App Review"s sudden enforcement of an in-app gift rule catches a meditation app off guard

Insight Timer is a popular meditation app that allows students to tip teachers directly, but an App Review mistake that took over a year to catch has forced the developer to adopt in-app purchases and pay Apple's 30% commission.Insight Timer on the A.....»»

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Grab the New Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for $100 Less and an Amazon Gift Card!

Get Samsung's latest midrange tablet for a hundred bucks less! The post Grab the New Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for $100 Less and an Amazon Gift Card! appeared first on Phandroid. If you’ve been looking for a relatively-affordable high end A.....»»

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Espresso 17 Pro review: Magnetic & modular portable Mac monitor

The Espresso 17 Pro avoids the usual compromises in portable monitors by offering a large multi-touch glossy 4K retina-grade display with magnetic modularity inspired by Apple's iPad.Espresso 17 Pro reviewPortable displays have become more commonplac.....»»

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Trapped in the middle: Billiards with memory framework leads to mathematical questions

Adding one simple rule to an idealized game of billiards leads to a wealth of intriguing mathematical questions, as well as applications in the physics of living organisms. This week, researchers from the University of Amsterdam, including two master.....»»

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NASA technology helps guard against lunar dust

Defeating dust may be a small concern for most people on Earth, but for astronauts and spacecraft destined for the moon or Mars, it is a significant hazard that must be mitigated. That's why researchers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida are s.....»»

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Herogo TV Lets You Watch Live and Channels for Free

Herogo TV by Navroz Media Network promises unlimited content viewing and streaming, as well as paid content for watching on the go. Here’s a quick overview and HeroGo TV review. What is HeroGo TV? First Impressions Herogo TV is the latest app to co.....»»

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Sneaky Links Review – Not Your Everyday Social Media Platform

Spice things up with a social media app that promises something unconventional. In this Sneaky Links review, we explore the social media network and the features it has to offer. What is Sneaky Links? First Impression At first glance, we thought of S.....»»

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Valyuz Review – Dedicated Business IBAN Services for Everyone

Valyuz stands out as a business debit card service known not only for its financial management prowess but also for a range of other valuable features. From small startups to large enterprises, various businesses rely on this company to cater to thei.....»»

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"Fallout" review: Video game adaptation is a wild nuclear Western

Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Aaron Moten star in Prime Video's adaptation of the "Fallout" games. Early on in one of Fallout's many flashbacks to the late 21st century, actor Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins) worries about the ending of a Wes.....»»

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Grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and score a $100 Amazon gift card for free

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (64GB) is $329.99 at Amazon and comes with a $100 Amazon gift card for free GET A $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (64GB) costs $329.99 at Amazon and comes with a free $100 Amazon gift card......»»

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Sony just announced its bass-heavy ULT Wear headphones: Our review

Sony's new ULT Power Sound series prioritizes bass. The ULT Wear headphones are a master class in sound quality, comparable to the WH-1000XM5s. Listening to “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone on Sony’s new ULT Wear headphones made.....»»

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Amazon deal of the day: Score a $100 Amazon gift card when you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Amazon's best deals of the day on April 11 include a free gift card with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite purchase and more. Amazon deals of the day at a glance:.....»»

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I have Samsung’s newest cheap phone, and I’m a bit worried

I've got the new Samsung Galaxy A55 in my hand, ready for review. Even at this stage, there are some things that need to be said about it......»»

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Earthquakes may not be primary driver of glacial lake outburst floods

Glacial lakes form when meltwater is trapped behind a dam, usually glacial ice, bedrock or a type of moraine (terminal types being an unconsolidated pile of debris at the maximum extent of the glacier). When a dam fails, the resulting sudden release.....»»

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Scientists create octopus survival guide to minimize impacts of fishing

Octopuses have been around for hundreds of millions of years, but did you know that most only live for a few years, dying soon after mating or laying eggs? Until now that hasn't been a problem, but octopus catches have doubled in recent decades as th.....»»

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iPhone 12 Pro Review: Why I Didn’t Upgrade to iPhone 15 Pro

When Apple announced the iPhone 15 series in September I, like many others, went back and forth about an upgrade. Ultimately, I decided to stick with my trusty iPhone 12 Pro for another year. I’m not writing this to bad mouth Apple’s new.....»»

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Starting today, ISPs must display labels with price, speeds, and data caps

ISPs comply with FCC rule after protesting requirement to list all fees. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Smith Collection/Gado ) A sample consumer label for home Internet service. (credit: FCC) Starting today, home Inter.....»»

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West Africa"s falling fish stocks: Illegal Chinese trawlers, climate change and artisanal fishing fleets to blame

Average fish catches by traditional fishing communities along the west African coast have declined significantly over the past three decades......»»

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New covert SharePoint data exfiltration techniques revealed

Varonis Threat Labs researchers have uncovered two techniques attackers can use can use for covert data and file exfiltration from companies’ SharePoint server. “These techniques can bypass the detection and enforcement policies of tradit.....»»

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Hurry! The Nintendo Switch OLED just got a rare discount

Perfect for portable gaming, family gaming, and everything else, the Nintendo Switch OLED catches a rare discount now at Woot......»»

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Mandatory broadband ‘nutrition’ labels will reveal real speeds and hidden fees

Internet service providers (ISPs) now have to display broadband ‘nutrition’ labels, being upfront about the true costs, speeds, and data allowances offered, The rule was introduced in response to growing consumer complaints about hidden fees,.....»»

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