Trial begins for radioactive gel that painlessly kills skin cancer in seconds

A hospital in the United Kingdom has started up the latest phase of a trial for a cancer-killing gel. King’s College Hospital is currently holding a phase IV clinical trial for liquid radiotherapy. The extremely radioactive gel is placed over the s.....»»

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More flexible than we thought: Worms provide new insights into the evolution and diversification of TGF-beta signaling

The TGF-ß cellular signaling network, essential to various functions in all metazoans and involved in many severe human pathologies like autoimmune diseases and cancer, is more flexible than previously thought......»»

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Google kills “Duplex on the Web,” an automated website navigation feature

Google wanted to click through websites on your behalf, but did that solve a problem? Enlarge / After you press the "buy tickets" button, the Google Assistant takes over. (credit: Google) Google is shutting down a rathe.....»»

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G-protein coupled receptor findings could accelerate research and development of new cancer treatments

Researchers from City of Hope, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the United States, have identified how a protein receptor targeted by about 33% of all federally approved medication works. The discovery could facilitat.....»»

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In Australia and South Africa, construction has started on the biggest radio observatory in Earth"s history

Construction of the world's biggest radio astronomy facility, the SKA Observatory, begins today. The observatory is a global project 30 years in the making......»»

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Using lasers to bond semiconductor electronics components

Today, lasers are well-established in daily life, even if it is sometimes hard to tell what and where they are. As an example, we can find them in CD/DVD readers or medical applications like cancer and eye surgery, being essential tools in a vast ran.....»»

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Researchers develop a safer carrier for cancer vaccines

Lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-based messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines have recently emerged as a promising strategy for the prevention and treatment of cancers, as well as infectious diseases. LNPs are carriers that safely and effectively deliver.....»»

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A Proactive Way to Detect Cancer at Its Earliest Stages

Medtech firm Earli is working on a way to make tumors announce themselves as they appear—and even provide directions to where they are in the body......»»

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Call of Duty players flock to buy “all-black” DLC skin, hide in dark corners

LA Thieves skin pack becomes a bestseller by offering in-game camouflage effect. Enlarge / You'll never see me coming... Industry watchers who pay attention to Steam's Top Sellers charts may have noticed a surprising en.....»»

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Positively charged nanomaterials treat obesity anywhere you want

Researchers have long been working on how to treat obesity, a serious condition that can lead to hypertension, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases. Studies have also revealed a strong correlation of obesity and cancer—recent.....»»

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Elon Musk"s Starlink to help strengthen internet in remote UK places

World’s richest man’s company is involved in a trial to get isolated areas of the UK connected to the internet......»»

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Production of world"s first solar car begins

The Lightyear 0 can charge up to 70 km (43 miles) of driving range each day using curved solar panels across the hood and roof......»»

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Bird flu kills almost 14,000 pelicans, seabirds in Peru

The highly contagious H5N1 avian flu virus has killed thousands of pelicans, blue-footed boobies and other seabirds in Peru, according to the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR)......»»

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Elon Musk begins reinstating over 60,000 previously suspended Twitter accounts

Twitter is about to be flooded with a ton of accounts that were previously suspended. According to a new report from Platformer, Elon Musk has … The post Elon Musk begins reinstating over 60,000 previously suspended Twitter accounts appeared fi.....»»

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Get these JBL earbuds and 4 months of Music Unlimited for $25

The JBL Vibe 200 wireless earbuds are still on sale from Best Buy for just $25, and every purchase comes with a free four-month trial of Amazon Music Unlimited......»»

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Flexible strain sensor enabled by carbon nanofibers can "read lips"

Wearable, flexible strain sensors unobtrusively monitor tiny vibrations of human skin in real time and with great accuracy, thanks to innovative fabrication techniques using composite materials. High sensitivity and a wide working range are key param.....»»

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Exploring how uranium takes an alternate pathway under extreme conditions

Under normal conditions, radioactive materials such as uranium work in a predictable manner......»»

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Cell division enzyme earmarked as potential new cancer therapeutic target

To make new cells, we have to divide existing ones. This is a continuous, frequent and ubiquitous process which starts at conception and ends at death. There are an estimated 37 trillion cells in the tissues and organs of the human body, each of whic.....»»

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A scalable quantum memory with a lifetime over 2 seconds and integrated error detection

Quantum memory devices can store data as quantum states instead of binary states, as classical computer memories do. While some existing quantum memory technologies have achieved highly promising results, several challenges will need to be overcome b.....»»

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Axiomtek expects 2022 revenues to hit record

Axiomtek, a maker of own-brand industrial motherboards, single-board computers and system-on-modules, expects 2022 consolidated revenues to exceed NT$6.0 billion (US$192 million), the highest-ever annual level, according to spokesman Skin Huang......»»

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Three New Ebola Vaccines Will Soon Be Tested in Uganda

Health care workers in Uganda will be among the first people to receive candidate Ebola vaccines in a clinical trial that could expand the available tools for the control of Sudan ebolavirus outbreaks.....»»

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