Engagement key to eliminating prejudice: Uncovering the process of feeling understood

A research group at Osaka University has uncovered how the view of other people and groups changes when individuals feel that they are understood by others by conducting an experimental study on the relationship between Japanese and Chinese people. T.....»»

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A critical Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra detail just leaked

Samsung accidentally confirmed that the Galaxy Watch Ultra is coming — and it also confirmed the watch's official name in the process......»»

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Many more bacteria produce greenhouse gases than previously thought, study finds

Caltech researchers have discovered a new class of enzymes that enable a myriad of bacteria to "breathe" nitrate when in low-oxygen conditions. While this is an evolutionary advantage for bacterial survival, the process produces the greenhouse gas ni.....»»

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Key mechanism in nuclear reaction dynamics promises advances in nuclear physics

Researchers have made significant progress in understanding the transfer of neutrons in weakly bound nuclei. The experiment, performed at Legnaro National Laboratory, focused on the one-neutron stripping process in reactions involving lithium-6 and b.....»»

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New accessory setup in iOS 18 is good for us, and for Apple

When Apple first launched AirPods back in 2016, it also introduced a whole new accessory setup process, designed to avoid the usual pain point of Bluetooth pairing. For almost eight years, it seemed like the company wanted to keep this exclusive t.....»»

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Enhancing the performance of proton exchange membrane water electrolysis by constructing electron/proton pathways

The proton exchange membrane electrolysis of water (PEMWE) is a critical process for hydrogen generation. However, the limited ability of electrons and protons to permeate the membrane and the inefficient arrangement of the transport structure in the.....»»

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Rocket Report: Electron turns 50, China’s Moon launcher breathes fire

"Most rocket startups are still stuck in the long process of reengineering." Enlarge / An up-close view of LEAP 71's autonomously designed keralox rocket engine. (credit: LEAP 71) Welcome to Edition 6.49 of the Rocket Re.....»»

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From passwords to passkeys: Enhancing security and user satisfaction

In this Help Net Security interview, Julianna Lamb, Stytch CTO, discusses the advantages of passwordless authentication. Eliminating passwords reduces data breaches and improves user experience by simplifying the login process. Lamb also addresses th.....»»

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How to reset the Arlo Pro 4 security camera

Performing a factory reset on the Arlo Pro 4 is simple. Here's how the process works, including steps to reset a camera that's offline......»»

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Apply now for the 2025 Automotive News PACE Awards and PACE Pilot

Companies are welcome to submit their innovations in product and process for the 2025 Automotive News PACE Awards and PACE Pilot......»»

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macOS Sonoma 14.5 Problems: 5 Things You Need to Know

Apple’s macOS Sonoma 14.5 update fixes problems, but we’re also seeing complaints about bugs, glitches, and performance issues. macOS Sonoma 14.5 went through a beta testing process, but problems have slipped through the cracks into the publi.....»»

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Atsign NoPorts establishes an encrypted IP tunnel directly between devices

Atsign introduces NoPorts to offer a secure remote access solution, exceeding current limitations and setting a new standard for secure connectivity. NoPorts establishes an encrypted IP tunnel directly between devices, eliminating the need for expose.....»»

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Physicists combine multiple Higgs boson pair studies and discover clues about the stability of the universe

Remember how difficult it was to find one Higgs boson? Try finding two at the same place at the same time. Known as di-Higgs production, this fascinating process can tell scientists about the Higgs boson self-interaction......»»

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How to create your cybersecurity “Google Maps”: A step-by-step guide for security teams

Cybersecurity isn’t just about firewalls and antivirus. It’s about understanding how your defenses, people, and processes work together. Just like Google Maps revolutionized navigation, process mapping can revolutionize how you understand.....»»

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Researchers create innovative polymer wound dressings for painless and residue-free removal

Wound dressings should provide sterile coverage, protect the wound, and adhere reliably, while still allowing for painless removal. It is essential that the process of skin renewal remains undisturbed......»»

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Apple restarts its developer beta process for iOS 17.6 and other operating systems

Apple has restarted the developer beta process once again for its current-gen versions of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS Sonoma.iOS 17Developers participating in Apple's beta program can pick up new builds through the Apple Developer Center or.....»»

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FTC jumped the gun with CARS Rule, dealer groups tell court

The National Automobile Dealers Association and Texas Automobile Dealers Association are continuing to press the argument the Federal Trade Commission jumped the gun and failed to follow proper rulemaking process with its new dealership regulations......»»

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Stellantis, once a champion of working from home, brought engineers back to office

Stellantis approved remote work in recent years, and in the process drastically reduced office space and sold real estate assets. Labor unions have criticized the intensity of the push......»»

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"Meaty rice"? South Korean professor aims to change global protein

In a small laboratory in Seoul, a team of South Korean scientists are injecting cultured beef cells into individual grains of rice, in a process they hope could revolutionize how the world eats......»»

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Meta halts plans to train AI on Facebook, Instagram posts in EU

Meta was going to start training AI on Facebook and Instagram posts on June 26. Enlarge (credit: GreyParrot | iStock / Getty Images Plus) Meta has apparently paused plans to process mounds of user data to bring new AI ex.....»»

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Researchers reveal novel mechanism of enhanced P450 demethylase activity through engineered key gating residues

A crucial step in the degradation and utilization of lignin is the process of O-demethylation of lignin monomers, facilitated by O-demethylases. Current O-demethylases face challenges such as limited substrate specificity, unclear reaction mechanisms.....»»

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