10 Super Helpful Tips and Tricks on Door Maintenance Worth Reading

If home is somewhere you want to be at the end of the day, the gateway to it is through your door. No kidding! One of the most important part of any property, be it your home or your office, the door is one of the most ignored yet vital to your safet.....»»

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Hiding the Unsightly AC Unit – 5 Beautiful Ways to Do It

Summer is here and that means it’s time to tune up the old AC., or install a new one if the current one is too old or you just don’t have one yet. However, not even the best HVAC and AC contractors can help you hide the ugly but extremely importa.....»»

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What is Insulated Concrete[ICF] and How is it Used in Contemporary Architecture

Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF is proving to be a revolutionizing technology in the construction industry. An alternative to cement, ICF are modular units that can be set in interlocking panels and blocks to complete the construction. Think of inter.....»»

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HVAC Units – Impactful Necessary Evil in the Contemporary Façade

Get around New York and you will come across several sheer curtain walls that are seemingly punctured by hideous looking punch marks of HVAC units. Regardless of where you stay, the outdoor unit of your HVAC is certainly the most unwanted, but nevert.....»»

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The Solar Roof – How Elon Musk Is Influencing Architecture While Saving the World

Tesla’s Elon Musk has been changing the world for the better, one roof at a time with ‘Steel Pulse’. Place, Date: Late in 2016 August, Elon Musk personally tested the efficiency of his (then) new found solar roof technology on a user’s home......»»

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How to Use Quartz Worktops and Why They Dominate Today’s Market

About Quartz Worktops Quartz worktops are a perfect option for making a beautiful and functional kitchen. The main reason behind some much popularity of this worktop is their high level of endurance. Quartz is a natural material available on the eart.....»»

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General Ideas About Architecture and Construction Career Pathways

It takes a family to build a home. It also takes a team of workers to build a building. Architecture and Construction Career Clusters contain occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills. The careers in this cluster incorporate m.....»»

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16 Home Essentials Under $200 That You Simply Cannot Overlook

What are some home essentials that you can think of that you have? Or even some that you don’t have that you can’t think of to spice up or make things easier for you in your home. There are some items in some homes that are not needed in the hous.....»»

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11 Facts About Eiffel Tower We Bet You Didn’t Know

  A name synonymous to Paris, Eiffel tower is that quintessential landmark which rules the list of must-see places on every Paris itinerary. This architectural jewel in the crown of Paris attracts millions of tourists from different regions of t.....»»

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12 Nouveau Concepts for the Modern Home

Nouveau is a style of art that focuses on simple patterns, curved lines, and elements of nature. These elements are often worked in together to form beautiful patterns, ranging from the simple to the complex. Many people choose to use this style when.....»»

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5 Famous Chicago Homes That Prove Why the City is the Architecture Capital of the World

  Which city is the architecture capital of the world?  For some, it is Barcelona, while other proclaim the title belongs to New York, and others still say Chicago should hold the crown.  While the Windy City is known for being the home of the.....»»

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Beginner Home Automation Questions Answered

The concept of smart homes has existed for more than a century, but it was only within the past five decades that the technology has allowed us to create real home automation tools. What’s more, this outstanding automation tech has only become affo.....»»

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13 Epic Home DIY Projects to Try in 2017

The sun is shining and we’re halfway into 2017 already. Where did the time go? If you’ve been meaning to tackle some DIY projects this year and not found the time to get round to it, now’s your chance. Not only does DIY save you money in the lo.....»»

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Cool Must-Have Furnishings Ideas for the Modern Living Room

  Modern design seems to stay in perpetual style, long after other trends have come and gone. And why not? It’s classic without ever feeling outdated; utilitarian without taking itself too seriously. When it comes to the living room, for examp.....»»

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38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort

A good layout is the most important component of a good interior design one might argue yet as this relevant piece is rarely a given, practicality, the grade of customization and comfort are rapidly taking the lead in the real world. Balance in desig.....»»

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Re-Think: Share your ideas with the world

Re-Think: Share your ideas with the world.....»»

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The Culla Belly Co-Sleeper Will Keep Your Little Loved One Close

A newborn triggers one of the most extraordinary time-frame of our lives, parenthood, we are excited and frightened to death, we start to assemble our own family, knowledge, tradition and our family name is passed on to the little creature, the child.....»»

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A-Frame House in The Hamptons Revamped by Edgar Papazian

New York studio Doon Architecture lead by Architect Edgar Papazian has redefined an aged A-frame house into a timeless cozy family nest in an area known for an “outrageous housing market”. It is entitled the Triangle House and it was the.....»»

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How to Make Your Home Safer

Do you feel safe and secure in your home? Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners don't prepare for the worst-case scenarios that can take place in their properties. The post How to Make Your Home Safer appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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3 DIY Renovation Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

The Do it Yourself movement has made a major comeback since the last recession, driven further by home repair .. The post 3 DIY Renovation Projects You Should Never Do Yourself appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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