Truecaller Assistant filters out fraud and scam calls

The age of caller ID hasn’t entirely lived up to its promise, because it’s still not clear whether a call is truly important. Some 86% of Americans report they only answer calls if they can identify the person or business calling. Now they don’.....»»

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Google kills “Duplex on the Web,” an automated website navigation feature

Google wanted to click through websites on your behalf, but did that solve a problem? Enlarge / After you press the "buy tickets" button, the Google Assistant takes over. (credit: Google) Google is shutting down a rathe.....»»

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Taiwan"s front-line battle against mobile phone fraud

How Taiwanese phone fraud fighters are able to warn the world about the latest scams......»»

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California set for another year of brown lawns, tight water restrictions

Californians should brace for another year of brown lawns, tight water restrictions and increased calls for conservation as state water managers Thursday warned that severely reduced allocations are once again likely in 2023......»»

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Systems analysis of kidney metabolism reveals unexpected links to viral protection

Our kidney filters 180 liters of blood every day and retains nutrients through a process called endocytosis and through active transport in the kidney cells......»»

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No more airplane mode? EU to allow calls on flights

EU airlines will be able to install equipment that lets them provide 5G on board planes by June 2023......»»

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iFixit calls the 10.9-inch iPad an iPad Air, but worse

The iFixit teardown of the 10.9-inch iPad shows that the tablet is mostly a recycled iPad Air 4 with odd shortcomings.Apple's 10.9-inch iPadApple announced the 10.9-inch iPad via a press release in October, and the product has drawn a lot of criticis.....»»

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Sam Bankman-Fried speaks on FTX collapse: “I didn’t ever try to commit fraud”

Bankman-Fried does public interview despite his lawyers urging him to stay quiet. Enlarge / Andrew Ross Sorkin interviews Sam Bankman-Fried at The New York Times DealBook conference on November 30, 2022, in New York City. (credit.....»»

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Ex-FTX boss Bankman-Fried: "I didn"t try to commit fraud"

Sam Bankman-Fried says he has almost no money left after the collapse of the global crypto exchange......»»

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Sam Bankman-Fried: "I didn"t try to commit fraud"

In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times, the former FTX chief says he has almost no money left......»»

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Researchers find junction is key in how pore space geometry impacts transport of substances through fluids

What laws govern how chemicals pass through filters? How do droplets of oil move through layers of stone? How do blood cells travel through a living organism? A team of researchers led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Max Planck In.....»»

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How to prevent the iPhone sleep & wake button from ending calls

Apple's latest iOS 16 update makes it possible to stop the power and wake button on the side of an iPhone from hanging up on a phone call. Here's how to set it up.The power button on the iPhone 12 ProThe default iPhone setting allows users to easily.....»»

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Designing better water filters with AI

Even the best water filters let some things through, but designing improved materials and then testing them is time consuming and difficult. Now, researchers in ACS Central Science report that artificial intelligence (AI) could speed up the developme.....»»

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Identifying key areas for fraud risk during the recession

As economic pressure increases, so does fraud risk. While the world slides into a recession, the resulting increased debt, supply chain delays, and inflation create increased pressure on individuals to make ends meet. From a business perspective, as.....»»

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DataVisor enhances fraud and risk platform to strengthen security against potential attacks

DataVisor announced new product enhancements in 2022 that further strengthens its fraud and risk platform with new capabilities for more seamless data integration, detection, automated decisioning, and scalable analysis and investigation. DataVisor F.....»»

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TikTok is still your one-stop shop for total nonsense about Apple

A man claiming to work for Apple prior to 2010 is sharing what he calls the "dirty secrets" about the company — but as you'd expect it is just conspiratorial nonsense. Here's why, and why we know.iPhone System Storage isn't planned obsolescenceOne.....»»

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We all know the Great Barrier Reef is in danger, and the UN has just confirmed it again

You might be forgiven for thinking it's Groundhog Day reading headlines about the Great Barrier Reef potentially being listed on the World Heritage "in danger" list. After all, there have been similar calls in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017......»»

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How to disable Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S20

If you’re not a fan of Samsung’s Bixby digital assistant, then here’s what you need to know on how to turn it off on the Galaxy S20. The post How to disable Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S20 first appeared on Phandroid. Much like what o.....»»

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How an effective fraud prevention strategy can force fraudsters to invest more in their attacks

Since the early stages of the pandemic, account takeover fraud (ATO) has significantly transformed, quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity threats with 22% of adults in the US falling victim to this attack. With new user fraud, syn.....»»

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New Disney CEO calls ‘pure speculation’ a rumored Apple deal

Last week, Disney announced it would replace its then-CEO Bob Chapek with Bob Iger, his predecessor. A crazy rumor said Iger’s ultimate goal would be to sell the company, and Apple would be the perfect match. On his first day back to work, Bob.....»»

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macOS Ventura: Do more with iPhone and Continuity Camera beyond video calls

Continuity Camera is easily one of the best new features in macOS Ventura. Starting with macOS 13 and iOS 16, you can instantly turn your iPhone into a super high quality webcam for video calls and more. We’ll tell you how and why you should below.....»»

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