The value of failure in conservation programs

Conservation programs need—and often incentivize—community involvement. For example, a program in Zanzibar, Tanzania, asked communities to protect their village forests in exchange for access to the carbon credits market. Despite community enthus.....»»

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The dark side of loan guarantee programs for SMEs

There is always a downside. Even for loan guarantee programs for small businesses, launched during financial crises to stave off the drying up of credit, particularly likely in periods of recession. It turns out these programs also have negative effe.....»»

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Australia"s giant lizards help save sheep from being eaten alive

Giant lizards called heath goannas could save Australian sheep farmers millions of dollars a year by keeping blowfly numbers down—and must be prioritized in conservation schemes to boost native wildlife, say researchers......»»

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Protected areas can boost biodiversity and local economies

Protected areas, like nature reserves, can conserve biodiversity without harming local economic growth, countering a common belief that conservation restricts development. A new study outlines what is needed for conservation to benefit both nature an.....»»

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Single point of software failure could hamstring 15K car dealerships for days

"Cyber incident" affecting 15K dealers could mean outages "for several days." Enlarge / Ford Mustang Mach E electric vehicles are offered for sale at a dealership on June 5, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois. (credit: Scott Olson / Gett.....»»

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Single point of software failure has hamstrung car dealerships for a second day

"Cyber incident" takes down CDK Global, serving more than 15,000 dealers. Enlarge / Ford Mustang Mach E electric vehicles are offered for sale at a dealership on June 5, 2024, in Chicago, Illinois. (credit: Scott Olson / Getty Im.....»»

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New training programs will prepare astronauts to perform medicine while thousands of miles away from Earth

In the coming decade, more people will go to space than ever before as human spaceflight enters a new era. NASA, the European Space Agency and other governmental agencies are partnering to develop crewed missions beyond the moon. At the same time, th.....»»

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T-Mobile price lock guarantee isn’t true and shouldn’t be advertised, says BBB

BBB National Programs – which grew out of the Better Business Bureau – has said that the T-Mobile price lock guarantee is no such thing, and called on the company to stop advertising it. The move follows the company increasing the prices of so.....»»

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Apple Developer Academy adding AI training programs later this year

After announcing its suite of new AI features at WWDC, Apple is expanding its Apple Developer Academy program with a new focus on artificial intelligence. In a press release, Apple says that it will “train all Apple Developer Academy students and m.....»»

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EU is reportedly going to fine Apple over failure to comply with the Digital Markets Act

Reports say that the European Union is about to issue Apple with the first-ever fine of a company under its Digital Markets Act, and specifically over anti-steering measures in the App Store.EU flags in BrusselsThe EU has already fined Apple $2 billi.....»»

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Researchers map genome of the last living wild horse species

University of Minnesota researchers have successfully mapped the complete genome of the endangered Przewalski's horse. Once extinct in the wild, the species now has a population of around 2,000 animals thanks to conservation efforts......»»

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The best free TV shows on YouTube

Are you looking to stream television programs for free? Here is a list of the best free TV shows to watch on YouTube......»»

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A conservation market could incentivize global ocean protection

The countries of the world have agreed: Our planet needs more protection from human activity. And with the globe facing an assortment of environmental crises, they realized the plan needed to be ambitious. Thirty-by-thirty was their proposal: protect.....»»

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Western agricultural communities need water conservation strategies to adapt to future shortages

The Western U.S. is heavily reliant on mountain snowpacks and their gradual melt for water storage and supply, and climate change is expected to upend the reliability of this natural process. Many agricultural communities in this part of the country.....»»

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Humans are the elephant in the room when it comes to conservation models

Humans are outsized actors in the world's wild places where there are struggles to preserve and protect vital natural resources and animals, birds and plants. Yet people and their plus-sized footprint are rarely discussed in models seeking to predict.....»»

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"Mishmi Tita" research provide an overview of the medicinal herb"s uses and conservation

Coptis teeta Wall. (C. teeta), commonly known as "Mishmi Tita," is a medicinal herb of considerable value traditionally used for treating various health conditions. This endangered plant, listed in the Red Data Book, is found in India, Nepal, Bhutan,.....»»

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As it turns out, Apple Watch heart rate monitoring can be used on lions too

A conservation veterinarian discovered that if you've got a sedated lion on your hands and need to monitor its heart rate, wrapping an Apple Watch around its tongue does the trick.Using an Apple Watch to measure a lion's heartrate is the best use of.....»»

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How DEI rollbacks at colleges and universities set back learning

Just four years ago, following the murder of George Floyd, almost every college and university in the U.S. had at least one diversity, equity and inclusion—or DEI—program. Many had existed long before. These programs ranged from DEI-related degre.....»»

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Success follows failure less often than expected, study finds

The platitude that failure leads to success may be both inaccurate and damaging to society, according to a paper published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, titled "The Exaggerated Benefits of Failure.".....»»

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Why CISOs need to build cyber fault tolerance into their business

CISOs who elevate response and recovery to equal status with prevention are generating more value than those who adhere to outdated zero tolerance for failure mindsets, according to Gartner. “Each new cybersecurity disruption exposes the fact that.....»»

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Researchers propose new socio-ecological framework for sustainable reforestation in Karst regions

The South China Karst, the world's most concentrated karst area, has reduced rocky desertification through extensive conservation and restoration over the past two decades, making it a global "greening" hotspot. However, the sustainability of this tr.....»»

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