Understanding plants can boost wildland-fire modeling in an uncertain future

A new conceptual framework for incorporating the way plants use carbon and water, or plant dynamics, into fine-scale computer models of wildland fire provides a critical first step toward improved global fire forecasting......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgJan 31st, 2023

For sheds in wildfire zones, researchers determine how close is too close to home

It may seem obvious that a flammable structure placed next to a house poses a fire hazard, especially if it's in a wildfire-prone community. What has been less clear, though, is how far away these items, such as sheds, need to be located to significa.....»»

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How a fungus sidesteps a plant"s defense mechanism

RIKEN scientists have discovered how a parasitic fungus renders harmless a powerful anti-fungal compound produced by some plants. As well as providing a fascinating glimpse into the ongoing arms race between plants and parasites, the finding could be.....»»

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Mining atlas helps map Australia"s clean energy future

The Atlas of Australian Mine Waste was launched this week by Geoscience Australia in partnership with RMIT and University of Queensland researchers and geological surveys across the country......»»

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Thorium-229: How the first nuclear transition can be excited with lasers in the visible wavelength range

The thorium isotope with the mass number 229 (229Th) is highly exciting in many respects—for fundamental physics as well as for future applications, for example in the sense of a nuclear clock......»»

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Smiles and jokes can help good managers boost hotel staff performance

Hotel managers who share a smile and a joke with their teams are more likely to see staff 'going the extra mile' when engaging with customers, a new study reveals......»»

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Nobody wants to budge at UAW strikes in Ohio, Michigan

UAW workers at two auto parts supplier plants remain on strike in suburban Toledo and suburban Detroit. The UAW is in talks with the company in Detroit but no negotiations are scheduled in Toledo......»»

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Ring camera privacy breaches see Amazon fined – but only $6M

Ring camera privacy has been under fire since 2019, with two separate issues leading to a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). That has now resulted in Ring owner Amazon being fined – but only $5.8M. The company was also fined $.....»»

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Troubled EV startup Faraday Future prices FF 91 crossover at $309,000

The California startup said its first production vehicles will have three electric motors, 1,050 hp and 381 miles of estimated EPA range......»»

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Droughts increasingly reduce carbon dioxide uptake in the tropics, finds study

Plants take in CO2 to grow. They extract it from the atmosphere and use it to build organic compounds by means of photosynthesis and water. Terrestrial ecosystems have absorbed an average of about 32 percent of CO2 emissions caused by human activity.....»»

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Stellar Cyber integrates with Amazon Security Lake to boost data processing and threat detection

Stellar Cyber announced support for the Amazon Security Lake from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Organizations using the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform and AWS can directly ingest data from the Amazon Security Lake into Stellar Cyber, automatically enab.....»»

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The Explosive Legacy of the Pandemic Hand Sanitizer Boom

Three years ago, the FDA declared a manufacturing free-for-all. Now a noxious brew of leftover product is catching fire and making people sick......»»

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SDC to supply main OLED display system for Hyundai flagship cars

Samsung Display (SDC) will, for the first time ever, supply main automotive displays to Hyundai Motor, which is expected to further deepen the future vehicle alliance between Samsung Electronics and Hyundai and extend their cooperation into the vehic.....»»

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Why organizations should adopt a cloud cybersecurity framework

The cloud is the future of enterprise architecture. It’s economical (to a degree), it’s scalable, it’s flexible and – best of all – it’s someone else’s responsibility. Again, to a point. That’s because the cloud comes with its.....»»

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Notebook companies remain uncertain about 2H23 demand prospects

Companies engaged in the notebook industry supply chain are still uncertain about end-market demand in the second half of this year but are confident that 2024 will be stronger, according to industry sources......»»

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Foxlink to see revenue boost from offshore wind projects: shareholder meeting

Foxlink (or Cheng Uei Precision Industry) is looking at the same revenue numbers as 2022, but with better gross margin and gross profit. It is also increasing its non-China-based production to up to 20% in the coming three years, said Tai-Chiang "T.C.....»»

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Ted Lasso finale: 3 tell-tale signs about the future of the series [SPOILERS]

The Apple TV+ hit series Ted Lasso has wrapped up its third season as of today. Does the season finale tell us anything about the possibility that it could be the series finale? Will we see Ted Lasso season four on Apple TV+? Or is Ted Lasso really.....»»

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6 monitor and TV innovations remind us that trade shows still exist

Provocative tech with real potential to impact future display products. Enlarge / Samsung Display imagines its unfurling screen embodying future portable monitors. (credit: Samsung Display).....»»

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Study leads to milestone advances in understanding lethal bronzing of palm trees

Palm trees infected with lethal bronzing disease emit signals that warn nearby healthy palms of the threat. Those healthy palms produce their own defense that University of Florida scientists one day hope to harness to protect palms against the disea.....»»

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Revealing the secrets of freshwater streams

Beneath the surface of a freshwater stream, animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms create complex patterns of biodiversity. Brooke Penaluna, research fisheries biologist at the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, studies these.....»»

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Understanding the tantalizing benefits of tantalum for improved quantum processors

Whether it's baking a cake, building a house, or developing a quantum device, the quality of the end product significantly depends on its ingredients or base materials. Researchers working to improve the performance of superconducting qubits, the fou.....»»

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