Drones Bearing Parcels Deliver Big Carbon Savings

Last-mile delivery by a small drone takes much less energy per package than delivery by diesel truck.....»»

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Researchers propose ectomycorrhizal fungi"s role be integrated into carbon accounting

A new study led by the University of Helsinki provides evidence that the observed decline of carbon use efficiency and net ecosystem exchange from south to north in the boreal forest may be caused by the abundance of ectomycorrhizal fungi......»»

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Future of drone use may be in logistics and human transportation

Currently, a major business focus of drones is in the traffic sector with mapping and inspection. However, it may shift to logistics in 2-5 years with human transportation a development goal for the distant future, according to CP Wang, associate VP.....»»

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Best air conditioner deals for October 2022

Staying cool this year round doesn't have to burn through your savings. Just look at these air conditioner deals......»»

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Best refrigerator deals for October 2022

A new refrigerator is a hefty investment but you can bank on savings with the best deals from these retailers......»»

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Gundam Evolution review: a true Overwatch 2 contender, but not a flawless one

Gundam Evolution puts a unique spin on the hero-shooter genre that's sure to deliver for fans, but not all players......»»

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Save $60 on Hulu + Live TV when you subscribe today

For a limited time, new and returning subscribers can sign up for Hulu + Live TV and get their first three months for $20 off, enjoying a total savings of $60......»»

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This powerful student laptop is on sale at Dell this weekend

The new Dell Inspiron 16 is seeing a discount today at Dell, with an impressive savings of $250 on the line......»»

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Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda: California, U.S. EV targets will be hard to achieve

Toyoda, who met with dealers and journalists in Las Vegas to discuss carbon neutrality and the auto industry’s role in slowing global warming, says EVs “are just going to take longer than the media would like us to believe.".....»»

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Targeted reimbursement: A just price for carbon dioxide

"It is crucial that the revenues from CO2 pricing are returned, and in a targeted manner: Distributing them back in shotgun-mode is only the second-best solution," explains Martin Hänsel, an economist at PIK and lead author of a new study, which app.....»»

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Achieving stable K-storage performance of carbon sphere-confined antimony via electrolyte regulation

Potassium-ion batteries (PIBs) have been considered one of the most promising alternatives to lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) because of their competitive energy density with significantly low production costs. Moreover, alloy-type materials are expecte.....»»

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Delayed slow ocean response to carbon dioxide removal causes asymmetric tropical rainfall change

Using fossil fuels causes large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) to be emitted, which is one of the major greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. The climate changes under increasing CO2 radiative forcing (called "CO2 ramp-up") have been wide.....»»

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Bioeconomy and carbon neutrality: "Without further investments we will miss the target"

"Without further investments in the bioeconomy, the net zero emission target will not be met." Data issued from the EU project Biomonitor point out gaps in the Green Deal and suggest speeding up procedures states, "New technologies must be fostered b.....»»

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Venus: The trouble with sending people there

Venus, often called Earth's "evil twin" planet, formed closer to the sun and has since evolved quite differently from our own planet. It has a "runaway" greenhouse effect (meaning heat is completely trapped), a thick carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere, n.....»»

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The humble lillipilly forms the world"s largest genus of trees, and should be an Australian icon

You're probably familiar with the sight of a lillipilly bush. This hardy Australian staple—a glossy evergreen bearing powder-puff flowers and clusters of bright berries—features in many a garden hedge......»»

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Zyxel EX5512-T0 AX6000 WiFi 6 Ethernet gateway enhances network capacity for service providers

Zyxel Communications has launched EX5512-T0 AX6000 WiFi 6 Multi-Gigabit Ethernet gateway. The new dual-band wireless 11AX gateway, which enables service providers to deliver 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet internet access to subscribers’ ultra-connected homes.....»»

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Alan Ahn Says Nuclear Is Still the Carbon-Free Fuel of the Future

The RE:WIRED Green speaker explains how smaller, more efficient reactors will be the bedrock of energy independence......»»

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Arrcus and VMware extend partnership to deploy low latency 5G services at the edge

Arrcus has extended partnership with VMware, focused on transforming telco networks to deliver next-gen services from the edge to the cloud. The expanded partnership will provide communication service providers with the ability to monetize their 5G i.....»»

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Bowers & Wilkins launches premium Px8 wireless headphones

The Bowers & Wilkins Px8 are over-ear wireless cans that come in your choice of black or tan color schemes. They feature 40mm dynamic full range carbon cone drive units that B&W claims reduce distortion, resulting in improved clarity......»»

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Pumpkin farms adapt to improve soil, lower emissions

This Thanksgiving, your pumpkin pie might have a lower carbon footprint......»»

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Team designs system to create bioplastics

A team of Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists has developed a system that uses carbon dioxide, CO2, to produce biodegradable plastics, or bioplastics, that could replace the nondegradable plastics used today. The research addresses two challenges:.....»»

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