Cancer cells use "tiny tentacles" to suppress the immune system

To grow and spread, cancer cells must evade the immune system. Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital and MIT used the power of nanotechnology to discover a new way that cancer can disarm its would-be cellular attackers by extending out nano.....»»

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Microbiologist tries at-home test kits to see what they reveal about microbiome

You and the trillions of microbes in your gut can live in harmony. Enlarge (credit: Kateryna Kon/Science Photo Library/Getty Images) When you hear about the gut microbiome, does it ever make you wonder what tiny creatures are.....»»

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Researchers study impacts of winter grazing

Winter grazing is part of what is called an integrated crop-livestock system. It is a process where livestock, such as cattle or goats, are allowed to graze a crop field during the winter. It is more common in climates with mild winters. Rather than.....»»

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Cells regulating blood stem cell maintenance are diverse and conserved between species

Deep molecular analysis of the bone marrow microenvironment reveals that the cells regulating blood stem cell maintenance are more diverse than expected and have features likely to be conserved between species......»»

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Which microbes live in your gut? A microbiologist tries at-home test kits to see what they reveal about the microbiome

When you hear about the gut microbiome, does it ever make you wonder what tiny creatures are teeming inside your own body? As a microbiologist who studies the microbiomes of plants, animals and people, I've watched public interest in gut microbes gro.....»»

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Solar array installed on JPSS-2 satellite

On July 26, in a clean room at the Northrop Grumman facility in Gilbert, Arizona, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Joint Polar Satellite System-2 (JPSS-2) let out several loud pops as each of the five panels of its solar array de.....»»

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Researchers unravel cell biology through artificial intelligence

For our cells to proliferate, differentiate or migrate, the nucleus needs the help of its cytoskeleton, the scaffold surrounding the nucleus which provides cells with shape and solid structure. The disruption of this strong coupling, such as the disl.....»»

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Google releases Android 13 with improved privacy and security features

Google released Android 13, and it is already rolling out to eligible Pixel smartphones. In this Help Net Security video, you’ll learn more about the latest privacy and security features of Google’s mobile operating system. The post Google re.....»»

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Space mission shows Earth"s water may be from asteroids: study

Water may have been brought to Earth by asteroids from the outer edges of the solar system, scientists said after analysing rare samples collected on a six-year Japanese space mission......»»

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Similarity of hepatocytes from liver and from stem cells improved

Research with stem cells is becoming increasingly important, because stem cells can develop into any body cell—skin cells, nerve cells or organ cells such as liver cells, the so-called hepatocytes. Stem cells can therefore be used, for example, in.....»»

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Scientists bent frickin’ laser beams to create this detailed image of a cat

"We can use this system to do quantum simulations of electrons and superconductivity." Enlarge / Researchers manipulated light with liquid crystals to create a sculpted laser beam capable of producing this photorealistic image of a cat.....»»

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No, seriously, NASA’s Space Launch System is ready to take flight

The rocket may launch just two weeks from now. Enlarge / NASA's Space Launch System rocket, reflected in the turn basin at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, rolls out for a fourth attempt at a wet dress rehearsal on June 6, 2022. (c.....»»

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tvOS 16 beta 6 now available to developers as Apple aims September release

tvOS 16 beta 6 is now available to developers as Apple aims for a September release of this operating system. Although the company almost forgot about tvOS 16 during the WWDC 2022 keynote, there are some features users should be excited about when i.....»»

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watchOS 9 beta 6 is now available to developers

watchOS 9 beta 6 is here. As Apple polishes the Apple Watch’s upcoming operating system after more than two months of beta testing, the company seems to be getting ready for the launch of watchOS 9 in September. Here’s everything new with it. m.....»»

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Which planet has the most moons? Moons of Saturn, Venus and Jupiter explained

This great big solar system has plenty of secrets to tell. Just recently, NASA's new James Webb Telescope dazzled us mere Earthlings with the first images released to date of galaxies eons in the past......»»

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Sugar metabolism is surprisingly conventional in cancer

For over a century, cancer cell metabolism has been viewed as something of a paradox. New work from researchers at Washington University in St. Louis shows that it might not be such an anomaly after all. The study is published Aug. 15 in Molecular Ce.....»»

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Anonymous reporting systems in schools can reduce violence, increase student connectedness

Students are more likely to report warning signs of potentially threatening behavior if an anonymous reporting system is available to them, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of Michigan......»»

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Apple ahead of the game as it tackles discrimination based on India’s caste system

A report today says that Apple is ahead of most large companies in tackling a form of discrimination which originates in India but has affected employee recruitment in Silicon Valley: the caste system. Although the caste system is in part reflected.....»»

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Apple Watch ECG could be a good early heart attack detection system

A new research paper suggests that the Apple Watch could serve as an early detection system for a heart attack, helping to get people to the hospital sooner.Apple Watch ECGResearchers at the Texas Heart Institute have published a new paper in the Tex.....»»

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Bacteria fight off viruses with a protein like one of ours

Eukaryotes, archaea, and bacteria share a set of proteins that block many viruses. Enlarge (credit: KATERYNA KON) Vertebrates such as ourselves rely on a complicated, multi-layer immune system to limit the impact of pathogens......»»

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This Impractical Yet Beautiful Gaming System Has A Walnut Case and Two Displays

Custom gaming systems are almost always fascinating to see. However, usually it is the case or the portability that we see people innovating in. This raspberry pi based gaming system posted to Reddit however shows off an impractical yet fun dual scr.....»»

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