Unveiling the nanoscale frontier: Innovating with nanoporous model electrodes

Researchers at Tohoku University and Tsinghua University have introduced a next-generation model membrane electrode that promises to revolutionize fundamental electrochemical research. This innovative electrode, fabricated through a meticulous proces.....»»

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Report: Ultra-thin iPhone coming in 2025 with new upscale form factor redesign

Apple is planning a major, iPhone X-style redesign for one of its 2025 iPhone models, according to a new report from The Information. The report corroborates what we’ve heard from other reporting concerning a new ‘iPhone Slim’ model being in.....»»

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iPhone Plus going the way of the iPhone mini after final update this fall

Earlier this month we saw a report from Jeff Pu predicting that the iPhone 16 lineup will be the last to feature a Plus model. Now a new report from The Information detailing what the high-end iPhone 17 will look like corroborates that the iPhone 16.....»»

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Just buy a new iPad Pro? Here are 10 accessories to upgrade the experience

It’s a great time to be an iPad Pro user. The newest iPad Pro model comes equipped with Apple’s most advanced chip ever, the M4, plus its best display in the Ultra Retina XDR, not to mention a thinner, lighter industrial design, and more. The.....»»

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Will you buy an ultra-thin iPhone 17 if battery life is reduced? [Poll]

We learned new details about what Apple may ship as the new high-end iPhone in 2025 with a redesigned ultra-thin form factor. But with that change, we could see shorter battery life, particularly compared to the Pro Max model. Would an ultra-thin des.....»»

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Redesigned iPhone SE might cost a bit more than the current model

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about the next generation iPhone SE, which is expected to be announced sometime next year with a major redesign compared to the current model. Of course, one of the main selling points of the is the more affordab.....»»

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These are officially the brightest smart glasses ever made

The new Viture Pro improve on the original model in every way, most notably with its super-bright screens......»»

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Nissan pauses and reshapes plans for building U.S. EVs

Nissan will expand the number of battery-powered models produced at its Canton, Miss., factory — adding a fifth model. That vehicle — codenamed PZ1L — is expected to be a compact crossover......»»

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Xiaomi’s Redmi Pad Pro Launches for Global Markets

Xiaomi's budget-friendly tablet model takes on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+. The post Xiaomi’s Redmi Pad Pro Launches for Global Markets appeared first on Phandroid. While the Android tablet market is dominated mostly by S.....»»

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OpenAI on the defensive after multiple PR setbacks in one week

Sexy voices, departing employees, and NDA rumors have challenged the AI company. Enlarge (credit: Benj Edwards | Getty Images) Since the launch of its latest AI language model, GPT-4o, OpenAI has found itself on the defe.....»»

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Scientists introduce DIProT—an interactive deep learning toolkit for efficient protein design

Scientists have developed DIProT, an innovative, user-friendly toolkit for protein design. The toolkit utilizes a non-autoregressive deep generative model to address the protein inverse folding problem, integrating human expertise into the design loo.....»»

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NHTSA ends safety probe into 50,000 Tesla Model X crossovers after seat belt recall

U.S. auto safety regulators are ending a safety probe into 100,000 Model X vehicles after the automaker issued a recall to remedy concerns over the front seat belt suddenly detaching......»»

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A model outlining the microscopic origin of black hole entropy

Black holes are intriguing astronomical objects that have a gravitational pull so strong that it prevents any object and even light from escaping. While black holes have been the topic of numerous astrophysical studies, their origins and underlying p.....»»

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Using hybrid nanotubes to enhance cancer treatment with intracellular protein delivery

The intracellular delivery of proteins is an important technique for unveiling the cellular functions, protein complex structure, and therapeutics. However, conventional delivery methods have several limitations......»»

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Tesla is reportedly ditching support for Steam games

Tesla may be abandoning the ability to play Steam games on the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X......»»

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Galaxy Watch 7 Stops Through FCC, Galaxy Watch FE Too

Talk of Samsung’s next wave of products is ramping up to end the week, thanks to FCC filings for the Galaxy Watch 7 that are now live. In documents, we get a semi-confirmation of the model numbers for Samsung’s next watches, along with a.....»»

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PS5 vs PS5 Slim: What are the differences?

The new PlayStation 5 slim model is here, but what makes it different from the original? "PS5 vs PS5 Slim" is a face-off gamers want to see as they scratch their heads over how Sony's skinnier new console differs from the original variant.For y.....»»

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Rumors of a sleeker iPhone circulate. Does Apple want everything to be thin?

Apple is reportedly looking into a thinner iPhone model to replace its line of Pro offerings. Finally, an iPhone for the delicate, dainty-handed Apple user. Rumors from inside Apple's design brainstorming allege the company is looking into thin.....»»

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Google Pixel 9: latest news, rumors and everything we know so far

We're already hearing things about the Google Pixel 9, including the possibility of a third model in the line......»»

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Updated and enhanced AirTag expected in 2025

Apple is working on a new version of the popular AirTag item tracker, said to replace the current model at some point in 2025.AirTags, already a near-ubiquitous product, will get an update sometime in 2025.Apple's popular AirTag device will get a new.....»»

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Blue Origin flies thrill seekers to space after two year hiatus

Blue Origin is set to fly adventurers to the final frontier on Sunday for the first time in nearly two years, reigniting competition in the space tourism market after a rocket mishap put its crewed operations on hold......»»

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