As egg prices soar, the deadliest bird flu outbreak in US history drags on

Risk to humans is low, but epidemiologists fear a future pandemic by such a flu. Enlarge / Chicken eggs are disposed of at a quarantined farm in Israel's northern Moshav (village) of Margaliot on January 3, 2022. (credit: Getty.....»»

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Rain offers slight reprieve from largest wildfire in history of Texas

Rainfall offered some reprieve from the largest wildfire in the history of Texas, officials said Friday, though dry, gusty conditions were expected to return this weekend for a blaze that has killed two people and scorched a million acres......»»

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The role of history in how efficient color names evolve

Suppose two speakers of the same language are playing a guessing game where each has the same color swatches, and Player 1 tries to get Player 2 to guess a hue by naming the color. If the second player consistently guesses correctly as often as possi.....»»

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Mercury rising: Study sheds new light on ancient volcanoes" environmental impact

Massive volcanic events in Earth's history that released large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere frequently correlate with periods of severe environmental change and mass extinctions. A new method to estimate how much and how rapidly carbon was r.....»»

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Texas battling largest wildfire in its history

Texas emergency crews were struggling Thursday to contain the largest wildfire in the US state's history, with the blaze leaving at least one person dead and scorching a million acres as it raged out of control......»»

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Genetic research reveals several new fern species in tropical America

Researchers have clarified the evolutionary history of a previously poorly known group of ferns from the tropical rainforests of America using DNA methods. The study discovered many new fern species, 18 of which have now been given official names and.....»»

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From crickets in Melbourne to grasshoppers in Cairns, here"s what triggers an insect outbreak

In recent weeks, Melburnians have reported thousands of crickets showing up in large numbers after dark, flying into homes and shops and taking up residence......»»

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10 best movie villains of all time, ranked

In the pantheon of cinematic villainy, these figures rule with an iron fist, becoming indelible parts of motion picture history with their dastardly deeds......»»

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Motorola tax season sale: Get the foldable Razr for $500 and more

Motorola's Tax Season Sale is in full swing, dropping the prices of popular smartphones like the Motorola Razr to just $500 and the Motorola Razr+ to only $700......»»

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Grab an Apple Watch Ultra for $503 while supplies last

Amazon-owned Woot is clearing out Grade A refurbished Apple Watch styles, with prices dipping to as low as $129.99. Pick up an Apple Watch Ultra for just $502.99 while supplies last.Amazon-owned Woot is slashing prices on Apple Watches.The Apple Watc.....»»

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I found the 3 best 75-inch TV deals available now — from $500

If you're looking for 75-inch TV deals to upgrade your home theater setup, here are the top three offers that we've found with prices starting as cheap as $500......»»

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BLUETTI’s ice-making fridge freezer + modular power station is a car-camping dream

Meet BLUETTI’s first ecosystem, the SwapSolar: the world’s first LFP-powered MultiCooler portable fridge and the AC180T hot-swappable battery power station. This dynamic duo just launched on Indigogo, so make sure to catch those Super Early Bird.....»»

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Higher AutoZone profits signal DIY trend gaining traction as vehicle costs rise

Demand for auto parts stayed resilient during the recent quarter as surging vehicle prices kept new- and used-car buyers on the sidelines......»»

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AgileBlue Sapphire AI streamlines SecOps and SOAR processes

AgileBlue announced the availability of Sapphire AI in its Cerulean XDR|SOAR platform. The advanced AI system reinforces the company’s commitment to customer excellence, serving as the first line of defense against a cyberattack. With cybe.....»»

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Unlocking the heat in mosquito modeling: Exploring disease transmission under climate change

Thermal adaptation is the ability of organisms to adjust their life history traits as the temperature changes. In the case of mosquitoes, these traits can determine their risk of transmitting mosquito-borne diseases and how this risk might change in.....»»

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Cosmic dust could have helped get life going on Earth

Life on our planet appeared early in Earth's history. Surprisingly early, since in its early youth our planet didn't have much of the chemical ingredients necessary for life to evolve. Since prebiotic chemicals such as sugars and amino acids are know.....»»

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What the climate movement gets wrong about disruption

The 1963 Civil Rights victory in Birmingham, Alabama paved the way for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In their latest article, published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, UMass Amherst Associate Professor of History Kevin Young and Yale U.....»»

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Keep it secret: How to delete your Netflix viewing history

We all have guilty Netflix pleasures, but you might not want everyone to know about them. Here's how to delete your Netflix viewing history in just a few steps......»»

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Odysseus Marks the First US Moon Landing in More Than 50 Years

A Houston-based company called Intuitive Machines made lunar history this week......»»

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Jeep CEO turnaround plan features price cuts, ‘freedom of choice" amid EV transition

Jeep is cutting prices on some of its key models and taking new approaches to marketing, branding and dealer relations in an effort to turn around the brand's flagging sales in North America......»»

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The best Android phones in 2024: the 14 best ones you can buy

If you’re an Android fan in search of a new smartphone, then allow us to find the perfect partner. Here are the best Android phones at various prices......»»

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