Unveiling the nanoscale frontier: Innovating with nanoporous model electrodes

Researchers at Tohoku University and Tsinghua University have introduced a next-generation model membrane electrode that promises to revolutionize fundamental electrochemical research. This innovative electrode, fabricated through a meticulous proces.....»»

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Apple’s new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro reach doorsteps and store shelves

Pro model shipments are backed up for weeks. Enlarge / All the colors of the new iPhone 15. (credit: Apple) Today marks the in-store launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, plus the likely delivery date for at least t.....»»

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Research presents new development model for the world"s third-longest river

A new research paper published in Science Advances reveals how changes in the size of the Yangtze River watershed may have led to the carving of deep canyons......»»

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Negative "retweets" appear to add to voter fraud conspiracy theories

A team of behavioral scientists using big data and a simulation-based model to analyze social media "tweets" around the 2020 presidential election found that the spread of voter fraud conspiracy theories on Twitter (now called X) was boosted by a neg.....»»

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New business model may help curb fashion"s fierce environmental impacts

Clothes that are produced quickly and just as quickly go out of style and into the trash bin can have dire effects on the environment, polluting the air with carbon and choking landfills with chemicals that can seep into the water supply......»»

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New developments in the accurate simulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Earth System Model (CAS-ESM2.0), a sophisticated Earth modeling tool, has achieved a major breakthrough in fully coupled atmospheric CO2 simulation, as revealed in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences......»»

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How does voltage drive nonmetallic catalysts to perform electrocatalytic reactions?

Understanding how voltage drives nanoscale electrocatalysts to initiate reactions is a fundamental scientific question. This is especially challenging when dealing with non-metallic electrocatalysts due to their low inherent carrier concentration, wh.....»»

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Efficient fuel-molecule sieving using graphene

A research team led by the University of Tsukuba has successfully developed a new method that can prevent the crossover of large fuel molecules and suppress the degradation of electrodes in advanced fuel cell technology using methanol or formic acid......»»

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It’s not the latest model, but the Apple Watch Series 8 is $90 off

The 41mm, GPS version of the Apple Watch Series 8, originally priced at $399, is on sale from Amazon with a 22% discount following the launch of its successor......»»

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Diamond materials as solar-powered electrodes: Spectroscopy shows what"s important

It sounds like magic: photoelectrodes could convert the greenhouse gas CO2 back into methanol or N2 molecules into valuable fertilizer—using only the energy of sunlight......»»

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Unveiling the science of ultrasound-driven microbubble desorption

Injecting drugs into the bloodstream can often harm healthy tissues as well. Drug delivery systems (DDSs) are an innovative solution designed to target specific cells and minimize such side effects. One strategy for drug delivery that has steadily ga.....»»

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Study paves the way for new class of nanoscale devices, new opportunities in photonics

Non-Hermitian systems have numerous alluring optical properties at exceptional points (EPs) and have attracted extensive attention because of their great prospects in applications such as optical sensing, integrated optics, and other fields......»»

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In helium-three, superfluid particles pair "like a dance in space"

Picture a nanoscale dance floor full of independently moving particles. When things really start to heat up—or, in this case, cool down—particles partner off, but on opposite sides of the space, "dancing" in synch as if telepathically......»»

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Technique for 3D printing metals at the nanoscale reveals surprise benefit

Late last year, Caltech researchers revealed that they had developed a new fabrication technique for printing microsized metal parts containing features about as thick as three or four sheets of paper......»»

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A model probing the connection between entangled particles and wormholes in general relativity

Quantum entanglement is a physical process through which pairs of particles become connected and remain so even when separated by vast distances. This fascinating phenomenon has been the focus of numerous research studies, due to its mysterious natur.....»»

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OpenAI’s new AI image generator pushes the limits in detail and prompt fidelity

With better response to details and text, DALL-E 3 hopes to make prompt engineering obsolete. Enlarge On Wednesday, OpenAI announced DALL-E 3, the latest version of its AI image synthesis model that features full integr.....»»

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Unveiling the aquatic marvel: The rock-climbing fish and its adhesion-sliding feat

Underwater "traffic" encompasses a fascinating variety of creatures, from fish with their graceful swimming postures to jet-propelled jellyfish and remoras hitching rides on other organisms. Among these, a remarkable species known as the "underwater.....»»

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New regulatory model needed to help organizations comply with equalities legislation, study says

A new type of regulation is needed to support and encourage organizations to comply with equality and human rights law because enforcement alone is ineffective, a new study says......»»

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Computational model helps with diabetes drug design

For diabetes patients who must give themselves frequent insulin injections, the risk of low blood sugar can be life-threatening. A potential solution is a type of engineered insulin that circulates in the body and springs into action only when needed.....»»

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Telling AI model to “take a deep breath” causes math scores to soar in study

DeepMind used AI models to optimize their own prompts, with surprising results. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Google DeepMind researchers recently developed a technique to improve math ability in AI language models like.....»»

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New model to help valorize lignin for bio-based applications

Woody biomass and wheat straw are all sources of the natural polymer lignin with more than 50 megatons of lignin produced annually at commercial scale. However, most is burned to produce energy, which alternatively could be used to make useful chemic.....»»

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