Cancer cells use "tiny tentacles" to suppress the immune system

To grow and spread, cancer cells must evade the immune system. Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital and MIT used the power of nanotechnology to discover a new way that cancer can disarm its would-be cellular attackers by extending out nano.....»»

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It’s a good time to learn the immune system—and this is the book for it

Philipp Dettmer, a self-described immune enthusiast, invites us into his world. Enlarge If ever there was a moment to brush up on your knowledge of the immune system, this is that moment. (Okay, March-April 2020 may have been.....»»

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Optical Biopsy to Spot Tumors Among Healthy Tissue

Researchers at Orel State University in Russia have developed a biopsy system that can distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissue in many clinical cases. The device is designed to address the difficulties that clinicians may experience when try.....»»

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Magnetic-Plasmonic Hybrid Nanoparticles Isolate Lysosomes from Cells

Researchers at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed a method to isolate intact lysosomes from cells. The technique is rapid and produces samples of high purity. Lysosomes are the garbage-disposal organelles within a c.....»»

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Wearable Sensors Track Hand Use in Amputees

Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have developed a system to track hand use in people with a hand prosthesis or patients who have undergone a hand transplant. The technology tracks movement in the hands and arms, and helps to monitor.....»»

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Protein Coating Protects Nanoparticles from Immune Attack

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have created a new coating for nanoparticles that can help to protect them from attacks by the immune system. The approach, which uses naturally occurring proteins that can inhibit the.....»»

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Nanotherapy for Immunosuppression May Lead to Diabetes Treatment

Researchers at Northwestern University developed a nanoparticle delivery system for a common immunosuppressant drug that increases the potential of pancreatic islet transplantation as a viable long-term treatment for Type I diabetes. The technology t.....»»

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Wearable Helmet for Non-Invasive Optical Brain Imaging

Kernel, a medtech company based in California, has developed the Kernel Flow, a wearable helmet that can perform time domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy (TD-fNIRS) imaging of the brain. The system has a smaller footprint, is less expensive.....»»

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iOS 12 Will Make Your Older iPhone, iPad like New

Apple advises all users to upgrade their devices to the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 12. The tech company claims that the new OS can boost the performance of older iPhones and iPads even if they were first launched in 2013. The.....»»

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Making Central Bank Digital Currencies bulletproof with business process intelligence

Accelerating the growth of Central Bank Digital Currencies offers the possibility for a foolproof payment and banking system of the future. Accelerating the growth of Central Bank Digital Currencies offers the possibility for a foolproof payment.....»»

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Here’s why Apple should provide standalone updates for native iOS apps

Apple constantly highlights that iPhone and iPad devices always receive system updates for a long period of time. While this is true, the company sometimes fails to deliver bug fixes and security improvements as quickly as possible to its users beca.....»»

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Cadence DRAM verification solution optimizes SoC designs for data center and automotive applications

Cadence Design Systems announced a new DRAM verification solution, allowing customers to test and optimize system-on-chip (SoC) designs for data center, consumer, mobile and automotive applications. Using the full DRAM verification solution, which de.....»»

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Microsoft Buys ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Candy Crush’ Maker For $68.7 Billion

Microsoft is buying the gaming company Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, gaining access to blockbuster games like “Call of Duty” and ”Candy Crush.” The all-cash deal will let Microsoft, maker of the Xbox gaming system, ac.....»»

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Cultivated Meat Passes the Taste Test

In a blind tasting, meat grown from stem cells tasted just like chicken, but without the fat that makes chicken taste good. Renowned Israeli gastronome Michal Ansky knows her food. She’s a professional taster and a Master Chef judge.....»»

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Louie Anderson, Veteran Comic And Family Feud Host, Dies at 68

Comedian Louie Anderson, known for his roles in Baskets and Life With Louie, has died at the age of 68.Louie Anderson, a comedian, and three-time Emmy Award winner, has died from complications with cancer. He was 68.Deadline confirmed with his public.....»»

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Achieving a healthy immune system with TB-500

What does the TB-500 stand for? Scientists are scrambling to discover an immune system medicine due to the increasing need for a robust and healthy immune system. That’s exactly what TB-500, or Thymosin Beta 4, can achieve. Thymosin Beta 4 is a.....»»

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The SnailVibe is innovative, but left me feeling sluggish

I've never thought mollusks were particularly erotic. Tiny, moist, mucusy…these qualities don't exactly evoke sexiness. SnailVibe, though, begs you to reconsider.A spin on the classic rabbit vibrator, SnailVibe offers both clitoral and vaginal.....»»

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New Google Play Store and Services Updates Add 10 New Items to Your Devices

At the end of last year, Google started to post changelogs for the Google Play System Updates it issues to Android devices (phones, watches, TVs, and tablets). The introduction of a changelog for these updates is somewhat of a big deal because for th.....»»

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Tug of sun, moon could be driving plate motions on "imbalanced" Earth

A study led by geophysicist Anne M. Hofmeister in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis proposes that imbalanced forces and torques in the Earth-moon-sun system drive circulation of the whole mantle......»»

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Increasingly efficient production of human pluripotent stem cells

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have developed a new, faster and more reliable technique for reverting human cells to the stem cell state. Pluripotent stem cells are a key tool in biomedicine for modeling various diseases and developing nov.....»»

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Modeling how cells choose their fates

It may seem hard to believe, but each one of us began as a single cell that proliferated into the trillions of cells that make up our bodies. Though each of our cells has the exact same genetic information, each also performs a specialized function:.....»»

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