Assessing COVID Risk and More with Air Quality Monitors

The consumer devices track pollutants as well as CO2—a proxy for potentially virus-laden human breath -- Read more on»»

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WHO Says Omicron Has Been Found in 23 Countries Across the World

The World Health Organization said Wednesday that 23 countries across the world have reported cases of the highly mutated omicron Covid-19 variant. From a report: "At least 23 countries from five of six WHO regions have now reported cases of omicron.....»»

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Prepare to pay even more for Razer"s upcoming gaming laptops

Known for their svelte design and premium build quality, Razer’s gaming laptops tend to fall on the pricier side of the budget spectrum, hence aren’t usually recommended for value shoppers. There’s also a whiff of that Razer tax sprinkled on ex.....»»

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Advertising in the pandemic: How companies used COVID as a marketing tool

At the start of the pandemic, consumers were bombarded with a new and hastily constructed form of advertising. In those "uncertain times," customers were promised, they could rely on their favorite brands for help......»»

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"Digitally literate" Gen Z and Millennials" pandemic experience shaped by social media

Younger people's experience of the COVID-19 pandemic was shaped by their savvy use of social media platforms, navigating mis- and dis-information, subjective content loops, big-tech algorithms and emerging "splinter platforms," a new University of Me.....»»

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New aerostat realizes stable measurement of multiple atmospheric parameters

Atmospheric parameter sounding is a necessary input parameter and a reference for atmosphere and environmental protection departments to master the atmospheric conditions, conduct atmosphere and air quality forecasting and formulate corresponding eme.....»»

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Laser spectrometer precisely monitors atmospheric N2O and CO

Nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon monoxide (CO) are important drivers in global warming. However, there are many difficulties in reliable monitoring, especially for N2O, as the concentration of N2O in atmospheric is only a few hundred parts per billion......»»

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How the New Antiviral Pills Help Thwart COVID

A drug made by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics—which an FDA panel recently greenlit—and one made by Pfizer work in different ways, but both prevent the virus from replicating -- Read more on»»

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UN migration agency: COVID has "radically altered" mobility

The U.N. migration agency says the coronavirus pandemic has "radically altered" mobility around the world, projecting in a new report that the growth in the number of international migrants is likely to remain weaker as long as travel and other restr.....»»

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What influences the rise of influencers?

A model to describe the formation of online communities and rise of influencers on social media platforms, based on the quality of user generated content, is reported in a study published in Nature Communications. The findings could improve our under.....»»

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Students who cheat don"t just have to worry about getting caught, they risk blackmail and extortion

When students use a commercial contract cheating service, getting caught by their lecturers is just one of many serious consequences that could damage them and those who trust them. They also expose themselves to blackmail and extortion. Despite thes.....»»

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Elon Musk says SpaceX facing "risk of bankruptcy" in leaked email

According to a Thanksgiving companywide email leaked to CNBC and Space Explored this week, the crisis with the production of Raptor engines is worse than Musk had earlier realized. The SpaceX exec ended up canceling his planned Thanksgiving break, re.....»»

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Womp, womp: Efficacy of Merck’s Thor-inspired COVID pill crumbles, vexing experts

FDA advisors voted 13-to-10 in favor of authorization given risks and modest benefits. Enlarge / A Merck sign stands in front of the company's building on October 2, 2013, in Summit, New Jersey. (credit: Getty | Kena Betancur).....»»

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Extroverted? You may have better financial outcomes

You might think the way you approach money is based on financial advice or past experiences, but new research from the University of Georgia shows that your personality may have a big impact on financial decision making and risk taking......»»

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Report indicates that English learners face severe inequities and substandard conditions in New Jersey schools

English learners in New Jersey public schools, already facing inadequate supports and a lack of attention, missed out on critical services during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report that a Rutgers faculty member helped edit......»»

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Dell Cyber Monday deals — laptops, monitors and more are still available

Upgrading your desktop setup or buying a new laptop doesn't have to be hard. Especially not when you have our guide to the best Dell Cyber Monday deals still available today......»»

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Researchers develop new approach to nanoparticles that stop internal bleeding

Researchers have developed a unique way of modifying the surfaces of nanoparticles within life-saving medications to provide infusions that can be delivered more quickly, but with a reduced risk of negative reactions......»»

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Moderna CEO Says Vaccines Likely Less Effective Against Omicron

The head of drugmaker Moderna said COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to be as effective against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus as they have been previously, sparking fresh worry in financial markets about the trajectory of the pandemic. From a r.....»»

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Xbox Cloud Gaming"s Clarity Boost promises to enhance visual quality of streamed games

Named Clarity Boost, the new feature results from the joint work between the Xbox Cloud Gaming and Edge browser teams, hence why it only works with Microsoft's browser. This feature promises to improve visual quality in games streamed over Edge brows.....»»

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Athletes need thorough tests after long COVID, study finds

Athletes returning to training following long COVID should undergo a series of tests and seek regular advice from a multi-disciplinary team of specialists to ensure they are fit to resume exercise, according to a new study......»»

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Two-meter COVID-19 rule is "arbitrary measurement" of safety

A new study has shown that the airborne transmission of COVID-19 is highly random and suggests that the two-metre rule was a number chosen from a risk 'continuum', rather than any concrete measurement of safety......»»

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