Cyberattack on Albanian government suggests new Iranian aggression

Tehran-linked hack of a NATO member is a significant escalation. Enlarge / Tirane, Albania. (credit: Pawel Toczynski | Getty Images) In mid-July, a cyberattack on the Albanian government knocked out state websites and public s.....»»

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Do videos show ivory-billed woodpecker, or is it extinct?

The federal government has been asked to consider at least two videos made in recent years as evidence that ivory-billed woodpeckers may still exist......»»

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Humor used in English-language terrorist propaganda magazines to reinforce identity, study shows

Humor is used in English-language jihadi terrorist magazines to reinforce identity and help groups bond, research suggests......»»

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Antarctica"s ice shelves could be melting faster than we thought

A new model developed by Caltech and JPL researchers suggests that Antarctica's ice shelves may be melting at an accelerated rate, which could eventually contribute to more rapid sea level rise. The model accounts for an often-overlooked narrow ocean.....»»

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Evolutionary network of whiptail lizards reveals predictable outcomes of hybridization

A quartet of researchers, two from the U.S. and two from Mexico, found evidence that suggests divergence time between ancestral parents can be used to predict the effects of hybridization—at least in lizards. In their paper published in the journal.....»»

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Sonos Sub Mini release appears to have been pushed back to 2023

Multi-room audio firm’s earnings call suggests their long-awaited, smaller wireless subwoofer will be delayed until next year.....»»

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The impact of exploitable misconfigurations on network security

Network professionals feel confident with their security and compliance practices but data suggests that they also leave their organizations open to risk, which is costing a significant amount of revenue, according to Titania. In addition, some busin.....»»

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Organizations would like the government to help with ransomware demand costs

Businesses are increasingly concerned about how they will meet ransomware demands. Only 19 percent of those surveyed have ransomware coverage limits above $600,000, while over half (59 percent) hoped the government would cover damages when future att.....»»

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Apple patent describes more Apple Pencil gestures, and even a camera [U]

Update: Apple has today extended this patent with additional claims, which Patently Apple suggests is intended to better protect the invention. This doesn’t necessarily make it more likely that Apple will implement additional gestures, but it seem.....»»

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Tesla discloses lobbying effort for factory in Canada

Tesla is lobbying the Government of Ontario as part of an effort to set up an "advanced manufacturing facility" in Canada, a filing by the electric-vehicle maker to the province's Office of the Integrity Commissioner showed......»»

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Dolphins form rare alliance near Bimini, scientists say

Dolphins are known to be good at maintaining relationships, but a new study suggests their gregarious nature may extend beyond their own social circles......»»

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Google Fiber was stalled for years but now says it’ll expand to 5 new states

ISP's history suggests you can expect only limited availability in each area. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Kalief Browder) Google Fiber says it will expand its fiber-to-the-home Internet service to several new states for th.....»»

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"Unacceptable costs": Savanna burning under Australia"s carbon credit scheme is harming human health

Savanna burning projects in northern Australia provide economic benefits to Indigenous communities and claim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But our research suggests smoke from these projects is harming human health......»»

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Keytos EZSmartCard enables organizations to go passwordless

Keytos launched EZSmartCard at the Black Hat USA 2022 conference, helping organizations to meet the strict identity requirements of the US Government Executive Order 14028 by enabling passwordless onboarding and creation of cryptographic smartcards......»»

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New study says rainwater is now unsafe to drink

Rainwater is an important part of our planet’s ecosystem, and it helps fuel access to drinking water in many places. However, a new study suggests that rainwater is now unsafe to drink. The study says that “forever chemicals” have reached unsaf.....»»

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Biden signs bill aimed at boosting U.S. chip production, competitiveness

The bipartisan bill provides more than $52 billion in government subsidies for U.S. semiconductor research, design and production, including $2 billion designated for the production of mature node, or "legacy chips," used by automakers and parts supp.....»»

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Alone In The Dark Could Be Making A Comeback, Suggests Reliable Leaker

Alone in the Dark may return to the spotlight, a new tweet by reliable insider The Snitch has confirmed. The post Alone In The Dark Could Be Making A Comeback, Suggests Reliable Leaker appeared first on PlayStation Universe. Survival Horror gran.....»»

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Data suggests social media has important role to play in raising the profile of women"s sports

More than 17 million viewers tuned in to see England's historic win over Germany in the Women's Euros 2022 last month, and 87,192 fans watched it live at Wembley Stadium......»»

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The most experienced cat owners are giving their pets unwelcome affection, study suggests

Self-proclaimed "cat people" might not always know what's best for their pets when it comes to showing them affection, new research suggests—and it could affect their cat's behavior during interactions......»»

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First-ever detection of gas in a circumplanetary disk

Scientists using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) and partners at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) have made the first-ever detection of gas in an circumplanetary disk. What's more, the detection also suggests th.....»»

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Crypto and the US government are headed for a decisive showdown

Lawsuits may decide whether most digital assets are illegal securities offerings. Enlarge (credit: Elena Lacey | Getty Images) If you have paid casual attention to crypto news over the past few years, you probably have a sense.....»»

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