World"s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Portugal

Portugal's Institute for Research and Technological Development for Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability has completed a 516-metre-long pedestrian suspension bridge named 516 Arouca in northern Portugal. Read more Portugal'.....»»

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How Quantum Computers are Already Untangling Nature"s Mysteries

Wired published a long extract from Amit Katwala's book Quantum Computing: How It Works and How It Could Change the World — explaining how it's already being put to use to explore some of science's biggest secrets by simulating nature itelf: So.....»»

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World’s first flying race car makes historic maiden flight

Check out this so-called "flying car" that's set to take part in the world's first racing series using such vehicles later this year......»»

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What Happened When an Entire Town Went Full Crypto

Bloomberg Businessweek describes what happened when an anonymous donor started "seeding" the tiny El Salvadoran surfing village of El Zonte (population: 3,000) with Bitcoin, turning it into the world's biggest Bitcoin experiment. Workers now receive.....»»

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Ring Once Gave Free Cameras to 100 Los Angeles Police Officers

"In a bid to bolster its claims as a crime-fighting tool, Ring deployed a tactic popular in the business world: influencer marketing," reports the Los Angeles Times. "It selected a cadre of brand ambassadors, rewarded them with free gadgets and disco.....»»

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Now Also Elevated to Microsoft"s Chairman

Microsoft Satya Nadella elevated as Microsoft chairman Satya Nadella "has been elevated as chairman of Microsoft, a recognition of how dramatically he has transformed the world's largest software maker as chief executive over the past seven years,".....»»

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Sable hands-on: A vast and striking desert world worth exploring

We got a chance to go hands-on with Sable, the new indie exploration game from Shedworks and Raw Fury......»»

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Separating natural and anthropogenic pollutants in the air

COVID-19 has changed the world in unimaginable ways. Some have even been positive, with new vaccines developed in record time. Even the extraordinary lockdowns, which have had severe effects on movement and commerce, have had beneficial effects on th.....»»

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits hands-on: Pikmin-like creatures steal the show

We played one hour of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, which features a surprising, Pikmin-esque mechanic......»»

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Highlights of the day: TSMC N4 process to start risk production in 3Q21

TSMC is fast advancing its manufacturing processes, and it is expected to move its N4, namely 4nm, node to risk production in the third quarter of 2021, with N3 - 3nm node - to start volume production at the world's number-one pure-play foundry house.....»»

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Nielsen Now Knows When You Are Streaming

Nielsen on Thursday announced that it had moved a step closer toward cracking one of the great questions of the modern entertainment world: How big, exactly, is streaming? From a report: Nielsen, the 98-year-old research firm that for decades has had.....»»

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Long-term Himalayan glacier study: Geographers combine historical images and maps with current data

The glaciers of Nanga Parbat—one of the highest mountains in the world—have been shrinking slightly but continually since the 1930s. This loss in surface area is evidenced by a long-term study conducted by researchers from the South Asia Institut.....»»

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Anthropogenic forcing increases drought risks in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian monsoon region is located in warm and humid tropics. It is home to nearly 15% of the world's tropical forests and is one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world......»»

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A new "twist" to break viscoelastic liquid bridges

If you've ever tried to lift a pizza slice covered in hot, melted cheese, you've no doubt encountered the long, cheesy strings that bridge one pizza slice from the next. Keep lifting the pizza slice and these cheese bridges eventually break, covering.....»»

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Fish nutrition database to help combat malnutrition across the globe

A treasure trove of vital nutritional data about fish species is being made freely available and accessible globally—plugging a knowledge gap that will bolster efforts to tackle malnutrition across the world......»»

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World Bank slams bitcoin, declines to help El Salvador’s cryptocurrency plan

Bank faults bitcoin's “environmental and transparency shortcomings.” Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) Last week, El Salvador’s government passed a law to accept bitcoin as legal tender alongside the US dollar. The country r.....»»

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Rocket blasts off carrying first Chinese crew to new space station

The first astronauts for China's new space station blasted off Thursday for the country's longest crewed mission to date, a landmark step in establishing Beijing as a major space power......»»

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Take a look inside Google’s first-ever retail store

Google first-ever permanent brick-and-mortar store opens in Manhattan, New York City, on Thursday, June 17. Take a look inside......»»

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US-Taiwan partnerships: Q&A with Arati Shroff, deputy chief of Economic Section at AIT

Bloomberg has warned that the world is "dangerously dependent" on supply of semiconductors from Taiwan - an assertion echoed by attempts that many governments have made to avoid placing all eggs in one basket. The US has already made moves towards bo.....»»

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Riot Games picks League of Legends World Championship’s host cities for 2021

Riot Games announced the five cities in China that will host the 2021 League of Legends World Championship......»»

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El Salvador Seeks World Bank Help For Bitcoin Implementation

El Salvador has sought assistance from the World Bank as it implements its move to use bitcoin as a parallel legal tender alongside the U.S. dollar, Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya said on Wednesday. From a report: Zelaya said the Central American.....»»

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