Unwanted visitor ruins spring break in Florida—toxic algae

With its brilliant sun, white sand and turquoise water, Lido Key Beach would make for a perfect postcard of Florida beaches if it weren't for the dozens of dead fish lying on the shore, killed by a toxic algae bloom known as red tide......»»

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Apple launches Beats spring sale on latest Studio Pro headphones at $200 and Studio Buds+ at $130

Beats is starting off March with a new sale on its latest headphones and earbuds. While you’ll find discounts at Amazon and other retailers, the savings are also going live at this time. We hardly ever see first-party price cuts, and now.....»»

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Flash deal: save 60% on a lifetime Rosetta Stone subscription

You have the perfect tool for learning a new language at your fingertips with Rosetta Stone, and now StackCommerce is offering the famous language-learning software at a 60% discount with more than enough time before spring break travel.Learn a new l.....»»

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Self-pay gas station pumps break across NZ as software can’t handle Leap Day

"We'll add it to our Outlook reminders..." Enlarge / A gas station displays an out-of-order sign on February 29, 2024 in New Zealand. (credit: Mark Coote/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Today is Leap Day, meaning that for.....»»

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Study reveals that decreased cloud cover dominated rapid spring temperature rise in Central Asia

Central Asia has experienced a faster temperature rise than the global land over the past decades, which has brought unprecedented challenges to the survival and flourishing of life. The role of the drivers and their associated underlying mechanisms.....»»

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How climate change is messing up the ocean"s biological clock, with unknown long-term consequences

Every year in the mid-latitudes of the planet, a peculiar phenomenon known as the phytoplankton spring bloom occurs. Visible from space, spectacular large and ephemeral filament-like shades of green and blue are shaped by the ocean currents......»»

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How nitrogen has been underestimated in lake ecosystems

An ecological imbalance in a lake can usually be attributed to increased nutrient inputs. This results in increased phytoplankton growth, oxygen deficiency, toxic cyanobacterial blooms and fish deaths. Until now, controls in lake management have focu.....»»

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Get ready for summer: Ninja’s CREAMi ice cream maker is 15% off

The Ninja CREAMi is on sale ahead of spring and summer. Get prepped for summer with winter pricing today!.....»»

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China"s annual spring iPhone sales are here, and the discount isn"t as steep as it"s been

In what has become an annual tradition, two of China's biggest iPhone resellers are offering discounts on Apple's higher-end iPhone models.iPhone 15 Pro MaxThe iPhone 15 series has not been as successful in China as its predecessors, although Tim Coo.....»»

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Apple will ‘break new ground’ in generative AI this year, Tim Cook teases

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a message for Wall Street. He believes Apple “break new ground” on generative AI this year. Cook’s latest AI hype comments came today during Apple’s annual shareholders meeting. more….....»»

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CDC recommends spring COVID booster for people 65 and up

The shot should be taken at least four months since the last COVID vaccination. Enlarge / The Moderna Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine is shown at a CVS in 2023. (credit: Getty | Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle ) People ages.....»»

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That moment when you land on the Moon, break a leg, and are about to topple over

"We hit harder than expected and skidded along the way." Enlarge / A photo of Odysseus the moment before it gently toppled over. (credit: Intuitive Machines) After six days and the public release of new images, engineers.....»»

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Which iPhones Support Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging allows users to charge an iPhone by placing it on a compatible wireless charging pad. We get questions about wireless compatibility all the time so we want to break down exactly which iPhones support the technology. Apple first brou.....»»

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Counting rays: Aerial surveys reveal ample populations in southeast Florida

The whitespotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari) and the giant manta ray (Mobula birostris) are rapidly declining globally. Both species are classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as endangered worldwide, and the giant manta.....»»

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EV startup Fisker signs two more U.S. dealers, Bul Auto Sales and Karma Indy

Fisker said the two new partners plan to open three locations in New York, Florida and Indiana. The EV maker switched from direct sales to franchised dealers in January......»»

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Walleye struggle with changes to timing of spring thaw, researchers find

Walleye are one of the most sought-after species in freshwater sportfishing, a delicacy on Midwestern menus and a critically important part of the culture of many Indigenous communities. They are also struggling to survive in the warming waters of th.....»»

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Apple is gearing up to celebrate spring with new Apple Watch band colors

Apple is preparing to usher in the new season with a sunny new lineup of Apple Watch bands in a variety of pastel colors.2023 spring Apple Watch bands - image credit MacRumorsWhile not officially announced, Apple is likely gearing up for a spring spe.....»»

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Maybe, just maybe, Boeing’s Starliner will finally fly astronauts this spring

The first launch of astronauts on Boeing's Starliner capsule is targeted for April 22. Enlarge / Boeing's Starliner crew module for the upcoming Crew Flight Test was mated with the spacecraft's service module last year in Florida.....»»

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These new emoji are coming to iPhone in iOS 17.4

Apple is updating the iPhone with even more emoji characters. iOS 17.4 introduces new ways to express approval or denial, break through the chains, rise from the ashes, or just express that limes are superior to lemons. There’s also a mushroom that.....»»

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Kagan: Florida social media law seems like “classic First Amendment violation”

In oral arguments, Justice Thomas asks who speaks when an algorithm moderates. Enlarge / The Supreme Court of the United States in Washington D.C. in May 2023. (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto) The US Supreme Court today.....»»

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Scientists develop biocompatible fluorescent spray that detects fingerprints in ten seconds

Scientists have developed a water-soluble, non-toxic fluorescent spray that makes fingerprints visible in just a few seconds, making forensic investigations safer, easier and quicker......»»

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