The Willow Arctic oil drilling project—the latest battle in a long fight over Alaska"s North Slope

For more than six decades, Alaska's North Slope has been a focus of intense controversy over oil development and wilderness protection, with no end in sight. Willow field, a 600-million-barrel, US$8 billion oil project recently approved by the Biden.....»»

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The 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake: A long, quiet initial rupture leading to multiplex fault ruptures

At approximately 4:10 p.m. on January 1, 2024, the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan was hit by a large earthquake with a moment magnitude (Mw) of 7.5. This earthquake, known as the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake, registered a maximum seism.....»»

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Last remnants of Apple versus Qualcomm battle resolved, as shareholders get $75M

The Apple versus Qualcomm battle was fought fiercely for years, before circumstances forced the iPhone maker to agree a last-minute settlement. But some Qualcomm shareholders were as unhappy as Apple about the chipmaker’s business practices, and.....»»

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Android 15 has an interesting “Adaptive timeout” feature

In the latest beta of Android 15, there is a new feature called “Adaptive timeout” when it comes to turning off the screen on your phone. The post Android 15 has an interesting “Adaptive timeout” feature appeared first on Phandroid......»»

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A ship found far off Israel"s coast could shed light on the navigation skills of ancient mariners

A company drilling for natural gas off the coast of northern Israel discovered a 3,300-year-old ship and its cargo, one of the oldest known examples of a ship sailing far from land, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Thursday......»»

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Apple"s Education Store is down ahead of Back to School offers

Apple has taken down its online Education Store, and it is expected to be reopened shortly with the company's latest Back to School gift card deals.Apple has taken down its US Education StoreAs predicted, Apple appears to be preparing to launch its B.....»»

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Not a fan of audio messages? Here’s how to adjust the playback speed in iMessage

Audio messages can be very useful sometimes when you want to better express your feelings or simply don’t want to type a long text. However, not everyone likes listening to long audio messages. As an iMessage user, I’ve always missed an option to.....»»

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How to use an original Apple Pencil with a new iPad

Despite all that Apple says, you can in fact use an original Apple Pencil with the company's latest iPad Pro and iPad Air — it just takes some work. Here's what to do.With a little work, the original Apple Pencil can be used on a USB-C iPad ProAppl.....»»

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Using soil bacteria to help accelerate discovery of new antibiotics

Northeastern researcher Kim Lewis is spearheading an effort to accelerate discovery of new antibiotics as part of a multi-institutional project to tackle the growing problem of antibiotic resistance......»»

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Old drugs new tricks—novel approach shows "enormous potential" for rapid antibiotic discovery

An innovative project to re-purpose existing drugs for their potential as antibiotics has uncovered a highly promising candidate with a potent and unique way of killing drug resistant bacteria......»»

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Digital public archaeology: Excavating data from digs done decades ago and connecting with today"s communities

The ancestors of Alaska Native people began using local copper sources to craft intricate tools roughly 1,000 years ago. Over one-third of all copper objects archaeologists have found in this region were excavated at a single spot, named the Gulkana.....»»

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Here are two 1Password features you won’t find in iOS 18’s new Passwords app

Apple has a brand new Passwords app coming in iOS 18. Once users upgrade this fall to the latest OS versions across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Vision Pro, they’ll find the new Passwords app installed. But while Passwords will offer lots of the.....»»

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When Will Samsung Release the Galaxy S25, S25+ & S25 Ultra?

Not interested in Samsung’s Galaxy S24? More interested in waiting for the next Galaxy S? In this guide we’ll outline what prospective buyers can expect from the Galaxy S25 release date. The next Galaxy S flagship is a long way out. Let&#.....»»

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Thin and light is back in style, and Apple’s M4 iPad Pro is proof it can be done right

Not too long ago, Apple was on a mission to make all of its devices thinner and lighter. This ambition resulted in iPhones that bent, and MacBook Pros that removed pro ports and had a terrible keyboard. In the past few years, Apple has shifted gea.....»»

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SELKS: Open-source Suricata IDS/IPS, network security monitoring, threat hunting

SELKS is a free, open-source, turnkey solution for Suricata-based network intrusion detection and protection (IDS/IPS), network security monitoring (NSM), and threat hunting. The project is developed and maintained by Stamus Networks. SELKS is an eff.....»»

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How to schedule messages in iOS 18 using "Send Later"

Apple's latest iOS 18 update brings many new features, including scheduling messages. Here's how to use 'Send Later.'iPhone users can schedule messages to one anotherScheduling messages can be a game-changer for many users. Whether for business commu.....»»

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Runway’s latest AI video generator brings giant cotton candy monsters to life

New Gen-3 Alpha AI video generator can create detailed humans and surreal situations. Enlarge / Screen capture of a Runway Gen-3 Alpha video generated with the prompt "A giant humanoid, made of fluffy blue cotton candy, stomping.....»»

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Will climate change turn the Arctic green?

The Arctic is in the hotseat of climate change, warming four times faster than anywhere else on Earth......»»

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Researchers invent 100% biodegradable "barley plastic"

A biofriendly new material made from barley starch blended with fiber from sugarbeet waste—a strong material that turns into compost should it end up in nature—has been created at the University of Copenhagen. In the long term, the researchers ho.....»»

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Study finds German students rank middle of the pack in creative thinking

The creative thinking ability of 15-year-olds in Germany corresponds to the OECD average. That is a further result of the latest PISA study. The analysis shows that creative thinking skills closely correlate to results in the core competencies in mat.....»»

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Perseverance finds "popcorn"-like rocks on planet Mars

After months of driving, Perseverance has finally arrived at "Bright Angel," discovering oddly textured rock unlike any the rover has seen before. The team now plans to drive up the slope to uncover the origin of this rock sequence and its relationsh.....»»

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