Learn How to Select the Best Rug for a Room Today

Rugs are excellent added luxuries for rooms in houses which are not generally very hot or are ventilated sufficiently. If you plan on introducing a rug in your living room or the bedroom, you will need to be aware of the simple concept entitled rug.....»»

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How to Best Integrate a Wet Room Into Your House

For most of us, the term “Wet Room” could be something new. Well, it is essentially the bathroom space that comes with tiled floor and attached contemporary design schemes for extra convenience to the owners. Now, that you are a little more eased.....»»

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What Color is Teal and How You Can Use It in Your Home Decor

Teal is a color that you may or may not have heard about. The best way to describe this color would be to say that it is a deeper variant of the blue-green color, which is similar to cyan, but a bit darker. Doesn’t ring a bell? Imagine turquoise, a.....»»

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Pure Essence in Winspear Opera Houseby Foster + Partners

From the architect. The new Winspear Opera House in Dallas redefines the essence of a opera house for the twenty first century, breaking down barriers to make opera more accessible for a wider audience. Located in Dallas Texas the Winspear Opera H.....»»

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Shelter 48- Emergency Life Support Design by Call for Entries

Eleven’s seventh international architecture & design competition asks you to imagine a post-disaster life-saving shelter concept. Eleven has announced their latest ideas and design open competition: ‘Shelter 48: Emergency Life Support Design’......»»

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Super Simple Warning Signs That Point To A Malfunctioning HVAC Unit

Almost every home in the United States has a heating and air conditioning unit. While these units are not prone to malfunctions, there always comes a time when you have to deal with repairs. It is always in the homeowner’s best interest to have the.....»»

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Learn What Taupe Color is and How You Should Actually Use It

Ever heard of the taupe color? We wouldn’t be surprised if you answered “no” because this too falls under the category of colors that are hard to define. Yes, by hard to define we mean taupe is a color that is in line with names like chartreuse.....»»

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19 Excellent Indoor Hammocks to Soothe Your Nerves Swinging

While you may have seen many hammocks strung high up on trees in a serene beach or a beautiful forest environment, these products are widely used indoors as well. In fact, you can really spruce up your living room with swinging indoor hammocks. In th.....»»

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What the Chippendale Furniture is and How to Identify It

When thinking about antique furniture the name Chippendale is the first thing that comes to mind as the most well-known style. Dominant in America from about 1750 to 1780 the style was named after an 18th century cabinetmaker Thomas Chippend.....»»

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How is Fire Rated Glass Used in Office Towers Today

The time is changing in many ways. Earlier it was very difficult to plan any emergency but with time it is now possible to plan some preventive measures for the possible emergency situation. The better living standards and the changing approach of pe.....»»

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Scandinavian Charm Preserves Historic Essence in Gothenburg, Sweden

Scandinavian Design mainly evolves through simplicity, minimalism and functionality that  started surfacing in 1950’s. The five countries that mainly possess Scandinavian Designs are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Sweden are consis.....»»

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17 Incredibly Epic Small Camper Trailers That Will Lead You Outdoors

Whether you are a lone wolf traveling across the country, a camping aficionado with a significant other, or a growing family that loves to travel, you’ve probably thought about owning a small camper. After all, nothing feels better than cruising by.....»»

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Playful Wooden Structure Encourages Exploration in the Wild

The playground is an area envision for children yet used by us all, an area very useful to children in particular as it encourages them to play every day. It encourages them to explore and learn in the wild the natural behavior of the environment whi.....»»

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Flatiron Building by Daniel Burnham | Classics on Architecture Lab

The Flatiron Building, completed in 1902, was one of the tallest buildings in the city at 20 floors high and one of only two skyscrapers north of 14th Street. Designed by architect Daniel Burnham, one of the most recognized building in New Yor.....»»

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Duality in WH Residence Tailored by M3 Architects in Odessa

The beautiful Black Sea coastal area received yet another architectural gem as M3 Architects have recently unveiled the WH Residence, a home located in the outskirts of Arcadia, renown resort in Ukraine for its clubbing center. Two L-shaped volumes c.....»»

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„Jetlag“ Tea & Wine Bar in St. George Square, Prague

In the center of Prague a small little intricate tea and wine bar surfaced; it serves delicious coffee too yet this is not its focus. The concept anchors in traveling between time zones hence the derived name of Jetlag, you ought to fly throughout th.....»»

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Adaptive Reuse Architecture 101 – Evolution, Definition & Examples

Adaptive Reuse is to meet halfway between history and modernization. A certain country, place or structure have started to create its own story and carved a relevance in history, they`ve en-rooted themselves in collective memory and indirectly, they`.....»»

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The Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe | Classics on Architecture Lab

The Farnsworth House, designed and built between 1946 and 1951 by architect Mies van der Rohe represents an iconic masterpiece of International Style of Architecture. Just right outside of Chicago in a 10-acre secluded wooded site with the Fox River.....»»

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Immense Contemporary Pavilion Contrasts Historic Farm – Mecanoo Architecten

In Netherlands a property nestles Château St. Gerlach, an extraordinary historic gem animated by a pragmatic program today, a five-star hotel, a function that animates it from within, opens it up to the public and more importantly manages to mainta.....»»

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The Fletcher Capstan Table – Inexplicably Beautiful Design & Engineering

A world that is always struggling to accommodate the ever expanding population, the availability of free space has become a luxury. The furniture industry has thus far evolved with the changing demands, bringing smart innovations in the form of modul.....»»

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