Finding IoT"s untapped potential in the rental market

The startup IOTAS is equipping multi-family housing units with IOT technology designed for tech-savvy young people who don't yet own a home......»»

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Twilio launches Twilio Studio to boost engagement apps

The idea behind Twilio Studio is to enable business execs and developers iterate on tools such as messaging bots, voice system workflows and notifications......»»

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AWS announces per-second billing for EC2 instances

The new, more granular billing for compute resources will be introduced next month for Linux instances in all AWS regions......»»

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Intel has invested more than $1 billion in AI companies

​Intel CEO Brian Krzanich ​penned an op-ed Monday that touts the company's AI investments......»»

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Oracle unveils next-gen SPARC platform

Oracle claims that it can deliver encryption and hashing two times faster than Intel's x86 platform......»»

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John Chambers to leave Cisco board of directors

Chambers is ending his 24-year run on the networking company's board......»»

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Micro Focus rolls out Vertica 9 following HPE deal close

Micro Focus launches the latest addition of Vertica, the big data platform acquired from Hewlett Packard Enterprise......»»

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IBM launches data migration to cloud service

IBM Cloud launches a service to physically move data from your data center to its cloud priced at $395 per transfer device including shipping......»»

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Itron acquires Silver Spring Networks for $830 million, eyes broader smart city, smart grid deployments

Itron specializes in energy and water analytics and technology. Silver Spring is a smart city and mesh network player. The two see more IoT grid and city connections......»»

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Google debuts Tez app to make mobile payments as easy as cash

The app has been designed to help countries dealing with economic issues and cash woes......»»

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It"s now or never for wireless charging

2018 will be the year wireless charging for handsets takes off, or it is destined to remain an oddity......»»

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IBM"s Watson Data Platform aims to become data science operating system

IBM's plan is to create a data science operating system that can bring together data scientists, analysts and business leaders......»»

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I Want Microsoft To Build Kinect Into Their Controllers

Paul Miller just wrote a piece over at The Verge pointing out the similarities between the Kinect and the Notch in the new iPhone X. He notes that this is from June 2009:And this is from September 2017:It got me thinking about Kinect and the possibil.....»»

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Oh, hi.

It’s been more than 2 full months since I’ve posted. I’m sorry about that. I love tumblr, I love the people on tumblr, and I really just can’t figure out how to quit you.I’ve had some work and life changes which kept me away, but I promise.....»»

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Equifax CIO, CSO step down

One week after revealing a massive data breach, Equifax announced two of its executives are "retiring," effective immediately......»»

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Oracle preps autonomous database at OpenWorld, aims to cut labor, admin time

Oracle's move to offer an autonomous database is aimed directly at Amazon Web Services......»»

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Oracle tops Q1 estimates

Oracle's cloud business, including infrastructure as a service, came to $1.5 billion, up 51 percent......»»

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Comcast Business launches software defined wide area networking service

Comcast Business has launched its ActiveCore platform and its first service revolves around SD-WAN......»»

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Atlassian rolls out several cloud-focused product updates

The product enhancements, announced at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose, are designed to improve collaboration and visibility across different corporate teams......»»

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Apple iPhone X sets the stage for future price hikes, not innovation

When we accept expensive smartphones and salivate over smart features, there is no barrier to budget......»»

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