Wildfire closes in on Canadian oil sands city

A wildfire in Canada's major oil-producing region doubled in size as it drew closer to the city of Fort McMurray on Wednesday, but officials were hopeful shifting winds could soon push it away......»»

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Egypt tomb find may shed light on ancient diseases: Ministry

A new discovery of 33 ancient tombs in Egypt's southern city of Aswan could reveal "new information on diseases" prevalent at the time, the tourism and antiquities ministry said Monday......»»

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The "15-minute city" might not be realistic for North America, researchers find

In the "15-minute city," a concept popularized in Europe, everything a resident might need on a daily basis is a short walk or bicycle ride away. A study by Transportation Research at McGill University (TRAM) suggests, however, that this model may no.....»»

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After ISIS bombs, an urgent call to preserve an ancient Syrian temple

The Temple of Bel stands in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, adjoining a desert oasis with palm trees and bountiful water. Constructed in the first two centuries of the Common Era, the temple served for nearly two thousand years as a sanctuary for.....»»

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Baltimore sues Coke, Pepsi and other producers of plastic, citing pollution concerns

Baltimore City filed suit on June 20 against several companies that produce plastics, arguing they should foot the bill for cleaning up plastic pollution on city streets and in the city's bodies of water......»»

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Interactive map shows future climate of your city based on emissions scenarios

The impacts of climate change are being felt all over the world, but how will it impact how your hometown feels? An interactive web application from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science allows users to search 40,581 places and.....»»

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The Penguin trailer: Colin Farrell’s Oz fights for control of Gotham

Colin Farrell's Oz Cobblepot sets out to control the criminal underworld of Gotham City in the latest trailer for The Penguin......»»

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First conclusive video evidence that a terrestrial leech species can jump

A new study presents video evidence that at least one species of terrestrial leech can jump, behavior that scientists have debated for more than a century. Researchers from the American Museum of Natural History, Fordham University, and City Universi.....»»

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For the endangered Nashville crayfish, its rebound is both good and bad news

Dale McGinnity has been turning over rocks in Mill Creek to study the endangered Nashville crayfish for a decade. He hopes to learn whether this little crustacean that makes its home mainly in the urbanized area around its namesake city is being harm.....»»

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City sprawl is now large enough to sway global warming over land

Just how much heat does city sprawl add to large-scale warming? That's one longstanding question researchers sought to answer in a new study recently published in the journal One Earth......»»

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Should FEMA recognize extreme heat and wildfire smoke as "major disasters?"

The nation's top emergency response agency has long been a lifeline for cities and states struggling with disaster. When hurricanes strike, earthquakes rattle, and tornadoes carve paths of destruction, the Federal Emergency Management Agency moves in.....»»

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Wildfire north of LA rapidly spreads as hot, gusty winds continue

Firefighters are battling a series of wildfires that broke out across California over the weekend amid early summer heat and dry, gusty winds......»»

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Saturday Citations: Bacterial warfare, a self-programming language model, passive cooling in the big city

There's a lot of science news in seven days, so just because a new study isn't cited here on Saturday morning doesn't mean it didn't happen. A lot more has happened. But also, check out these four stories:.....»»

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Researchers investigate presence of endangered sea cucumbers for sale in NYC food markets

After surveying food market retailers in three New York City Chinatown districts, Cornell researchers have found genetic evidence that some endangered species of sea cucumbers—considered a pricey but nutritious dried delicacy—are being sold to co.....»»

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Civilization-like Ara blurs lines between hot-seat and play-by-mail multiplayer

Plus, the game promises an innovative approach to turn-based multiplayer. Much of the time, the game looks a lot like Civilization, like in this city view......»»

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Shackleton died on board the Quest; ship’s wreckage has just been found

"His final voyage kind of ended that Heroic Age of Exploration." Enlarge / Ernest Shackleton died on board the Quest in 1922. Forty years later, the ship sank off Canada's Atlantic Coast. (credit: Tore Topp/Royal Canadian Geograp.....»»

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How the health of honeybee hives can inform environmental policies in Canadian cities

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in Canada and around the world in the popularity of urban beekeeping. Driven by a heightened awareness of the vital role of pollinators and the practice's increasing recognition, more Canadians than eve.....»»

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New way to spot beetle-killed spruce can help forest, wildfire managers

A new machine-learning system developed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks can automatically produce detailed maps from satellite data to show locations of likely beetle-killed spruce trees in Alaska, even in forests of low and moderate infestatio.....»»

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Wildfire burning near Colorado"s Lake County"s Twin Lakes prompts evacuation, pre-evacuation orders

A wildfire burning on 164 acres of land in the Interlaken Historic District near Twin Lakes—a popular hiking and camping destination about 22 miles southwest of Leadville—prompted multiple evacuation and pre-evacuation orders Tuesday......»»

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A mountainous mystery uncovered in South Australia"s pink sands

Deposits of deep-pink sand washing up on South Australian shores shed new light on when the Australian tectonic plate began to subduct beneath the Pacific plate, as well as the presence of previously unknown ancient Antarctic mountains......»»

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Athens Acropolis closes as Greece bakes in heat wave

The Athens Acropolis, Greece's most visited tourist site, was closed to the public during the hottest hours of Wednesday because of a heat wave sweeping the country......»»

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