Disaster recovery challenges enterprise CISOs face

An essential aspect of organizational operations is effectively responding to and returning from a disruptive event, commonly called disaster recovery. The primary objective of DR techniques is to restore the utilization of crucial systems and IT inf.....»»

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In labor snub, California governor vetoes bill that would have limited self-driving trucks

California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have hindered efforts to deploy self-driving trucks in the state. But big rigs still face regulatory barriers in the state......»»

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Naming and shaming can be effective to get countries to act on climate, study shows

Enforcement is one of the biggest challenges to international cooperation on mitigating climate change in the Paris Agreement. The agreement has no formal enforcement mechanism; instead, it is designed to be transparent so countries that fail to meet.....»»

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ChatGPT’s new upgrade finally breaks the text barrier

The AI brand announced on Monday it will be making its images and voice features available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users......»»

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Machine learning algorithms can find anomalous needles in cosmic haystacks

The face of astronomy is changing. Though narrow-field point-and-shoot astronomy still matters (JWST anyone?), large wide-field surveys promise to be the powerhouses of discovery in the coming decades, especially with the advent of machine learning......»»

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The best P Organ abilities in Lies of P

You need to invest in your P Organ to get through the toughest challenges in Lies of P. Quartz don't come easily, so here are the best skills you should get......»»

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GitLab fixes critical vulnerability, patch now! (CVE-2023-5009)

GitLab has fixed a critical vulnerability (CVE-2023-5009) in the Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition (CE) of its widely used DevOps platform. The flaw may allow a threat actor to abuse scan execution policies to run pipelines as another use.....»»

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Red Sea corals threatened by mystery sea urchin deaths

The Red Sea's spectacular coral reefs face a new threat, marine biologists warn—the mass death of sea urchins that may be caused by a mystery disease......»»

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Depredations and depravities reign in this week’s Wheel of Time

Recap: The shadow rises, the Seanchan strengthen, and our characters face desperation. Enlarge / Still no safeword in Tel'aran'rhiod, Rand. (credit: Amazon Studios) Andrew Cunningham and Lee Hutchinson have spent decades.....»»

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Improving air quality forecasting with daily update of emission inventory

In the realm of air quality forecasting, the precision of predictions largely hinges on the accuracy of emission inventory data. Traditional methods, which often update only once a year or less, face challenges in keeping pace with the dynamic nature.....»»

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Australia"s firefighters face worst season in years

Volunteer firefighters are scorching Australia's forest undergrowth, reducing fuel for what is expected to be the fiercest fire season since the monster "Black Summer" blazes......»»

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Research reveals surprising influences on an employee"s intention to quit

Research in the International Journal of Enterprise Network Management reveals unexpected factors that influence an employee's intentions to quit their job in information technology. The findings challenge the received wisdom and could shed light on.....»»

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New study finds Mac most secure & cost competitive in enterprise workplaces

A new study by Cisco compares Mac and PC usage in enterprise environments, focusing on security, cost, preference, and productivity — and finds that Mac still holds up surprisingly well.Mac in the workplaceCisco recently conducted an extensive stud.....»»

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New self-cleaning membranes developed by researchers dramatically improve efficiency of desalination technologies

A team of NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) researchers has developed a new kind of self-cleaning, hybrid membrane that provides a solution that overcomes significant challenges that have, until now, limited desalination technologies......»»

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Libya floods: The drowning of Derna was a man-made disaster decades in the making

In the early hours of September 11, residents of Derna in north-east Libya woke to the sound of loud explosions. After more than a decade of conflict—initially between the Gaddafi regime and local factions, then among militias fighting for rule—t.....»»

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18 free Microsoft Azure cybersecurity resources you should check out

Far exceeding a traditional public cloud platform, Azure is a comprehensive suite of over 200 products and cloud services engineered to solve current challenges and pave the way for the future. Whether you’re looking to build, run, or manage ap.....»»

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What AppSec and developers working in cloud-native environments need to know

All enterprise organizations are, in essence, software publishers, regardless of their industry. This is because every enterprise relies on custom software applications for managing internal processes, interacting with customers, or analyzing data, m.....»»

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Apple Watch team engineered Snoopy decision and scene layout engines for the fun new watchOS 10 face

watchOS 10 includes a new Snoopy face for Apple Watch, and the comic strip-inspired clock is full of surprises. In a new interview this week, the team behind the Snoopy face discusses the process behind making such a fun addition to Apple Watch......»»

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Online child safety law blocked after Calif. argued face scans not that invasive

Compliance is "actually likely to exacerbate" online harm to kids, judge says. Enlarge (credit: Click&Boo | Moment) A California law requiring a wide range of platforms to estimate ages of users and protect minors from a.....»»

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What helps students cope with academic setbacks? A sense of belonging at school is key

Academic challenges and difficulties are inevitable parts of school—this is how students learn. So researchers have long been interested in the ways students navigate these challenges and how to help them cope better......»»

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iPhone 15 exceeding sales expectations in China with many retailers selling out in minutes

The iPhone 15 has gained significant attention and demand in China, exceeding initial expectations and countering previous predictions of potential challenges for the company due to increased competition from Huawei and government restrictions on iPh.....»»

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