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Scientists discover "jumping genes" determine cabbage"s exterior

The genetic differences between pointed cabbage and cauliflower are greater than those between humans and chimpanzees. Nevertheless, they are considered the same species. Researchers from Wageningen and China mapped the extensive genetic variation of.....»»

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Top 5 Best Uses and Benefits of OCR Technology

Technology is one of the important factors, which shapes rapidly changing digital environment as it changes many aspects of our life. One technology that revolutionized the field of human-textual interaction is optical character recognition (OCR). OC.....»»

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Can you manage your house with a local, no-cloud voice assistant? Mostly, yes.

If you're tired of Alexa and Google listening, local voice is a real thing now. Enlarge / The most impressive part is what Home Assistant's voice control does not do: share your voice input with a large entity aiming to sell you.....»»

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Microplastics in soils: First consistent risk assessment

Microplastics in soil are extremely diverse and complex. This makes it difficult to determine the risks of plastic pollution to soil life, which is an increasing concern among policymakers and scientists. Researchers from the Spanish Institute IMDEA.....»»

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Researchers identify a decline in microbial genetic richness in the western Arctic Ocean

The Arctic region is experiencing climate change at a much faster rate than the rest of the world. Melting ice sheets, runoff from thawing permafrost, and other factors are rapidly changing the composition of the Arctic Ocean's water. And that change.....»»

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How NASA uses simple technology to track lunar missions

NASA is using a simple but effective technology called Laser Retroreflective Arrays (LRAs) to determine the locations of lunar landers more accurately. They will be attached to most of the landers from United States companies as part of NASA's Commer.....»»

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How to change Alexa’s voice (and language)

Is Alexa's default voice not your cup of tea? You can change Alexa’s settings and have her speak in another language or regional accent. Here’s how......»»

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Examining the extended reach of tax laws

For big multinationals that love tax havens, the start of 2024 was not a cause for celebration. On Jan. 1, the European Union, Japan, Canada, and Australia joined other jurisdictions in requiring their largest companies to pay a tax rate of at least.....»»

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Examining the range of adulterants that disrupt the hormones of fish and amphibians

The contraceptive pill is obviously not intended for fish and frogs. However, the hormones in the pill and other pharmaceuticals that are not completely broken down in sewage treatment plants can affect aquatic organisms......»»

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Scientists identify “universal network” of microbes for decomposing flesh

Findings could help forensic scientists better determine a body's precise time of death. Enlarge / It's tough to precisely determine cause of death in a corpse. Microbes found on decomposing flesh can help. (credit: Ralf Roletsch.....»»

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