Chinese chipmaking technology development may stall at 40nm scale

With the US looking to broaden its chip tool ban against China with new rules set to be implemented in April, SMIC and other China-based foundries will have to halt the development of their sub-40nm process technologies, according to sources at semic.....»»

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Drone racing prepares neural-network AI for space

Drones are being raced against the clock at Delft University of Technology's "Cyber Zoo" to test the performance of neural-network-based AI control systems planned for next-generation space missions......»»

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Paper-based biosensor offers fast, easy detection of fecal contamination on produce farms

Purdue University researchers are introducing a new biosensor technology to the agricultural industry inspired by advancements achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic......»»

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Amid scorching heat, 900 people died in Saudi Arabia—climate change has made the Hajj pilgrimage more risky

Each year, millions of Muslims from across the world embark on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The mass migration is unparalleled in scale, and pilgrims face numerous health hazards......»»

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AMD just suffered a massive data breach that could reveal future products

AMD is investigating a data breach that could reveal future products, but it doesn't seem too concerned about the scale of the attack right now......»»

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French-Chinese probe to hunt universe"s biggest explosions

A French-Chinese telescope satellite will blast off this weekend on a mission to hunt down gamma-ray bursts, the most powerful explosions in the universe......»»

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You won’t be able to actually use the best new HomeKit feature in iOS 18

As we covered last week, iOS 18 includes a few notable changes for the Home app and HomeKit in general. One of those changes is support for hands-free support for unlocking smart locks thanks to Ultra Wideband technology. Unfortunately, and perhaps u.....»»

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Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs

Tariffs on Chinese EVs could increase costs while reducing competition. Enlarge (credit: koiguo via Getty) Clint and Rachel Wells had reasons to consider buying an electric vehicle when it came to replacing one of their.....»»

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The design of a photonic alloy with topological properties

Photonic alloys, alloy-like materials combining two or more photonic crystals, are promising candidates for the development of structures that control the propagation of electromagnetic waves, also known as waveguides. Despite their potential, these.....»»

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A railroad of cells: Computer simulations explain cell movement

Looking under the microscope, a group of cells slowly moves forward in a line, like a train on the tracks. The cells navigate through complex environments. A new approach by researchers involving the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).....»»

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Korean study forecasts 110,000 premature deaths by 2050 due to PM2.5 and aging

A new study from the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) indicates that fine particulate matter, which is less than 2.5 µm in diameter (PM2.5), is increasingly impacting the rapidly aging Korean population. Due to this population a.....»»

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City sprawl is now large enough to sway global warming over land

Just how much heat does city sprawl add to large-scale warming? That's one longstanding question researchers sought to answer in a new study recently published in the journal One Earth......»»

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Solid-state battery with 100x energy density could be used in Apple devices

Apple battery supplier TDK has announced the development of a technology it says could be used in next-gen solid-state batteries to offer one hundred times the energy density of existing ones … more….....»»

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Report: Apple halts work on Vision Pro, aims to release cheaper Vision headset next year

Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper, cut-down version of the Apple Vision Pro, scheduled to arrive by the end of 2025, according to The Information. At the same time, the publication says development work on a second-generation high-end model of.....»»

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Why the Vision Pro 2 shutdown actually points to a brighter Apple Vision future

Big news dropped today for Vision Pro fans: Apple has reportedly halted plans for a Vision Pro 2. But that’s not the full story. Apple isn’t stopping development of the Vision Pro’s successor because it’s abandoning the Vision platform. R.....»»

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Entro Security raises $18 million to scale its global operations

Entro Security announced it has closed an $18 million Series A round, led by Dell Technologies Capital with the participation of seed investors Hyperwise Ventures and StageOne Ventures, as well as angel investors such as Rakesh Loonkar and Mickey Boo.....»»

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Joshua Howard’s Driftwood Wreaths

Joshua Howard is a carpenter by trade. He spends his time and expertise every day building spectacular custom homes. He creates precise and immaculate details on a very large scale. Which makes it all the more charming that he scratches his creative.....»»

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Enhancing children"s understanding, critical thinking and creativity through collaborative designing of AI apps

Children and young people's understanding of artificial intelligence and AI technologies improved when the basics of AI were taught in school through hands-on activities supported by new educational technology, a recent study among more than 200 Finn.....»»

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Harnessing ecological theory for successful ecosystem restoration

Scientists have created a research framework to incorporate ecological theory—mathematical models and concepts to understand interactions and dynamics of ecosystems—into ecosystem management and planning to more effectively scale restoration and.....»»

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Novice consumers more likely to purchase wine with sweetness scales on labels, finds study

Rather than a text description, using a visual sweetness scale with an arrow pointing to a specific sweetness level on wine labels may increase purchase intent among novice wine consumers, according to a new study from researchers in the Penn State S.....»»

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New study shows mechanisms of hagfish burrowing into deep sea sediment

Scientists at the Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University developed a novel way to observe the elusive burrowing behavior of hagfish. Dr. Douglas S Fudge and his team created a specialized tank of transparent gelatin in order t.....»»

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