An ultra-short-period exoplanet discovered with TESS

Using NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), an international team of astronomers has detected a new ultra-short-period exoplanet. The newfound alien world, designated HD 20329 b, orbits its host star in slightly less than one day. The.....»»

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Researchers develop new "raspberry-shaped" nanoparticle for precision drug delivery

A newly discovered technique, reported in the journal Nanoscale, offers a low-cost way to enhance the effectiveness of existing drugs......»»

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How karst caves can be used as a terrestrial simulation platform to test and design human bases in lunar lava tubes

If human beings want to survive on the other planets for a long time, they must first find or set up a safe, stable, and long-term shelter. Lunar lava tubes are geological structures on the moon discovered in recent years. They take the form of hollo.....»»

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Oldest DNA yet sequenced shows mastodons once roamed a warmer Greenland

DNA left behind during a warm period is viable 2 million years later. Enlarge / An attempt to reconstruct what northern Greenland looked like about 2 million years ago. (credit: Beth Zaiken) When once-living tissue is pr.....»»

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Microsoft promises Call of Duty for Nintendo consoles in surprise 10-year deal

Agreement also extends to continued Steam support for the ultra-popular shooter. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) Nintendo fans hoping that the ultra-popular Call of Duty series would eventually come to the Switch got an.....»»

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Best Phone Deals: Save on Google Pixel 6a, Galaxy S22 Ultra

It's never a bad time to score a new smartphone, and here are some great deals that can save you hundreds......»»

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Automotive chip supply likely to stay short before 2024

Automotive chip shortages, despite improving recently, are unlikely to be fully resolved before 2024 as supply growth is unable to catch up with the rapid increase in demand, according to sources from the automotive supply chain......»»

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Don’t miss this Apple Watch Ultra deal

The Apple Watch Ultra is the cool adventurer's smartwatch that Nigel Thornberry would kill for. On sale now!.....»»

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Jawbone may represent earliest presence of humans in Europe

For over a century, one of the earliest human fossils ever discovered in Spain has been long considered a Neandertal. However, new analysis from an international research team, including scientists at Binghamton University, State University of New Yo.....»»

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"Any means necessary": The police who adopt the skull symbol of an ultra-violent comic book vigilante

In Travis Linnemann's book The Horror Of Police, he quotes David Grossman, founder of the "bulletproof warrior" seminar series, notorious for teaching police that killing is "just not that big of a deal.".....»»

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My favorite phone of 2022 didn’t come out this year — it’s from 2021

The iPhone 14 Pro did away with the notch, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra spoiled me with its industry-leading 10x zoom. But my favorite phone of 2022 is from 2021......»»

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I used ChatGPT to interpret my astrological makeup, and it was surprisingly good

I used the ChatGPT general-purpose chatbot developed by OpenAI to interpret tarot cards and astrological combinations and discovered some interesting results......»»

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Researchers adapt a Nobel Prize-winning method to design new, ultra-powerful X-ray systems

If scientists want to push the boundaries of, say, an X-ray laser, they may need to create some new technology. But occasionally there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, scientists simply come up with a new way to use it......»»

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Daily deals Dec. 6: $500 off M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, $269 2021 10.2-inch iPad, Up to 32% off Cricut Explore Air 2, more

Tuesday's best deals include $50 off an Apple Watch Ultra, $330 off the Samsung M8 32-inch Smart Monitor, a $99 2021 Apple TV 4K, and much more.Best deals for December 6Every day, AppleInsider scours online retailers daily to find discounts and offer.....»»

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IDMs see clear auto IGBT order visibility through 2023

The supply of automotive IGBT continues to fall short of demand, and international IDMs have seen clear order visibility throughout 2023, while Chinese semiconductor companies are also stepping up the development and production of IGBT and other powe.....»»

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DOJ antitrust regulators should look at Apple, Google"s handling of TikTok, says FCC commissioner

Apple and Google's continued hosting of TikTok on their app stores, despite US national security concerns about the short-form video app, reflects the tech giants' "gatekeeper" power and should be made part of any antitrust reviews the app stores may.....»»

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Apple Watch Ultra is back on sale at Amazon, delivers by Christmas

Save $50 on the 2022 Apple Watch Ultra at Amazon, with multiple styles available for delivery by Christmas.Amazon's Apple Watch Ultra sale knocks $50 off styles with the Ocean Band — with delivery windows well before Christmas in all three colors.B.....»»

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A dangerous pesticide isn"t being monitored in key bird of prey populations. We"re shedding light on that gap

It was once regarded as a miracle chemical to protect against disease and improve global food production. The man who discovered its properties even won a Nobel Prize for medicine. But today, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is best known for it.....»»

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Alienware teases a monster new 18-inch laptop ahead of CES

Alienware just dropped a short trailer teasing a new 18-inch gaming laptop. This is very exciting news indeed, but the video prompts more questions than answers......»»

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Can a new technique for capturing "hot" electrons make solar cells more efficient?

A new way of extracting quantitative information from state-of-the-art single molecule experiments has been developed by physicists at the University of Bath. Using this quantitative information, the researchers will be able to probe the ultra-fast p.....»»

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New technique to make complex molecules for antibiotics and anti-fungal medicines

Scientists invented a pioneering technique to construct molecules discovered in rare sediments from the Bahamas with the potential to help treat disease and infection.....»»

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