The Planet Jumps on KVM Virtualization

The hosting provider is taking a different approach with its new cloud hosting service based on Linux KVM virtualization......»»

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Why Iceland’s volcanoes may aid future Mars exploration

Scientists are using the country to test drone tech that could one day explore the planet's terrain......»»

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Continental growth is not a continuous process

The continents, a specific feature of our planet, still hold many secrets. Using chemical data on sedimentary rocks compiled from the scientific literature from the 1980s to the present day, CNRS researcher Marion Garçon has uncovered a new geologic.....»»

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Melting of polar ice shifting Earth itself, not just sea levels

The melting of polar ice is not only shifting the levels of our oceans, it is changing the planet Earth itself. Newly minted Ph.D. Sophie Coulson and her colleagues explained in a recent paper in Geophysical Research Letters that, as glacial ice from.....»»

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Climate: summer wildfires emit record amount of CO2

Wildfires in Siberia, North America and around the Mediterranean caused record levels of planet-warming CO2 emissions this summer, the EU's Earth monitoring service said Tuesday......»»

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First complete national assessment of Australia"s sharks and rays

The first complete assessment of extinction risk for all Australian sharks, rays and ghost sharks reveals Australia is home to more than a quarter of shark species on the planet, but 12 percent of those are at risk of extinction......»»

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NASA"s mixtape for extraterrestrial civilizations

In 1977, NASA created two LP records with tracks of global music, greetings in different languages, sounds of the planet, and sonified images, and then attached them to the two robotic probes launched that year as part of the Voyager space mission bo.....»»

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In a Tiny Arctic Town, Food Is Getting Harder to Come By

For her new book, Devi Lockwood traveled around the world gathering stories of how people are being directly affected by a warming planet......»»

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Coral reef biodiversity predicted to shuffle rather than collapse as climate changes

Coral reefs are among the most biologically diverse, complex and productive ecosystems on the planet. Most of coral reef biodiversity consists of tiny organisms living deep within the three-dimensional reef matrix. Although largely unseen, this diver.....»»

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Take a 3D spin on Mars and track NASA"s Perseverance rover

It's the next best thing to being on Mars: Two online interactive experiences let you check out Jezero Crater—the landing site and exploration locale for NASA's Perseverance rover—without leaving our planet......»»

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Is Venus volcanically active? New approach could provide an answer

Out of all planets in the solar system, Venus has the most volcanoes. Much of the planet is covered in volcanic deposits that are less than 300 million years old, and volcanic activity has played a pivotal role in its history. Although the precise ti.....»»

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A six-year search of the outer solar system turns up 461 new objects (but no Planet 9)

In the near future, astronomers will benefit from the presence of next-generation telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (RST). At the same time, improved data mining and machine learning techn.....»»

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Kali Linux hits version 2021.3, offers virtualization improvements

As seen on Mr. Robot, Kali Linux is a distribution that specializes in security penetration. It can run natively, from a live USB, or within a VM......»»

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NASA confirms thousands of massive, ancient volcanic eruptions on Mars

Some volcanoes can produce eruptions so powerful they release oceans of dust and toxic gases into the air, blocking out sunlight and changing a planet's climate for decades. By studying the topography and mineral composition of a portion of the Arabi.....»»

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Filling the gaps in the SuperDARN archive

When solar wind slams into Earth's magnetic field, the impacts ripple down through the planet's ionosphere, the outer shell of the atmosphere full of charged particles. A global array of high-frequency radars known as the Super Dual Auroral Radar Net.....»»

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Solar "Superflares" Rocked Earth Less Than 10,000 Years Ago--and Could Strike Again

Although our sun is considered a quiet star, it is now thought to have repeatedly pelted our planet with enormous eruptions in the not too distant past. Could another occur in the near future? -- Read more on»»

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Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover has now collected two rock samples, with signs that they were in contact with water for a long period of time boosting the case for ancient life on the Red Planet......»»

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Could a Black Hole Surrounded by Energy-Harvesters Really Power a Civilization?

"In the long-running TV show Doctor Who, aliens known as time lords derived their power from the captured heart of a black hole, which provided energy for their planet and time travel technology," writes Science magazine. "The idea has merit, accor.....»»

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The art of blowing up a planet: Behind the visual effects of Marvel’s Loki series

Here's how visual effects studio Digital Domain helped Marvel blow up a planet in Loki's third episode using plenty of technical artistry and movie magic......»»

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China"s Mars rover soldiers on after completing program

China's Zhurong Mars rover is soldiering on after completing its initial program to explore the red planet and search for frozen water that could provide clues as to whether it once supported life......»»

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Samsung jumps above Intel to become world"s top semiconductor supplier

Like its long-running rivalry with Apple in the phone world—before Xiaomi dominate—Samsung is constantly fighting with Intel for the number one position in the semiconductor manufacturing industry......»»

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