What drove the invention of military technologies?

Peter Turchin from the Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH) and an interdisciplinary team of colleagues set out to test competing theories about what drove the evolution of war machines throughout world history. Their study, published today in the jou.....»»

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Welcome to the (Synthetic) Meatspace

Reactor-grown nuggets, human-edited genetic code, and new mRNA technologies could change our relationship to life itself......»»

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Report calls for animal welfare to be at heart of genome editing plans

A Newcastle University academic has contributed to a new report which says animal welfare must be at the heart of plans to approve new breeding technologies in farming and food production......»»

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TSMC advanced packaging enters next phase of development, says company VP

TSMC's 3DFabric family of 3D silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies is in the next stage of its development, advancing from system integration to system scaling, according to Douglas Yu, company VP of Pathfinding for System Integration......»»

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Chequered History. Future Star. Since their invention in the late 19th century, electric vehicles have gone through both high and low phases. Initially they were hailed as the more efficient alternative to the traditional motorcars with cumbersome in.....»»

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Many Americans don"t see sports as promoting love of country

From the singing of the national anthem to salutes to military personnel, patriotic displays permeate major sports events in the United States......»»

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Use of new technologies and embedded systems for data driven decision-making in the automotive industry

Below are some of the learnings from the discussion on “Embedded Systems for data driven decision-making: Smart Supply-Chain Advantage” from the 13th NASSCOM Design and Engineering Summit held in Oct 2021   In the last few years, we have witness.....»»

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A retina-inspired device that can detect and recognize movements in the environment

Devices that can automatically detect and recognize moving objects have numerous valuable applications, for instance, enhancing remote environmental monitoring. Most existing motion detection and recognition (MDR) technologies are based on image sens.....»»

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India roundup: Acer and Dixon Technologies partnering up

The Modi government is proposing a bill to regulate blockchain technology and is likely to launch an official virtual currency, while Acer and local manufacturer Dixon Technologies are partnering up to increase local manufacturing of laptops......»»

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US stops trading with eight Chinese quantum computing groups

All eight entities developing quantum computing technologies were found to be pursuing potential military applications on behalf of the Chinese government. Three of them were found to be acquiring or attempting to acquire American technologies to ass.....»»

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QLED vs. OLED: Which TV technology is best?

OLED and QLED: Can one letter make such a big difference? Absolutely. Here's what you need to know about the two TV technologies before you spend your money......»»

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Apple files suit against the NSO Group for spying on iPhone users

The suit was filed against the NSO Group and parent company Q Cyber Technologies, neither of which are strangers to making security headlines. The Israeli-based company is responsible for developing and deploying Pegasus, a mobile spyware application.....»»

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Equipment maker ACM debuts on China STAR market

ACM Research, a supplier of wafer cleaning technologies for advanced semiconductor devices, has had its Shanghai-based subsidiary start trading on the science and technology innovation board (STAR) of China's Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) recently......»»

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Russia launches classified military satellite

Russia on Thursday successfully placed into orbit a military satellite believed to be part of the Kremlin's early warning anti-missile system......»»

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On-chip frequency shifters in the gigahertz range could be used in next generation quantum computers and networks

The ability to precisely control and change properties of a photon, including polarization, position in space, and arrival time, gave rise to a wide range of communication technologies we use today, including the Internet. The next generation of phot.....»»

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Pentagon creates new office to probe UFO reports

The Pentagon is creating a new office to investigate unidentified flying objects amid concerns that after broad probes it cannot explain mysterious sightings near highly sensitive military areas......»»

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US Blacklists Chinese Quantum Computing Companies

The US has placed a dozen Chinese groups involved in quantum computing and other advanced technologies on an export blacklist, saying they pose a risk of gaining access to critical American technologies for the People's Liberation Army. From a report.....»»

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How Does the Public Sector Benefit from CCaaS?

The public sector looks completely different in the wake of a global pandemic: COVID-19 forced governments to provide public services differently. AI and automation technologies have become significant investments for proactive outreach (anticipating.....»»

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Hyperautomation – The new wave of Automation

Hyperautomation is one of the most coveted technologies these days and is likely to be a trending buzzword in 2021. A leading Research and Advisory firm has listed Hyperautomation on top of its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 report, and.....»»

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Pythagoras" revenge: Humans didn"t invent mathematics, it"s what the world is made of

Many people think that mathematics is a human invention. To this way of thinking, mathematics is like a language: it may describe real things in the world, but it doesn't "exist" outside the minds of the people who use it......»»

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Two is better than one: Single-atom dimer electrocatalyst for green hydrogen production

The limited reservoir of fossils fuels and the ever-increasing threats of climate change have encouraged researchers to develop alternative technologies to produce eco-friendly fuels. Green hydrogen generated from the electrolysis of water using rene.....»»

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