UAW slams Ford for halting work on $3.5 billion EV battery plant in Michigan

Ford said it's limiting spending on BlueOval Battery Park Michigan "until we're confident about our ability to competitively operate the plant." The UAW called it "a shameful, barely-veiled threat by Ford to cut jobs.".....»»

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Fear of cheap Chinese EVs spurs automaker dash for affordable cars

Legacy automakers have turned to suppliers, from battery materials makers to chipmakers, to squeeze out costs and develop affordable EVs quicker than previously planned to match Chinese vehicles on cost......»»

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Private timberland from Washington to California lost billions in value due to wildfires

A new study from Oregon State University estimates that wildfire and drought caused $11.2 billion in economic losses to privately owned timberland in California, Oregon and Washington over the past two decades......»»

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Is the Facebook algorithm bypass a scam? Or is it a hack?

No, you can't bypass the Facebook algorithm by copying and pasting a post. Not then, not now. It's just not how things work......»»

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Google calls Drive data loss “fixed,” locks forum threads saying otherwise

The fix will sift through app data for cached files, but users say it doesn't work. Enlarge (credit: Google Drive) Google is dealing with its second "lost data" fiasco in the past few months. This time, it's Google Drive.....»»

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Q&A: Reducing the use of animal tissues for testing the safety of cosmetics

Imperial College London researchers speak to us about their work exploring animal-free methods for the future of testing cosmetics safety......»»

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Molecular fossils study sheds light on feeding strategy shift in ancient life

Paleontologists are getting a glimpse at life over a billion years in the past based on chemical traces in ancient rocks and the genetics of living animals. Research published in Nature Communications combines geology and genetics, showing how change.....»»

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EV battery swaps will be tested with the Fiat 500e in 2024

Ample's technology replaces the existing EV battery pack to allow battery swaps. Enlarge / This is what Ample's battery modules look like. (credit: Ample) A small fleet of rideshare Fiat 500e electric vehicles will becom.....»»

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GM to pay $8 million to UAW workers following arbitration over 2019 plant closures

The ruling comes nearly a year and a half after the arbitrator initially found that GM violated Document 13 of its 2015 contract with the UAW when it closed three plants during the term of that agreement......»»

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Meta defies FBI opposition to encryption, brings E2EE to Facebook, Messenger

Default E2EE rolling out now but will take months to reach all 1 billion users. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Chesnot ) Meta has started enabling end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by default for chats and calls on Messenger.....»»

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Stellantis plans battery-swapping partnership with U.S. startup Ample

Ample says its proprietary modular batteries can be exchanged in five minutes, offering flexibility for EV drivers. The partnership with Stellantis will start with Fiat New 500 EVs......»»

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Toyota splits battery collection efforts, adding Cirba Solutions for East, Midwest dealers

Toyota added a second company to its nationwide battery collection and recycling efforts......»»

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It turns out, this plant fossil is really a baby turtle fossil

From the 1950s to the 1970s, a Colombian priest named Padre Gustavo Huertas collected rocks and fossils near a town called Villa de Levya. Two of the specimens he found were small, round rocks patterned with lines that looked like leaves; he classifi.....»»

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Using protein-glutaminase treatment to make veggie-burgers more moist

A trio of food scientists at Amano Enzyme Inc. Innovation Center, in Japan, has found that adding a protein-glutaminase treatment to plant-based meat alternatives can make the resulting product juicier. In their study, reported in PLOS ONE, Kiyota Sa.....»»

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These Sony wireless noise-canceling headphones are $100 today

The Sony WH-CH720N wireless headphones are pretty affordable at just $100 from Best Buy, but they offer active noise cancellation and a 35-hour battery life......»»

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Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen) review: Sounds better than ever

Amazon Echo Frames received a nice upgrade in 2023, but are they good enough to compete with earbuds? We check sound quality, battery life, and more......»»

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Stellantis is bringing battery swapping to the Fiat 500e

Stellantis will use EV batter-swapping tech from startup Ample, starting with a fleet of 100 Fiat EVs in Spain......»»

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China says Biden plan to shut it out of U.S. battery supply chain violates WTO rules

The plans will make investors in the U.S. EV supply chain ineligible for tax credits should they use more than a trace amount of critical materials from China, or other countries deemed a "Foreign Entity of Concern.".....»»

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iPhone SE 4 to inherit iPhone 14 battery, according to rumor

Another tidbit of information about the iPhone SE 4 has made it out of the rumor mill — this time, it's about the battery.Apple's most predictable, least exciting, but still necessary product has been getting more rumors recently as it approaches a.....»»

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Meta’s new AI image generator was trained on 1.1 billion Instagram and Facebook photos

"Imagine with Meta AI" turns prompts into images, trained using public Facebook data. Enlarge / Three images generated by "Imagine with Meta AI" using the Emu AI model. (credit: Meta | Benj Edwards) On Wednesday, Meta re.....»»

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Quantum computer performs error-resistant operations with logical qubits

QuEra gets ready for error correction, runs operations with over 40 logical qubits. Enlarge / Some of the optical hardware needed to get QuEra's machine to work. (credit: QuEra) There's widespread agreement that most use.....»»

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